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Exam Code: SY0-401 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: CompTIA Security+ Certification
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2016 May SY0-401 Study Guide Questions:

Q491. The system administrator has been notified that many users are having difficulty connecting to the company’s wireless network. They take a new laptop and physically go to the access point and connect with no problems. Which of the following would be the MOST likely cause? 

A. The certificate used to authenticate users has been compromised and revoked. 

B. Multiple war drivers in the parking lot have exhausted all available IPs from the pool to deny access. 

C. An attacker has gained access to the access point and has changed the encryption keys. 

D. An unauthorized access point has been configured to operate on the same channel. 

Answer: D 


Wireless Access Points can be configured to use a channel. If you have multiple access points within range of each other, you should configure the access points to use different channels. Different channels use different frequencies. If you have two access points using the same channel, their wifi signals will interfere with each other. The question states that that many users are having difficulty connecting to the company’s wireless network. This is probably due to the signal being weakened by interference from another access point using the same channel. When the administrator takes a new laptop and physically goes to the access point and connects with no problems, he is able to connect because he is near the access point and therefore has a strong signal. 

Q492. A user has unknowingly gone to a fraudulent site. The security analyst notices the following system change on the user’s host: 

Old `hosts’ file: localhost 

New `hosts’ file: localhost www.comptia.com 

Which of the following attacks has taken place? 

A. Spear phishing 

B. Pharming 

C. Phishing 

D. Vishing 

Answer: B 


We can see in this question that a fraudulent entry has been added to the user’s hosts file. This will point the URL: www.comptia.com to instead of the correct IP address. Similar in nature to e-mail phishing, pharming seeks to obtain personal or private (usually financial related) information through domain spoofing. Rather than being spammed with malicious and mischievous e-mail requests for you to visit spoof Web sites which appear legitimate, pharming 'poisons' a DNS server (or hosts file) by infusing false information into the DNS server, resulting in a user's request being redirected elsewhere. Your browser, however will show you are at the correct Web site, which makes pharming a bit more serious and more difficult to detect. Phishing attempts to scam people one at a time with an e-mail while pharming allows the scammers to target large groups of people at one time through domain spoofing. 

Q493. Which of the following is the process in which a law enforcement officer or a government agent encourages or induces a person to commit a crime when the potential criminal expresses a desire not to go ahead? 

A. Enticement 

B. Entrapment 

C. Deceit 

D. Sting 

Answer: B 


Entrapment is the process in which a law enforcement officer or a government agent encourages or induces a person to commit a crime when the potential criminal expresses a desire not to go ahead. Entrapment is a valid legal defense in a criminal prosecution. 

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Q494. Which of the following is a BEST practice when dealing with user accounts that will only need to be active for a limited time period? 

A. When creating the account, set the account to not remember password history. 

B. When creating the account, set an expiration date on the account. 

C. When creating the account, set a password expiration date on the account. 

D. When creating the account, set the account to have time of day restrictions. 

Answer: B 


Disablement is a secure feature to employ on user accounts for temporary workers, interns, or consultants. It automatically disables a user account or causes the account to expire at a specific time and on a specific day. 

Q495. Joe, a user, wants to send an encrypted email to Ann. Which of the following will Ann need to use to verify that the email came from Joe and decrypt it? (Select TWO). 

A. The CA’s public key 

B. Ann’s public key 

C. Joe’s private key 

D. Ann’s private key 

E. The CA’s private key 

F. Joe’s public key 

Answer: D,F 


Joe wants to send a message to Ann. It’s important that this message not be altered. Joe will use the private key to create a digital signature. The message is, in effect, signed with the private key. Joe then sends the message to Ann. Ann will use the public key attached to the message to validate the digital signature. If the values match, Ann knows the message is authentic and came from Joe. Ann will use a key provided by Joe—the public key—to decrypt the message. Most digital signature implementations also use a hash to verify that the message has not been altered, intentionally or accidently, in transit. Thus Ann would compare the signature area referred to as a message in the message with the calculated value digest (her private key in this case). If the values match, the message hasn’t been tampered with and the originator is verified as the person they claim to be. 

Q496. A company has several conference rooms with wired network jacks that are used by both employees and guests. Employees need access to internal resources and guests only need access to the Internet. Which of the following combinations is BEST to meet the requirements? 

A. NAT and DMZ 

B. VPN and IPSec 

C. Switches and a firewall 

D. 802.1x and VLANs 

Answer: D 


802.1x is a port-based authentication mechanism. It’s based on Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP) and is commonly used in closed-environment wireless networks. 802.1x was initially used to compensate for the weaknesses of Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP), but today it’s often used as a component in more complex authentication and connection-management systems, including Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service (RADIUS), Diameter, Cisco System’s Terminal Access Controller Access-Control System Plus (TACACS+), and Network Access Control (NAC). 

A virtual local area network (VLAN) is a hardware-imposed network segmentation created by switches. By default, all ports on a switch are part of VLAN 1. But as the switch administrator changes the VLAN assignment on a port-by-port basis, various ports can be grouped together and be distinct from other VLAN port designations. VLANs are used for traffic management. Communications between ports within the same VLAN occur without hindrance, but communications between VLANs require a routing function. 


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Q497. A review of the company’s network traffic shows that most of the malware infections are caused by users visiting gambling and gaming websites. The security manager wants to implement a solution that will block these websites, scan all web traffic for signs of malware, and block the malware before it enters the company network. Which of the following is suited for this purpose? 




D. Firewall 

Answer: C 


An all-in-one appliance, also known as Unified Threat Management (UTM) and Next Generation Firewall (NGFW), is one that provides a good foundation for security. A variety is available; those that you should be familiar with for the exam fall under the categories of providing URL filtering, content inspection, or malware inspection. 

Malware inspection is the use of a malware scanner to detect unwanted software content in network traffic. If malware is detected, it can be blocked or logged and/or trigger an alert. 

Q498. Datacenter access is controlled with proximity badges that record all entries and exits from the datacenter. The access records are used to identify which staff members accessed the data center in the event of equipment theft. Which of the following MUST be prevented in order for this policy to be effective? 

A. Password reuse 

B. Phishing 

C. Social engineering 

D. Tailgating 

Answer: D 


Tailgating is the term used for someone being so close to you when you enter a building that they are able to come in right behind you without needing to use a key, a card, or any other security device. This should be prevented in this case. 

Q499. A security administrator is concerned about the strength of user’s passwords. The company does not want to implement a password complexity policy. Which of the following can the security Administrator implement to mitigate the risk of an online password attack against users with weak passwords? 

A. Increase the password length requirements 

B. Increase the password history 

C. Shorten the password expiration period 

D. Decrease the account lockout time 

Answer: C 


Reducing the password expiration period will require passwords to be changed at the end of that period. A password needs to be changed if it doesn’t meet the compliance requirements of the company’s password policy, or is evidently insecure. It will also need to be changed if it has been reused, or due to possible compromise as a result of a system intrusion. This will give online password attackers less time to crack the weak passwords. 

Q500. The security administrator notices a user logging into a corporate Unix server remotely as root. 

Which of the following actions should the administrator take? 

A. Create a firewall rule to block SSH 

B. Delete the root account 

C. Disable remote root logins 

D. Ensure the root account has a strong password 

Answer: C 


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