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A developer is working on a task with outgoing change sets in a loaded repository workspace when a manager identifies a new, critical task that must be performed immediately. There are currently no unresolved changes.
Without creating another repository workspace, how can the developer safely work on the critical task without losing the pending changes of the initial task?

  • A. The user suspends the current change sets and starts working in a new change set.
  • B. The user reloads the repository workspace and starts working in a new change set
  • C. The user creates a new change set, selects it as the current change set and checks in all changes.
  • D. The user loads the repository workspace in a different client and starts working in a new change se

Answer: B

A user wants to create a work item with pre-populated approvals. What feature allows this?

  • A. Process Template
  • B. Approval Template
  • C. Workflow Template
  • D. Work Item Template

Answer: D

Management is asking for report describing all RTC users, team areas, team members and corresponding process roles, as well as team area administrators for an RTC project area.
How should the report be created?

  • A. Generate Runtime Report using the RTC Eclipse client.
  • B. Use the "repotools-jts" utility with the "exportUsers" option.
  • C. Export users from the Team Organization View in the RTC Eclipse client.
  • D. Export the users from the "Active Users" menu on the JTS Application Administration Web Pag

Answer: D

A project manager wants to create an effective project dashboard and is planning the content. Which points should be considered? (Choose three.)

  • A. Determine the goals for the dashboard.
  • B. Consider creating a project plan dashboard.
  • C. Determine how the dashboard addresses the goals.
  • D. Consider the layout and number of columns for the dashboard.
  • E. Determine whether to use a personal, project or team dashboard.
  • F. Choose reports to add to the dashboard that will display the appropriate metric

Answer: BEF

A development team is using the RTC web interface to update plans and work items. One user notices that recent work item changes are not rendered in the web browser.
What is the reason for this?

  • A. The web browser is caching the work items.
  • B. The data warehouse has not yet been updated.
  • C. The web browser version is no longer supported.
  • D. User does not have permission to view the work ite

Answer: A

An administrator is evaluating different templates and needs to select one for use on a new project area. Which of the following is the first consideration?

  • A. The team area to release relationship.
  • B. The number of teams in the project area.
  • C. The development process of the software team.
  • D. The geographical distribution of team member

Answer: D

A project manager asks the administrator to restrict user access to the project area to only people on the project. Where would the administrator go in order to modify this?

  • A. Access Groups
  • B. Operational Behaviors
  • C. Team Area Permissions
  • D. Project Area Access Control

Answer: B

What build related activities can a user accomplish using the RTC web client?

  • A. Define build scripts
  • B. Administer build engines
  • C. Request builds and monitor status
  • D. Create and modify build definitions

Answer: A

What is the source of the data to create metric based reports?

  • B. CCM Database
  • C. Data Warehouse
  • D. Data Collection Component Database

Answer: B

An organization is defining how to structure the project area and has decided to exclude using team areas. Which scenario matches this decision?

  • A. Multiple timelines.
  • B. No process required.
  • C. Small project with a few developers.
  • D. Restrict visibility to streams and component

Answer: C

What is an advantage of the RTC web client over the RTC Eclipse client when dealing with work items?

  • A. Work items can only be created in the RTC web client.
  • B. The RTC Eclipse client requires an extra license for access.
  • C. Work item approval states can only be set in the RTC web client.
  • D. The RTC web client does not require installing any additional client softwar

Answer: B

A user would like to set up a variable with a value that can be referenced in other fields of the Build Definition editor. What must be added to the build definition?

  • A. Labels
  • B. Variables
  • C. Attributes
  • D. Properties

Answer: A

A user needs to export the results from a work item query in the RTC Eclipse client. Which of the below file formats can be used?

  • A. XML file
  • B. PDF document
  • C. Word document
  • D. Spreadsheet format (CSV)

Answer: C

Which build artifact allows developers to associate the outcome with a release?

  • A. Build Result
  • B. Build Script
  • C. Build Engine
  • D. Build Definition

Answer: B

A user notices that work items in the release backlog are initially unordered. What must be done to update the ordering?

  • A. Move each work item to appropriate swimlane.
  • B. Set rank for each work item using drag and drop.
  • C. Set priority for each work item and click Reorder.
  • D. Promote or demote each work item using action men

Answer: C

An administrator wants to make sure that time remaining on work items in a plan view are consistent with the estimate. Which plan check ensures this?

  • A. Invalid Estimate Check
  • B. Planning Problems Check
  • C. Traditional Planning Check
  • D. Cross-Project Planning Problems Check

Answer: B

A manager would like to create a query to show closed work items for a team area in a project. Which query feature is used to select the team area at runtime?

  • A. Current Team
  • B. Attribute Groups
  • C. Condition Grouping
  • D. Parameter Variables

Answer: C

A scrum master has defined which groups of people will work on different aspects of the project and has requested assistance from an administrator to help organize the project accordingly.
Which of the following would the administrator configure to assist with this?

  • A. Releases related to Owners
  • B. Iterations related to Timelines
  • C. Streams related to Flow Targets
  • D. Work Item Categories related to Team Areas

Answer: D

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