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Why might a Practitioner change the filtering dimension in a query?

  • A. to make the query more efficient
  • B. to specify filtering conditions
  • C. to return records other than Recipients
  • D. to execute a left outer join

Answer: B

Aworkflow including a scheduler with a recurring frequency contains a regular delivery step. What is the result?

  • A. The delivery executes once and errors on the second send.
  • B. The delivery executes once and enters a finished state.
  • C. The delivery throws awarning message and executes as scheduled for first and second send.
  • D. The delivery is sent as scheduled for the first and second send

Answer: D

What should a campaign business practitioner add to a workflow that needs an additional data appended to target population?

  • A. Add a listupdate to the workflow
  • B. Add a data import step to the workflow
  • C. Add an enrichment to the workflow
  • D. Add an intersection to the workflow

Answer: B

A workflow log indicates an incompatible document type erroron a union activity. How should a campaign business practitioner verify the union activity inputs are based on?

  • A. The union activity’s inputs are based on the same target mapping
  • B. The union activity’s inputs are based on the same filtering dimension
  • C. The union activity’s inputs are based on the same targeting dimension
  • D. The union activity’s inputs are based on the same global dictionary

Answer: C

Which three tasks could a campaign business practitioner do to view a personalized version of adelivery? (Choose three.)

  • A. Utilize the test personalization option
  • B. Send a proof of the delivery
  • C. Analyze the delivery after creating it
  • D. Send the email to seed a list to compare

Answer: ABC

For which reason does a fork activity produce an error?

  • A. The fork has no inbound transition
  • B. The fork’s outbound transition are out of sequence
  • C. The fork has an inbound transition that has zero results
  • D. The fork’s outbound transition has no connected activity

Answer: D

In an email delivery, the Business Practitioner uses conditioned content in the creative that varies by recipient segment.
Which three methods allow the Business Practitioner to send proofs that can be set up to cover all variations in the content? (Choose three.)

  • A. Proof with defined proof target
  • B. Proof with Seed address
  • C. Proof with Substitution of address with a random profile
  • D. Proof with Substitution of address with a fixed profile

Answer: ABC

How would you ensure a delivery is NOT sent to multiple recipients with the same email address?

  • A. Place a deduplication activity prior to the delivery
  • B. Place a union activity prior to the delivery
  • C. Place a change dimension activity prior to the delivery
  • D. Place a split activity prior to the delivery

Answer: A

What is the purpose of configuring a campaign with start and end date?

  • A. To ensure that the campaign works only between those dates
  • B. These dates are used for tracking purpose only
  • C. To sequence campaign delivery
  • D. To ensure that dates show on campaign calendar

Answer: C

Which is mandatory when creating a new campaign?

  • A. Label
  • B. Start date
  • C. Plan
  • D. Channel

Answer: A

A query on recipients is added to a workflow. The query needs to be able to obtain the last three transactions for each recipient.
Which method should be used to obtain this result?

  • A. In the complementary information section, add data of the type 'Data linked to the filtering dimension'.
  • B. In the complementary information section, add data of the type 'Data of the filtering dimension'.
  • C. In the advanced tab, add an Initialization Script.
  • D. Switch thetargeting and filtering dimension and add aggregate columns to get the transactions.

Answer: B

How would you send a proof to the “Holiday Marketing Team” list for approvals?

  • A. Select the email addresses from the recipient table
  • B. You cannot send the proof to the lists
  • C. Select the list from the send a Proof menu
  • D. Enter the email addressed into the “To:” line

Answer: A

Which module(s) needs to be installed in order to be able to create Marketing Campaigns?

  • A. Marketing Campaigns (Campaign)
  • B. Marketing Resources
  • C. Central/Local Marketing (Distributed Marketing)
  • D. Campaign Optimization

Answer: AC

What are two uses of an Exclusion activity in a campaign workflow? (Choose two.)

  • A. to present exclusive offers in an upsell campaign
  • B. to obtain an accurate population count before Delivery
  • C. to suppressRecipient on a prior contact list
  • D. to prioritize contacts with the campaign target

Answer: CD

A Practitioner is using the default data model.
When personalizing based on gender, how manyversions of the content should the Practitioner create?

  • A. four
  • B. three
  • C. two
  • D. one

Answer: B

Why should a campaign business practitioner add a compliment to a split?

  • A. To analyze the order of the split selection
  • B. Toanalyze records remaining from the split
  • C. To analyze rejected records
  • D. To analyze content selected in the split

Answer: B

A campaign Business Practitioner is provided a text file of mobilephone types and their associated recipient email addresses. How should the campaign Business Practitioner build the workflow to begin to use the mobile phone type attribute in a targeting workflow?

  • A. An update data activity to import the txt file into workflow and a query activity to select all mobile phonetypes
  • B. A query activity to import the text file and an intersection activity to find matches between recipients and the text file
  • C. A data loading activity to import the text file into the workflowsand enrichment activity to link recipient email address to email address in the text file
  • D. A read list activity to import the text file into the workflow and a split activity to segment the mobile phonetype

Answer: A

Workflow instructions are identical to a previous workflow except the dates. What course of action should a Campaign Business Practitioner take?

  • A. Use a copy of the previous workflow in a campaign and change the values
  • B. Create a new workflow from scratch in a new campaign
  • C. Run the previous workflow from the previous campaign and change the date
  • D. Contact the request to confirm the information in accurate.

Answer: D

What is the required to create a predefined filter?

  • A. Input form
  • B. Rights on a folder of type filter
  • C. Navigation hierarchy
  • D. Validity period

Answer: B

The sent count is less than the upstream population. What are two reasons for this result? (Choose two.)

  • A. The upstream population did NOT include seeds.
  • B. Some pressure typologies were applied.
  • C. Some recipients were quarantined.
  • D. The upstream population was too large.

Answer: BD


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