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New Adobe 9A0-412 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 2 - Question 11)

Q1. Per a solution design reference, the following variables are set when a social share occurs:

Event5 - Social Share

eVar7 - Social Share Channel

prop7 - Social Share Channel

In Adobe Analytics Reports, which report can be created?

A. Social Share per Visit by Social Share Channel

B. Top URLs shared

C. Top Products shared

D. Social Shares by Marketing Channel

Answer: A

Q2. A Business Practitioner needs to report on event5 by site section using a custom variable for day of week.

Which option allows the Business Practitioner to most efficiently achieve this goal?

A. Use the day of week conversion variable with full subrelations and instances

B. Use the day of week conversion variable and subrelate by site section with event5

C. Use the day of week traffic variable and correlate by site section with event5

D. Use the day of week traffic variable and participation metrics

Answer: D

Q3. In the image of the funnel shown in the exhibit, which statement is true if the number of orders doubles?

A. Average orders per click-through increases

B. Average revenue per order increases

C. Average revenue per click-through decreases

D. Average orders per checkout decreases

Answer: B

Q4. What is the proper sequence to show a completed purchase conversion funnel using the below options:

- Visits

- Product views

- Cart adds

- Checkout

- Purchase

- Entries

- Exit

A. Visits > Product Views > Cart Adds > Purchase

B. Product Views > Cart Adds > Checkout > Purchase

C. Visits > Entries > Cart Adds > Checkout > Exits

D. Product Views > Cart Adds > Checkout > Exits

Answer: A

Q5. How do the values of calculated metrics change from March 2016 compared to December 2016?

A. The value of Order/Product Views remains the same

B. The value of Order/Product Views increases.

C. The value of Order/Product Views decreases.

Answer: C

Q6. Using the classification rule builder, an analyst needs to create a classification report for marketing tracking codes by the campaign name value of the codes. Below is an example of several tracking codes, where the item between the underscores represents the campaign name:

\\1. paid-search_non-branded-phrases_jeans

\\2. social-media_brand-awareness_twitter

\\3. display-advertising_brand-awareness.media-site

\\4. affiliates_shipping-discounts_affiliate-network

What kind of classification rule should the analyst create?

A. A Regular Expression rule that matches the pattern of the 2 underscores, pulling out the value between them

B. A Delimiter rule that breaks the tracking code apart at the underscore, placing the second item in the classification

C. A Regular Expression where the rule contains u201cbrand"

D. A Contains rule that matches two underscores, pulling out the value between them

Answer: A

Q7. Which statement is true regarding the segment if u201cequalsu201d was changed to u201cdoes not equalu201d?

A. This segment includes hits with 2 units attributed to display

B. This segment include hits with 6 units attributed to affiliate

C. This segment includes sessions with 6 units attributed to organic search

D. This segment includes session with 2 units attributed to direct

Answer: C

Q8. How can the analyst correctly display u201chomepageu201d traffic?

A. Use unique page names

B. Shorten the page names

C. Use the page URL only

D. Classify the page names

Answer: C

Q9. Using the Adobe Analytics suite of tools, which two tools should an analyst use to identify abnormalities in a given report? (Choose two.)

A. Segment comparison in Workspace

B. Anomaly detection in Adobe Analytics Reports

C. Tracking code in Adobe analytics Reports

D. Processing Rules in Adobe Analytics Admin

Answer: BD

Q10. Please answer the question using the segment in the exhibit.

Which statement is true regarding the segment if u201cvisitu201d was changed to u201chitu201d?

A. The segment population will decrease

B. The segment population will increase

C. The number of product views will be less than two

D. The number of product views will be greater than two

Answer: D

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