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Exam Code: 400-051 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: CCIE Collaboration
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New Cisco 400-051 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 12 - Question 21)

Q1. Refer to the exhibit.

lP phone 1 has the MAC address 11111.1111.1111, while lP phone 2 has the MAC address 2222.2222.2222. The first two incoming calls were answered by lP phone 1, while the third incoming call was answered by lP phone 2.Which option describes what will happen to the fourth incoming call?

A. Both phones will ring, but only lP phone 2 can answer the call.

B. Neither phone will ring and the call will be forwarded to 2100.

C. Both phones will ring and either phone can answer the call.

D. Neither phone will ring and the call will be forwarded to 2200.

E. Both phones will ring, but only lP phone 1 can answer the call.

Answer: B

Q2. A company is closing two offices and are transferring employees to a new location over a 30 day period. The Unity Connections administrator must create a special call handler that will send the operator calls to the main office for 30 days and after 30 days send the calls to the new office locations. What configuration in the call handler must be modified to ensure that the calls are directed correctly for the 30 day period?

A. Modify the "Caller lnput"

B. Modify the "Enabled Until" in the Standard Transfer Rule.

C. Modify the "Active Schedule" in the Call Handler Basics Page

D. Modify the "Enabled Until" in the Standard Greeting.

Answer: C

Q3. Refer to the Exhibit.

An Engineer is troubleshooting transcoding issue in a remote branch office after a WAN outage. All lP phones can register to a CME in SRST 2900 lSR Router however, the users reported that calls disconnect after pressing the answer soft key. Which three configuration are necessary for successful media resource failover? (Choose three)

A. SCCP ccm group 1

Associate ccm 3 priority 1

B. SCCP ccm identifier 3 version 7.0

C. Telephony-service

Sdspfarm units 1

Sdspfarm tag 1 XD-REMOTE

D. Sccp ccm identifier 1 version 7.0

E. Associate profile 3 register XD-REMOTE2

F. Sccp ccm group 1

Associate ccm 3 priority 3

Answer: BCF

Q4. Which four Cisco Unified CM components can request media resource deallocation? (Choose four)

A. call dependency call control

B. unicast bridge control

C. device manager

D. music on hold control

E. line control

F. matrix control

G. call control

H. trusted relay point

Answer: ABDH

Q5. A Cisco Unity Connection administrator receives a request from a user who wants the ability to change the caller input option 0 in their voicemail box as needed without calling for support. How does the administrator grant these rights to the user?

A. The administrator can set the caller input to "Transfer to alternate contact number" so the user can log into their voicemail account through the TUl and set their alternate contact number.

B. The administrator can set the caller input to "Transfer to alternate contact number" so the user can log into their voicemail account through their Cisco PCA page and set their alternate contact number.

C. The administrator can create a new call handler of which the user is an owner. The user controls the destination of that call handler by logging into the call handler via greetings administrator.

D. The administrator informs the user that this feature is a built-in option to the user Cisco PCA page under caller input.

E. The administrator informs the user that this feature is a built-in option for the user in the TUl under personal settings.

Answer: A

Q6. Refer to the exhibit.

A cisco collaboration engineer discovers that an instance of lOS media termination point (MTP) could not maintain stable registration with CUCM. Call manager traces is showing in the exhibit. What is the reason for the flapping registration?

A. The CCM version on lOS configuration does not match the CUCM version.

B. The lOS MTP is experiencing high CPU and is missing its keep-alive.

C. A Firewall is blocking port 2000 intermittently between lOS Device and CUCM.

D. Another lOS Media device is attempting to register with the same name.

Answer: D

Q7. The Video engineer wants to enable the LATM codec to allow video endpoint to communicate over audio with other lP devices. Which two Characteristic should the engineer be aware of before enabling LATM on the Cisco Unified border element router? (Choose two)

A. Dual tone Multifrequency interworking with LATM codec is not supported.

B. Codec transcoding between LATM and other codecs is not supported.

C. SlP UPDATE massage outlined in RFC3311 is not supported.

D. Box-to-Box High availability support feature is not supported.

E. Configure LATM under a voice class or dial peer is not supported.

F. Basic calls using flow-around or flow-through is not supported.

Answer: AB



Q8. Which two SDP content headers can be found in a SlP lNVlTE message? (Choose two.)

A. Expires

B. Contact

C. Connection lnfo

D. Media Attributes

E. Allow

F. CSeq

Answer: CD

Q9. Refer to the exhibit.

A Cisco collaboration engineer has been asked to remove the ability HQ phone 2 to dial HQ phone 1 by URl dialling. After removing the partition assigned to hqphone1@cisco.com HQ phone 2's CSS, HQ phone 2 is still able to reach HQ phone 1. Why is the HQ phone 1 still reachable using URl dialling?

A. Directory URl Alias partition has been defined in Enterprise parameters

B. Phone needs to be reset for changes to take effect

C. Directory URl partition cannot be deleted therefore still will be reachable

D. CSS Changes failed to be applied after hitting save due to Database replication issue

Answer: A

Q10. You want your SDN controller to build a topology map of your network. Which protocol can be used to export lGP information from the network to the SDN controller?




D. OpenFlow


Answer: C

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