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Exam name: Designing HPE Server Solutions
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Your customer has completed a successful Synergy Proof of Concept (PoC) consisting of a single frame with dual composers and dual Virtual Connect SE 40Gb F8 modules.
The customer wants to:
HPE0-S54 dumps exhibit add a second frame before they move into production
HPE0-S54 dumps exhibit have unified management
HPE0-S54 dumps exhibit have a separate logical enclosure for each frame
What are the basic steps to add the second frame? (Choose three.)

  • A. Move the standby composer to the second frame.
  • B. Disconnect the existing management ring, and then cable the FLM (frame link module) in the first frame to the FLMs in the second frame.
  • C. Install a satellite module in the first frame.
  • D. Move the bottom VC module from the first frame to the second.
  • E. Move one of the uplinks from the FLM in the first frame to a FLM in the second.

Answer: ABE

During a presentation on Synergy fabric technology, a customer states that they would not purchase Virtual Connect modules because they would be paying for Fibre Channel technology that they have no intention of using.
How should you handle this objection?

  • A. Explain to the customer that the only Fibre Channel support is through FCoE and does not add to the module cost.
  • B. Explain to the customer that HPE does not pass on the cost of including Fibre Channel support to the customer.
  • C. Inform the customer that native Fibre Channel support is an optional, licensed feature.
  • D. Inform the customer that native Fibre Channel support is provided through an optional daughterboard.

Answer: D

One of the DL380 Gen10 servers in your infrastructure has failed to boot after a 3rd party PCle NIC was installed.
What is the most likely cause of this issue?

  • A. HPE does not allow 3rd party PCle cards.
  • B. The latest Support pack for ProLiant must be used before accessing any additional 3rd party products in the server.
  • C. The manufacturer did not digitally sign the correct firmware and HPE Secure Boot halted the process.
  • D. The iLO interface did not have a correct IP address provided from DHCP.

Answer: C

A customer plans to use RESTful API to deploy their rack of DL380 Gen10 system. How does use of this protocol support the customer? (Select two.)

  • A. support multiple scripting languages
  • B. Secure remote scripting
  • C. Ability to run scripts against multiple servers
  • D. Boot via SFTP
  • E. Boot via HTTP

Answer: AB

Which product automatically generates reports on collected lifecycle management events?

  • A. HPE ONEView Global Dashboard
  • B. HPE OneView
  • C. Insight Online
  • D. Insight Control

Answer: C

You want to form a Synergy management ring. Which component is required?

  • A. HPE Synergy Image Streamer
  • B. HPE Synergy Frame Link Module
  • C. HPE Synergy Composer
  • D. HPE Synergy 10 Gb Interconnect Link Module

Answer: B

A customer is expanding their blade based infrastructure with HPE Synergy platform. The customer is familiar with HPE Virtual Connect Manager and wants to know if the same management procedures can be used to manage HPE Synergy platform.
How should you answer the customer’s concern?

  • A. HPE Synergy can be managed by HPE Composer, which is running an embedded version of the HPE OneView.
  • B. HPE Synergy must be managed with HPE Systems Insight Manager
  • C. HPE Synergy supports Virtual Connect modules, so it can be managed using Virtual Connect Manager
  • D. HPE Synergy can be managed using Virtual Connect Manager as long as an additional license is purchased

Answer: B

You need to demonstrate the runtime firmware verification scan functionality on a ProLiant DL380 Gen10 server. You find that the option is not available in the UEFI interface.
What is the most likely cause of the problem?

  • A. The server boot mode is set to UEFI
  • B. The Onboard Administrator has not been initialized
  • C. The file firmware-ilo5- is the incorrect version
  • D. The required iLO license has not been installed

Answer: D

Your customer needs to provide an automated, energy-aware environment that will automatically track power usage and document configurations.
Which HPE technology will meet your customer’s needs?

  • A. Smart Storage Battery
  • B. Thermal Discovery Services
  • C. Intelligent Power Discovery
  • D. Intelligent System Tuning

Answer: C

You are configuring a new server for a customer. The customer has given you the following information regarding their environment:
HPE0-S54 dumps exhibit 2 processors with 22 cores
HPE0-S54 dumps exhibit 256GB RAM
HPE0-S54 dumps exhibit 600GB of usable internal storage
HPE0-S54 dumps exhibit 10GB network, dual connections
HPE0-S54 dumps exhibit iLO Advanced
HPE0-S54 dumps exhibit 3 years of 7x24 basic support
Which additional information do not need to determine the best option for internal storage?

  • A. Does the application require a large memory footprint
  • B. Does the application require RoCE capable adapters?
  • C. Is the application workload sensitive to I/O latency?
  • D. Will a Fibre Channel card be required?

Answer: C

Which iLO 5 feature allows a customer to directly, physically connect to a ProLiant server to troubleshoot issues?

  • A. iLO Federation
  • B. iLO Amplifier Pack
  • C. iLO mobile app
  • D. iLO Service Port

Answer: D

A customer needs to track contract and warranty status and monitor support cases. What service option should you recommend?

  • A. HPE UEFI Diagnostics
  • B. HPE Proactive Service Credits
  • C. HPE Insight Online
  • D. HPE iLO5 Federation

Answer: B

A customer is considering installing a Synergy frame in an existing rack where their c7000 chassis is currently installed.
Which question should you ask to ensure the new frame will be supported in the rack?

  • A. Are there any third party servers installed?
  • B. How deep is the existing rack?
  • C. Is there a UPS installed in the rack?
  • D. How wide is the existing rack?

Answer: B

You have a customer who has thousands of ProLiant servers spanning Gen8, Gen9, and Gen10 across multiple server models (Rack, Tower, Blade, Apollo), all licensed with iLO Advanced. The customer needs an effective way to inventory and update the firmware across the environment.
Which tool should you recommend?

  • A. iLO Amplifier Pack
  • B. OneView
  • C. Intelligent Provisioning
  • D. SUM (System Update Manager)

Answer: A

A customer has an existing Hadoop installation built on DL380 Gen9 24SFF servers. You need to review their existing installation and provide recommendations on how to achieve their stated storage density goal of over 5PB per server cabinet.
Which HPE solution should you recommend?

  • A. HPE DL580 Gen10
  • B. HPE Apollo 6500
  • C. HPE Apollo 4510
  • D. HPE ML350 Gen10

Answer: C

A customer has a traditional physical server environment and would like to run an on-site proof of concept (PoC) to evaluate OneView’s ability to manage their ProLiant DL380’s and their c7000 blades. What does the customer need to implement this PoC?

  • A. Synergy composer
  • B. iLO Amplifier Pack
  • C. a supported hypervisor
  • D. Synergy Image Streamer

Answer: B

What are features of the HPE Synergy Planning Tool? (Choose two.)

  • A. It creates a REST configuration file based on configuration created
  • B. It recommends the best top-of-rack switch
  • C. It provides estimated power consumption and weights of the solution
  • D. It runs on the Partner Ready Portal
  • E. It aids configuration of rack, Frames, compute, storage, fabric and power

Answer: CE

Match the use case to the management component they should use.
HPE0-S54 dumps exhibit

  • A. Mastered
  • B. Not Mastered

Answer: A

HPE Apollo Platform Manager – A customer needs to control power on individual Apollo servers
HPE Insight Cluster Management Utility – A customer needs to update BIOS settings in an Apollo Server HPE Intelligent Power Distribution Unit – A customer needs outlet level power control
HPE Synergy Composer – A customer needs to create a server profile

A customer wants to streamline firmware and driver management of their HPE Synergy nodes running VMware hypervisor.
They want to implement HPE Smart Update Tools (SUT). Which of the following options applies to the solution?

  • A. HPE Support Pack for ProLiant (SPP) is uploaded to Composer and applied to the profile
  • B. All VMware updates and drivers are downloaded by HPE OneView
  • C. ICsp coordinates firmware and driver updates
  • D. Each server must be booted to the SPP through iLO Console virtual media by the administrator

Answer: A

A customer needs a solution to run a read-intensive workload. You propose the following configuration: HPE0-S54 dumps exhibitHPE ProLiant DL380 Gen10 server
HPE0-S54 dumps exhibit HPE Smart Array P408-p SR
HPE0-S54 dumps exhibit 6 SFF SAS HDD drives
HPE0-S54 dumps exhibit 1 SSD drive
HPE0-S54 dumps exhibit RedHat Enterprise Linux 7.0 operating system
The customer needs to lower latency while minimizing investment in new SSD drives. Which HPE Storage technology most effectively lowers latency of the HDD storage?

  • A. HPE 12Gb SAS Expander
  • B. HPE Secure Encryption
  • C. HPE SmartCache
  • D. HPE SSD Smart Path

Answer: C

A customer is using a DL380 Gen10. They attempt to boot an installation media ISO with iLO Virtual Media, and the system fails to access the ISO. What are the most likely causes of this issue? (Select two.)

  • A. HPSSA drives are configured for RAID 1 and not RAID 5
  • B. Legacy Boot is not enabled and the media is not UEFI compatible
  • C. Secure Boot has derived access to the ISO
  • D. The ISO operating system is not supported by HPE
  • E. UEFI is not configured for iSCSI initiator support

Answer: CD


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