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2016 Jun PMI-002 study guide

Q501. What is the communication channel delta if the members in the communication plan are increased from 5 to 10?

A. 35

B. 5

C. 15

D. 75

Answer: A

Q502. The process that is not a part of time management is:

A. Define Activities

B. Resource Planning

C. Develop Schedule

D. Sequence Activities

Answer: B

Q503. Which of the following are the outputs of Collect Requirements Process?

A. Requirements documentation

B. Requirements management plan

C. The requirements tractability matrix

D. Al1 of the above

Answer: D


What percentage of sales is estimated to be the cost of non-quality?

A. 3-5%

B. 12-20%

C. 30-40%

D. 6"8%

Answer: B

Q505. Estimated at Completion is determined by ___________.




D. Both A and C

Answer: D

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Updated PMI-002 exam:


Which describes how cost variances will be managed?

A. Cost management plan

B. Cost baseline

C. Cost estimate

D. Chart of accounts

Answer: A

Q507. Which is the Estimate Costs technique used most frequently in the early stages of a project.

A. Analogous estimating

B. Life-cycle costing

C. Parametric modeling

D. Bottom up estimating

Answer: A

Q508. The three major types of communication are: ______________.

A. Written, verbal, and non-verbal

B. Verbal, formal documentation, and informal documentation

C. Verbal, written, and graphic

D. Verbal, written, and electronic

Answer: A

Q509. What are you likely to see as a project progresses in a schedule with must fix dates and little or no slack?

A. Lots of free float

B. Idle resources

C. Negative float

D. Positive float

Answer: B

Q510. Which of the following methods is a technique used to predict project duration by analyzing which sequence of activities has the least amount of scheduling flexibility?

A. Dependency diagramming


C. Critical Path

D. Grant chart

Answer: C

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