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Which two statements are true for Predictive DRS? (Choose two.)

  • A. It balances resource utilization for virtual machines with unpredictable utilization patterns.
  • B. It integrates DRS with vRealize Operations Manager to balance workloads for virtual machines before resource utilization spikes occur.
  • C. It balances resource utilization based on a threshold’s algorithm that runs each night.
  • D. It determines the best placement and balance of virtual machines based on a threshold’s algorithm that runs each night in vCenter Server 6.5 Database.

Answer: BC

Explanation: Predictive DRS
Predictive DRS is a new feature that leverages the predictive analytics of vRealize Operations Manager with the powerful resource scheduler algorithm of vSphere DRS. Together, these two products enable workload balancing for certain VMs before resource utilization spikes occur, potentially eliminating a great amount of resource contention that might have occurred in the past. vRealize Operations Manager runs its dynamic thresholds algorithm nightly against the VMs on which it collects data. These dynamic thresholds create forecasted metrics for the future utilization of the VMs. The metrics are then passed to vSphere DRS to determine the best placement and balance of VMs before resource utilization spikes occur. Predictive DRS helps prevent resource contention on hosts that run VMs with predictable utilization patterns.

During Fibre Channel adapter setup of a ESXi host, which configuration guideline should be considered?

  • A. Do not mix Fibre Channel adapter models to access the same LUN from a single host unless the default queue depth has been changed.
  • B. Do not mix Fibre Channel adapters from different vendors in a single host.
  • C. Use Fibre Channel adapters from different vendors in a single host.
  • D. Set the queue depth to 16 if using a mix of different vendors’ Fibre Channel adapters in all hosts in the cluster.

Answer: B

Explanation: Do not mix FC HBAs from different vendors in a single host. Having different models of the same HBA is supported, but a single LUN cannot be accessed through two different HBA types, only through the same type.

vSphere Data Protection 6.1 provides the ability to back up and restore individual applications. Which are the three supported applications? (Choose three.)

  • A. Microsoft Dynamics Server
  • B. Oracle Database Server
  • C. Microsoft SharePoint Server
  • D. Microsoft Exchange Server
  • E. Microsoft SQL Server

Answer: CDE

Which are the two network requirements for a VMware vSAN 6.5 cluster? (Choose two.)

  • A. Multicast must be enabled on the physical switches and routers that handle vSAN traffic.
  • B. vSAN requires IPv6 only.
  • C. All hosts must have a dedicated 40GbE NIC.
  • D. The vSAN network supported IPv4 or IPv6.
  • E. vSAN requires IPv4 only.

Answer: AD

Explanation: https://docs.vmware.com/en/VMware-vSphere/6.5/com.vmware.vsphere.virtualsan.doc/GUID-AFF133BC-F4B

When using VMware Converter to import a Windows server and improve the consistency of the destination virtual machine, which optional step can be performed immediately prior to powering down the source server?

  • A. Uninstall production applications.
  • B. Perform a final synchronization task.
  • C. Remove the server from the Active Directory domain.
  • D. Remove the server from the network.

Answer: B

Which is the minimum number of hosts required for a VMware vSAN cluster to be able to apply a vSAN RAID5 storage policy?

  • A. six hosts
  • B. three hosts
  • C. four hosts
  • D. five hosts

Answer: C

An administrator is trying to set up Host Partial Failure Response, but the Automated option is grayed out. What can the administrator change to enable the Automated option?

  • A. Change the vSphere DRSAutomation level to Partially Automated.
  • B. Change the vSphere DRS Automation level to Fully Automated.
  • C. Enable vSphere HA Host Monitoring.
  • D. Change the vSphere DPM Automation level to Automatic.

Answer: C

vSphere 6.5 introduced MAC learning capabilities for VMware’s virtual switches. What three benefits will it provide? (Choose three.)

  • A. Reduced memory consumption
  • B. Increased network throughput.
  • C. Prevent packet flooding inside the vSwitch
  • D. Reduced consumption of extra CPU cycles.

Answer: ACD

An administrator must collect diagnostic information following a failed ESXi host upgrade. Which command should the administrator run?

  • A. vm-support
  • B. Get-Esxtop
  • C. vicfg-syslog
  • D. esxtop -R vm-support_dir_path

Answer: A

An administrator wants to enable VMware Fault Tolerance on a virtual machine. Which two vSphere features are supported with Fault Tolerance? (Choose two.)

  • A. VM Component Protection
  • B. vSphere HA
  • C. Storage DRS
  • D. Snapshots

Answer: BC

A vSphere HA cluster with four hosts has admission control configured to tolerate one host failure. Which statement is true if a fifth host is added?

  • A. CPU and Memory capacity will be set to 25%.
  • B. CPU and Memory capacity will be set to 50%.
  • C. CPU and Memory capacity will be set to 20%.
  • D. CPU and Memory capacity will be set to 30%.

Answer: C

Explanation: Select the Percentage of Cluster Resources Reserved admission control policy. This policy offers the most flexibility in terms of host and virtual machine sizing. When configuring this policy, choose a percentage for CPU and memory that reflects the number of host failures you want to support. For example, if you want vSphere HA to set aside resources for two host failures and have ten hosts of equal capacity in the cluster, then specify 20%

What new feature is introduced in NFS 4.1 on ESXi 6.5?

  • A. Storage DRS
  • B. KRB5i
  • C. IPv6

Answer: C

"OneAppServer" is a VM template stored in a content library named "LibraryOne," but the vSphere administrator is not able to use this template for deployment.
Why is the administrator unable to deploy OneAppServer?

  • A. OneAppServer must be updated before it can be deployed.
  • B. OneAppServer was imported from a local file on the system.
  • C. LibraryOne is published and optimized for syncing over HTTP.
  • D. LibraryOne is a subscribed library and OneAppServer is not downloaded yet.

Answer: C

Which three object types can be stored in the Content Library? (Choose three.)

  • A. vDS backups
  • B. VM templates
  • C. vAPP templates
  • D. ISO files

Answer: BCD

Which two partitions are used for the VMware vCenter Server Appliance embedded vPostgres database? (Choose two.)

  • A. /storage/seat/
  • B. /storage/netdump/
  • C. /storage/db/
  • D. /storage/core/

Answer: AC

Explanation: 2V0-622 dumps exhibit

Which are two requirements for configuring vCenter HA? (Choose two)

  • A. A secondary NIC on the active node must be create and configured
  • B. A management and heartbeat network must be created and configured
  • C. A default gateway entry must be added for the cluster network
  • D. All components must be on the same subnet as the management network
  • E. The network IP addresses for the active, passive, and witness nodes must be static

Answer: BE

Upgrading vCenter Server with Microsoft SQL database fails with the following error message:
2V0-622 dumps exhibit
What could cause this error?

  • A. incorrect database on the SQL Server
  • B. incorrect ports open on SQL Server
  • C. incorrect compatibility mode on the SQL Server
  • D. incorrect permission on SQL Server database

Answer: C

Which are four attributes of the Active vCenter HA node? (Choose four.)

  • A. It uses the vCenter HA network to communicate with the Witness node.
  • B. It constantly replicates vPostgres data with the Witness node.
  • C. It uses a public IP address for the management interface.
  • D. It runs the active vCenter Server Appliance instance.
  • E. It uses the vCenter HA network for replication of data.
  • F. It provides a quorum to protect against split-brain situations.

Answer: ACDE

Explanation: 2V0-622 dumps exhibit

Which three TCP/IP stacks are built in at the VMkernel level in vSphere 6 x? (Choose three.)

  • A. Fault Tolerance
  • B. vMotion
  • C. Provisioning
  • D. Management
  • E. Default

Answer: BCE

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