1D0-435 resource(3 to 12) for IT engineers: Sep 2018 Edition

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New CIW 1D0-435 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 3 - Question 12)

Q1. Consider the following Code:


var state = "";

var orderAmount = 50;

state = prompt("Which state do you live in?",""); if (state.toUpperCase() == "CA") {

alert("Your total owed is: " + (orderAmount * 1.0825));

} else {

alert("Your total owed is:" + orderAmount);



What will the alert method display if the user lives in Tennessee?

A. 1.0825 % of the order amount

B. nothing

C. The order amount only

D. The order amount plus sales tax of 1.0825

Answer: C

Q2. The first character of a variable must not be a letter or an underscore, but subsequent characters can be letters, numbers, and the underscore character.



Answer: B

Q3. If a function is not a built in function, then it is a function.

A. canned

B. user-defined

C. object based

D. Java

Answer: B

Q4. The method counts from the ending position of the string.

A. indexOf()

B. positionOf()

C. lengthOf()

D. lastIndexOf()

Answer: D

Q5. Regarding cookies: If the expires attribute is not used, when will the cookie expire?

A. in 10 days

B. in 3 days

C. in 30 days

D. at the end of the user's session with the Web application

Answer: D

Q6. If the secure attribute is not used, the cookie is not deemed safe to be sent over unprotected channels.



Answer: A

Q7. A user can never delete or disable cookies



Answer: B

Q8. JavaScript is an event-driven programming language. Events trigger .

A. functions

B. behaviors

C. methods

D. actions

Answer: A

Q9. alert(), prompt() and confirm() are all methods of the object.

A. window

B. browser

C. form

D. document

Answer: A

Q10. Consider the following code:

<script> var x = 0;

for (i=0; i<5; i++) { x += i;


alert("1+2+3+4 = " +x);


How many times will the program loop, and what will be the final value of x?

A. 5, 10

B. 4, 9

C. 4, 5

D. 5, 5

Answer: A

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