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Q51. You are creating a stored procedure named usp1. Usp1 will create a table that will be used during the execution of usp1. Only usp1 will be allowed to access the table. 

You need to write the code required to create the table for usp1. The solution must minimize the need to recompile the stored procedure. 

Which code segment should you use to create the table? 


B. CREATE TABLE ##oneTable 

C. CREATE TABLE #oneTable 



Q52. You plan to execute the following code: 

You need to identify how many rows will be in dbo.Table1 after you execute the code. 

How many rows should you identify? 

A. 0 

B. 1 

C. 2 

D. 3 


Q53. Topic 8) 

You plan to deploy SQL Server 2012. You must create two tables named Table1 and Table2 that will have the following specifications: 

. Table1 will contain a date column named Column1 that will contain a null value approximately 80 percent of the time. . Table2 will contain a column named Column2 that is the product of two other columns in Table2. . Both Table1 and Table2 will contain more than 1 million rows. 

You need to recommend which options must be defined for the columns. The solution must minimize the storage requirements for the tables. Which options should you recommend? To answer, drag the appropriate options to the correct column in the answer area. 


Q54. You have an index for a table in a SQL Azure database. The database is used for Online Transaction Processing (OLTP). 

You discover that many page splits occur when records are inserted or updated in the table. 

You need to minimize the number of page splits. 

What should you set from the index options? 







Q55. Which data type should you use for ProductType? 

A. varchar(11) 

B. nvarchar(11) 

C. char(11) 

D. bigint 


Topic 5, Litware, Inc 


General Overview 

You are a database developer for a company named Litware, Inc. Litware has a main office in Miami. 

Litware has a job posting web application named WebApp1. WebApp1 uses a database named DB1. DB1 is hosted on a server named Server1. The database design of DB1 is shown in the exhibit. (Click the Exhibit button.) 

WebApp1 allows a user to log on as a job poster or a job seeker. Candidates can search for job openings based on keywords, apply to an opening, view their application, and load their resume in Microsoft Word format. Companies can add a job opening, view the list of candidates who applied to an opening, and mark an application as denied. 

Users and Roles 

DB1 has five database users named Company, CompanyWeb, Candidate, CandidateWeb, and Administrator. 

DB1 has three user-defined database roles. The roles are configured as shown in the following table. 

Keyword Search 

The keyword searches for the job openings are performed by using the following stored procedure named usp_GetOpenings: 

Opening Update 

Updates to the Openings table are performed by using the following stored procedure named usp_UpdateOpening: 

Problems and Reported Issues 

Concurrency Problems 

You discover that deadlocks frequently occur. 

You identify that a stored procedure named usp_AcceptCandidate and a stored procedure named usp_UpdateCandidate generate deadlocks. The following is the code for usp_AcceptCandidate: 

Salary Query Issues 

Users report that when they perform a search for job openings without specifying a minimum salary, only job openings that specify a minimum salary are displayed. 

Log File Growth Issues 

The current log file for DB1 grows constantly. The log file fails to shrink even when the daily SQL Server Agent Shrink Database task runs. 

Performance Issues 

You discover that a stored procedure named usp_ExportOpenings takes a long time to run and executes a table scan when it runs. 

You also discover that the usp_GetOpenings stored procedure takes a long time to run and that the non-clustered index on the Description column is not being used. 

Page Split Issues 

On DB1, many page splits per second spike every few minutes. 


Security and Application Requirements 

Litware identifies the following security and application requirements: . Only the Administrator, Company, and CompanyWeb database users must be able to execute the usp_UpdateOpening stored procedure. . Changes made to the database must not affect WebApp1. 

Locking Requirements 

Litware identifies the following locking requirements: . The usp_GetOpenings stored procedure must not be blocked by the usp_UpdateOpening stored procedure. . If a row is locked in the Openings table, usp_GetOpenings must retrieve the latest 

version of the row, even if the row was not committed yet. 

Integration Requirements 

Litware exports its job openings to an external company as XML data. The XML data uses the following format: 

A stored procedure named usp_ExportOpenings will be used to generate the XML data. The following is the code for usp_ExportOpenings: 

The stored procedure will be executed by a SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) package named Package1. 

The XML data will be written to a secured folder named Folder1. Only a dedicated Active Directory account named Account1 is assigned the permissions to read from or write to Folder1. 

Refactoring Requirements 

Litware identifies the following refactoring requirements: . New code must be written by reusing the following query: 

. The results from the query must be able to be joined to other queries. 

Upload Requirements 

Litware requires users to upload their job experience in a Word file by using WebApp1. WebApp1 will send the Word file to DB1 as a stream of bytes. DB1 will then convert the Word file to text before the contents of the Word file is saved to the Candidates table. 

A database developer creates an assembly named Conversions that contains the following: 

. A class named Convert in the SqlConversions namespace 

. A method named ConvertToText in the Convert class that converts Word files to 


The ConvertToText method accepts a stream of bytes and returns text. The method is used in the following stored procedure: 

Job Application Requirements 

A candidate can only apply to each job opening once. 

Data Recovery Requirements 

All changes to the database are performed by using stored procedures. WebApp1 generates a unique transaction ID for every stored procedure call that the application makes to the database. 

If a server fails, you must be able to restore data to a specified transaction. 

Q56. You need to create the object used by the parameter of usp_InsertSessions. 

Which statement should you use? 

A. CREATE SCHEMA SessionDataTable 

B. CREATE TYPE SessionDataTable AS Table 

C. CREATE TABLE SessionDataTable 



Q57. You need to create a function that filters invoices by CustomerID. The SELECT statement for the function is contained in InvoicesByCustomer.sql. 

Which code segment should you use to complete the function? 

A. Option A 

B. Option B 

C. Option C 

D. Option D 


Q58. You execute usp_TestSpeakers. 

You discover that usp_SelectSpeakersByName uses inefficient execution plans. 

You need to update usp_SelectSpeakersByName to ensure that the most efficient 

execution plan is used. 

What should you add at line 30 of Procedures.sql? 




D. OPTION (OPTIMIZE FOR (@LastName= 'Anderson')) 



Q59. You execute the following code: 

You have a stored procedure that includes the following SELECT statement: 

You need to create a covering index on UserInfo. Which code segment should you execute? 

A. Option A 

B. Option B 

C. Option C 

D. Option D 


Q60. Topic 8) 

You have a table named Table1 that contains 1 million rows. Table1 contains a column named Column1 that stores sensitive information. Column1 uses the nvarchar(16) data type. 

You have a certificate named Cert1. 

You need to replace Column1 with a new encrypted column that uses two-way encryption. 

Which code segment should you execute before you remove Column1? 

To answer, move the appropriate code segments from the list of code segments to the 

answer area and arrange them in the correct order.