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New CompTIA SY0-401 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 16 - Question 25)

Q1. Company XYZ has decided to make use of a cloud-based service that requires mutual, certificate-based authentication with its users. The company uses SSL-inspecting IDS at its network boundary and is concerned about the confidentiality of the mutual authentication. Which of the following model prevents the IDS from capturing credentials used to authenticate users to the new service or keys to decrypt that communication?

A. Use of OATH between the user and the service and attestation from the company domain

B. Use of active directory federation between the company and the cloud-based service

C. Use of smartcards that store x.509 keys, signed by a global CA

D. Use of a third-party, SAML-based authentication service for attestation

Answer: B

Q2. RC4 is a strong encryption protocol that is general used with which of the following?





Answer: C

Q3. The internal audit group discovered that unauthorized users are making unapproved changes to various system configuration settings. This issue occurs when previously authorized users transfer from one department to another and maintain the same credentials. Which of the following controls can be implemented to prevent such unauthorized changes in the future?

A. Periodic access review

B. Group based privileges

C. Least privilege

D. Account lockout

Answer: C

Q4. A network technician at a company, Joe is working on a network device. He creates a rule to prevent users from connecting to a toy website during the holiday shopping season. This website is blacklisted and is known to have SQL injections and malware. Which of the following has been implemented?

A. Mandatory access

B. Network separation

C. Firewall rules

D. Implicit Deny

Answer: D

Q5. A password audit has revealed that a significant percentage if end-users have passwords that are easily cracked. Which of the following is the BEST technical control that could be implemented to reduce the amount of easily u201ccrackableu201d passwords in use?

A. Credential management

B. Password history

C. Password complexity

D. Security awareness training

Answer: C

Q6. Which of the following will allow the live state of the virtual machine to be easily reverted after a failed upgrade?

A. Replication

B. Backups

C. Fault tolerance

D. Snapshots

Answer: D

Q7. An attacker impersonates a fire marshal and demands access to the datacenter under the threat of a fine. Which of the following reasons make this effective? (Select two.)

A. Consensus

B. Authority

C. Intimidation

D. Trust

E. Scarcity

Answer: B,E

Q8. A security administrator wants to implement a company-wide policy to empower data owners to manage and enforce access control rules on various resources. Which of the following should be implemented?

A. Mandatory access control

B. Discretionary access control

C. Role based access control

D. Rule-based access control

Answer: C

Q9. An attacker captures the encrypted communication between two parties for a week, but is unable to decrypt the messages. The attacker then compromises the session key during one exchange and successfully compromises a single message. The attacker plans to use this key to decrypt previously captured and future communications, but is unable to. This is because the encryption scheme in use adheres to:

A. Asymmetric encryption

B. Out-of-band key exchange

C. Perfect forward secrecy

D. Secure key escrow

Answer: A

Q10. A security administrator is reviewing the web logs and notices multiple attempts by users to access:*

Having identified the attack, which of the following will prevent this type of attack on the web server?

A. Input validation on the web server

B. Block port 389 on the firewall

C. Segregate the web server by a VLAN

D. Block port 3389 on the firewall

Answer: A

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