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Exam Number/Code: P2150-870 vce
Exam name: Technical Sales Foundations for IBM Security Intelligence and Analytics V1
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Which types of software appliance are involved of an events is received by an Event Collector, and the event is then to an Event Processor and causes an Offense to be updated on the Console?

  • A. 13xx to 17xx to 31xx
  • B. 13xx to 18xxt o 21xx
  • C. 13xx to 16xx to 31xx
  • D. 15xx to 17xx to 21xx

Answer: C

What is the unique benefit of moving to QRadar on Cloud? Customers can now:

  • A. reduce future capital expense.
  • B. take advantage of QRadar Apps.
  • C. build much larger QRadar deployments
  • D. have access to additional device support modules.

Answer: B

What is a benefit of having QRadar on Cloud? IBM is responsible for:

  • A. generating new use cases.
  • B. alerting the user regarding offenses.
  • C. providing 24 hour
  • D. 7 days a week health monitoring and system management of the QRadar Deployment.
  • E. providing health monitoring and system management of the QRadar Deployment during normal business hours only.

Answer: D

Which is the most common formatused to send event data to a SIEM?

  • A. JSON
  • B. LEEF
  • C. Syslog
  • D. NetFlow

Answer: D

What is the least secure of the five transmission types?

  • A. Wireless
  • B. Fiber Optic
  • C. Coaxial Cable
  • D. Shielded Twisted Pair
  • E. Unshielded Twisted Pair

Answer: C

What does QRadar Network Insight (QNI) create?

  • A. An Offense from Events.
  • B. A demilitarized zone from Apple Airport data.
  • C. OSI Layer 7 packet from OSI Layer 3 flow information.
  • D. IPFIX records with deep security content from SPAN or TAN port data.

Answer: C

Which attributes would contribute to an effective demonstration of QRadar?

  • A. Bring a whiteboard since prospect might not have on
  • B. Show what each tab of the QRadar interface does.
  • C. Show all analysis features on flow dat
  • D. Focus on the functions that the prospect asked for
  • E. Explain all extension options for add-ons to the prospec
  • F. Explain QRadar's architecture and scalability.
  • G. Tell a story on how QRadar solves an issue that is relevant to the prospec
  • H. Talk about the benefits of QRadar in relation to the prospect's situation.

Answer: C

What is a difference between rules and building blocks?

  • A. Rules have responses and Building Blocks do not.
  • B. Rules can be used for reporting and Building Blocks cannot.
  • C. Building Blocks have responses and Rules do not.
  • D. Building Blocks only use flows and Rules only use events.

Answer: A

How can QRadar Network Security improve security posture for companies? By using QRadar Network Security, companies can:

  • A. implement an application firewall.
  • B. perform event monitoring.
  • C. perform vulnerability scanning to detect vulnerabilities.
  • D. perform application contro
  • E. SSL inspection, and disrupt advanced malware

Answer: A

Which is NOT an option for the deployment of the QRader sopftware?

  • A. Cloud
  • B. Virtual
  • C. Live CD/DVD
  • D. 3rdParty Appliance

Answer: A

Which TCP/IP protocols are at layer 4 of the OSI model (Select 2)

  • A. TCP
  • B. UDP
  • C. ARP
  • D. ICMP
  • E. IGMP

Answer: AB

Which set of items will be checked by IBM before an App is published in the QRadar App Exchange?

  • A. * Review the App name, version and description* Ensure there is a C&C channel to the App developer.* Run the App to see if it does anything useful.* Change the code so it will function in newer versions of QRadar.
  • B. * Create a Java version of the App* Check for collisions between App page_scripts and QRadar functions.* Verify that the App does not log any information.* Change the code so it will function in newer versions of QRadar.
  • C. * Review all APIcalls.* Ensure that there are no hard-coded values.* Run static analysis on any Python and Javascript code* Execute security tests
  • D. * Automatically deploy/upgrade the App in all QRadar installations* Review the screen-shots and icons in the App.* minimize any App storage usage* Verify the App will create a dashboard widget.

Answer: B

Assuming relevant indexing is enabled, which is the fastest way to search recent data in an ad-hoc manner?

  • A. AQL
  • B. Quick Filters
  • C. Quick Searches
  • D. Saved Searches

Answer: C

What would be relevant questions to ask for scoping the environment? (Select 3)

  • A. How many data centers do you have?
  • B. How many users will be using QRadar?
  • C. How many storage networks to you have?
  • D. How many QRadar appliances do you want to acquire?
  • E. How many log sources do you want to add to the project?
  • F. In how many countries do you want to deploy QRadar?
  • G. Which compliance extensions do you need to deploy?

Answer: CFG

An attacker, who has physical access to the premises, has connected a personal laptop to the network in an attempt to sniff traffic and record any clear text passwords. This scenario would be classified as which type of attack?

  • A. Fabrication
  • B. Interception
  • C. Modification
  • D. Interruption

Answer: D

Where do reports get their data from?

  • A. Backups
  • B. Dashboards
  • C. Saved searches
  • D. Real-time event data

Answer: C

Which case shows how approximately 1000 Events per second, using an encrypted channel, can be sent from a private cloud to a QRader processor?

  • A. Place an event processor in the private cloud, and forward the events to another event collector.
  • B. Place a risk manager appliance in the private cloud, and forward the events to another event collector.
  • C. Place a packet capture appliance in the private cloud, and forward the events to a cloud events processor.
  • D. Place an event collector in the private cloud, and forward the event to the customers event processor.

Answer: A

To view flow data in QRadar, which tab should a user navigate to?

  • A. Assets
  • B. Log Activity
  • C. User Analytics
  • D. Network Activity

Answer: A

Organizations have too many vulnerabilities to remediate and need to focus on the ones that represent the highest risks.
Which question should the prospect be asked to start a conversation on this topic?

  • A. Do you currently use a vulnerability scanner?
  • B. Can you show me the server room to see the physical security measures?
  • C. Do you like the reports you get out of your current Vulnerability Assessment tool?
  • D. How do you currently patch vulnerabilities that are most likely to be exploited first?

Answer: A


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