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Fill in the blank: To create policy for traffic to or from a particular location, use the_____ .

  • A. DLP shared policy
  • B. Geo policy shared policy
  • C. Mobile Access software blade
  • D. HTTPS inspection

Answer: B

Explanation: Shared Policies
The Shared Policies section in the Security Policies shows the policies that are not in a Policy package. T are shared between all Policy packages.
Shared policies are installed with the Access Control Policy. Software Blade
Description Mobile Access
Launch Mobile Access policy in a SmartConsole. Configure how your remote users access internal resources, such as their email accounts, when they are mobile.
DLP Launch Data Loss Prevention policy in a SmartConsole. Configure advanced tools to automatically identify data that must not go outside the network, to block the leak, and to educate users.
Geo Policy
Create a policy for traffic to or from specific geographical or political locations. References:

Your boss wants you to closely monitor an employee suspected of transferring company secrets to the competition. The IT department discovered the suspect installed a WinSCP client in order to use encrypted
communication. Which of the following methods is BEST to accomplish this task?

  • A. Use SmartView Tracker to follow his actions by filtering log entries that feature the WinSCP destination por
  • B. Then, export the corresponding entries to a separate log file for documentation.
  • C. Use SmartDashboard to add a rule in the firewall Rule Base that matches his IP address, and those of potential targets and suspicious protocol
  • D. Apply the alert action or customized messaging.
  • E. Watch his IP in SmartView Monitor by setting an alert action to any packet that matches your Rule Base and his IP address for inbound and outbound traffic.
  • F. Send the suspect an email with a keylogging Trojan attached, to get direct information about his wrongdoings.

Answer: A

Why would an administrator see the message below?
156-215.80 dumps exhibit

  • A. A new Policy Package created on both the Management and Gateway will be deleted and must be packed up first before proceeding.
  • B. A new Policy Package created on the Management is going to be installed to the existing Gateway.
  • C. A new Policy Package created on the Gateway is going to be installed on the existing Management.
  • D. A new Policy Package created on the Gateway and transferred to the management will be overwritten bythe Policy Package currently on the Gateway but can be restored from a periodic backup on the Gateway.

Answer: B

Mesh and Star are two types of VPN topologies. Which statement below is TRUE about these types of communities?

  • A. A star community requires Check Point gateways, as it is a Check Point proprietary technology.
  • B. In a star community, satellite gateways cannot communicate with each other.
  • C. In a mesh community, member gateways cannot communicate directly with each other.
  • D. In a mesh community, all members can create a tunnel with any other member.

Answer: D

Which of the following methods can be used to update the trusted log server regarding the policy and configuration changes performed on the Security Management Server?

  • A. Save Policy
  • B. install Database
  • C. Save Session
  • D. install Policy

Answer: D

You have successfully backed up your Check Point configurations without the OS information. What command would you use to restore this backup?

  • A. restore_backup
  • B. import backup
  • C. cp_merge
  • D. migrate import

Answer: A

Administrator Dave logs into R80 Management Server to review and makes some rule changes. He notices that there is a padlock sign next to the DNS rule in the Rule Base.
156-215.80 dumps exhibit
What is the possible Explanation: for this?

  • A. DNS Rule is using one of the new feature of R80 where an administrator can mark a rule with the padlock icon to let other administrators know it is important.
  • B. Another administrator is logged into the Management and currently editing the DNS Rule.
  • C. DNS Rule is a placeholder rule for a rule that existed in the past but was deleted.
  • D. This is normal behavior in R80 when there are duplicate rules in the Rule Base.

Answer: B

Which of the following authentication methods can be configured in the Identity Awareness setup wizard?

  • A. Check Point Password
  • C. LDAP
  • D. Windows password

Answer: C

The SIC Status “Unknown” means

  • A. There is connection between the gateway and Security Management Server but it is not trusted.
  • B. The secure communication is established.
  • C. There is no connection between the gateway and Security Management Server.
  • D. The Security Management Server can contact the gateway, but cannot establish SIC.

Answer: AC

Explanation: After the gateway receives the certificate issued by the ICA, the SIC status shows if the Security Management Server can communicate securely with this gateway:
Communicating - The secure communication is established.
Unknown - There is no connection between the gateway and Security Management Server.
Not Communicating - The Security Management Server can contact the gateway, but cannot establish SIC. A message shows more information.

What Identity Agent allows packet tagging and computer authentication?

  • A. Endpoint Security Client
  • B. Full Agent
  • C. Light Agent
  • D. System Agent

Answer: B

While in SmartView Tracker, Brady has noticed some very odd network traffic that he thinks could be an intrusion. He decides to block the traffic for 60 minutes, but cannot remember all the steps. What is the correct order of steps needed to set up the block?
1) Select Active Mode tab in SmartView Tracker.
2) Select Tools > Block Intruder.
3) Select Log Viewing tab in SmartView Tracker.
4) Set Blocking Timeout value to 60 minutes.
5) Highlight connection that should be blocked.

  • A. 1, 2, 5, 4
  • B. 3, 2, 5, 4
  • C. 1, 5, 2, 4
  • D. 3, 5, 2, 4

Answer: C

With which command can you view the running configuration of Gaia-based system.

  • A. show conf-active
  • B. show configuration active
  • C. show configuration
  • D. show running-configuration

Answer: C

You are conducting a security audit. While reviewing configuration files and logs, you notice logs accepting POP3 traffic, but you do not see a rule allowing POP3 traffic in the Rule Base. Which of the following is the
most likely cause?

  • A. The POP3 rule is disabled.
  • B. POP3 is accepted in Global Properties.
  • C. The POP3 rule is hidden.
  • D. POP3 is one of 3 services (POP3, IMAP, and SMTP) accepted by the default mail object in R77.

Answer: C

Which R77 GUI would you use to see number of packets accepted since the last policy install?

  • A. SmartView Monitor
  • B. SmartView Tracker
  • C. SmartDashboard
  • D. SmartView Status

Answer: A

Which of the following is NOT an authentication scheme used for accounts created through SmartConsole?

  • A. Security questions
  • B. Check Point password
  • C. SecurID

Answer: A

Explanation: Authentication Schemes :- Check Point Password
- Operating System Password
- SecurID
- Undefined If a user with an undefined authentication scheme is matched to a Security Rule with some form of authentication, access is always denied.

If the Active Security Management Server fails or if it becomes necessary to change the Active to Standby, the following steps must be taken to prevent data loss. Providing the Active Security Management Server is responsible, which of these steps should NOT be performed:

  • A. Rename the hostname of the Standby member to match exactly the hostname of the Active member.
  • B. Change the Standby Security Management Server to Active.
  • C. Change the Active Security Management Server to Standby.
  • D. Manually synchronize the Active and Standby Security Management Servers.

Answer: A

Which of the following is NOT an option to calculate the traffic direction?

  • A. Incoming
  • B. Internal
  • C. External
  • D. Outgoing

Answer: D

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