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New EC-Council 312-50v10 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 5 - Question 14)

New Questions 5

During a recent security assessment, you discover the organization has one Domain Name Server (DNS) in a Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) and a second DNS server on the internal network.

What is this type of DNS configuration commonly called?


B. DNS Scheme


D. Split DNS

Answer: D

New Questions 6

You have gained physical access to a Windows 2008 R2 server which has an accessible disc drive. When you attempt to boot the server and log in, you are unable to guess the password. In your toolkit, you have an Ubuntu 9.10 Linux LiveCD. Which Linux-based tool can change any useru2019s password or activate disabled Windows accounts?

A. John the Ripper



D. Cain & Abel

Answer: C

New Questions 7

Due to a slowdown of normal network operations, the IT department decided to monitor internet traffic for all of the employees. From a legal stand point, what would be troublesome to take this kind of measure?

A. All of the employees would stop normal work activities

B. IT department would be telling employees who the boss is

C. Not informing the employees that they are going to be monitored could be an invasion of privacy.

D. The network could still experience traffic slow down.

Answer: C

New Questions 8

You have successfully gained access to a Linux server and would like to ensure that the succeeding outgoing traffic from this server will not be caught by Network-Based Intrusion Detection Systems (NIDS).

What is the best way to evade the NIDS?

A. Out of band signaling

B. Protocol Isolation

C. Encryption

D. Alternate Data Streams

Answer: C

New Questions 9

You are monitoring the network of your organizations. You notice that: Which of the following solution will you suggest?

A. Block the Blacklist IPu2019s @ Firewall

B. Update the Latest Signatures on your IDS/IPS

C. Clean the Malware which are trying to Communicate with the External Blacklist IPu2019s

D. Both B and C

Answer: D

New Questions 10

What type of analysis is performed when an attacker has partial knowledge of inner-workings of the application?

A. Black-box

B. Announced

C. White-box

D. Grey-box

Answer: D

New Questions 11

In an internal security audit, the white hat hacker gains control over a user account and attempts to acquire access to another account's confidential files and information. How can he achieve this?

A. Privilege Escalation

B. Shoulder-Surfing

C. Hacking Active Directory

D. Port Scanning

Answer: A

New Questions 12

Which of the following statements is TRUE?

A. Sniffers operate on Layer 2 of the OSI model

B. Sniffers operate on Layer 3 of the OSI model

C. Sniffers operate on both Layer 2 & Layer 3 of the OSI model.

D. Sniffers operate on the Layer 1 of the OSI model.

Answer: A

New Questions 13

If a tester is attempting to ping a target that exists but receives no response or a response that states the destination is unreachable, ICMP may be disabled and the network may be using TCP. Which tool could the tester use to get a response from a host using TCP?

A. Traceroute

B. Hping

C. TCP ping

D. Broadcast ping

Answer: B

New Questions 14

Chandler works as a pen-tester in an IT-firm in New York. As a part of detecting viruses in the systems, he uses a detection method where the anti-virus executes the malicious codes on a virtual machine to simulate CPU and memory activities.

Which type of virus detection method did Chandler use in this context?

A. Heuristic Analysis

B. Code Emulation

C. Integrity checking

D. Scanning

Answer: B

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