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Q21. A FortiGate device has the following LDAP configuration: 

Based on the output, what FortiGate LDAP setting is configured incorrectly? 

A. cnid. 

B. username. 

C. password. 

D. dn. 


Q22. Examine the following partial output from two system debug commands; then answer the question below. 

Which of the following statements are true regarding the aboveoutputs? (Choose two.) 

A. The unit is running a 32-bit FortiOS 

B. The unit is in kernel conserve mode 

C. The Cached value is always the Active value plus the Inactive value 

D. Kernel indirectly accesses the low memory (LowTotal) through memory paging 

Answer: A,C 

Q23. An LDAP user cannot authenticate against a FortiGate device. Examine the real time debug output shown in the exhibit when the user attempted the authentication; then answer thequestion below. 

Based on the output in the exhibit, what can cause this authentication problem? 

A. User student is not found in the LDAP server. 

B. User student is using a wrong password. 

C. The FortiGate has been configured with the wrongpassword for the LDAP administrator. 

D. The FortiGate has been configured with the wrong authentication schema. 


Q24. An administrator has decreased all the TCP session timers to optimize the FortiGate memory usage. However, after thechanges, one network application started to have problems. During the troubleshooting, the administrator noticed that the FortiGate deletes the sessions after the clients send the SYN packets and before the arrival of the SYN/ACKs. When the SYN/ACK packetsarrive to the FortiGate, the unit has already deleted the respective sessions. Which TCP session timer must be increased to fix this problem? 

A. TCP half open. 

B. TCP half close. 

C. TCP time wait. 

D. TCP session time to live. 


Q25. Examine the following routing table and BGP configuration; then answer the question below. 

TheBGP connection is up, but the local peer is NOT advertisingthe prefix Which configuration change will make the local peer advertise this prefix? 

A. Enable the redistribution of connected routers into BGP. 

B. Enable the redistribution of static routers into BGP. 

C. Disable the setting network-import-check. 

D. Enable the setting ebgp-multipath. 


Q26. Examine the IPsec configuration shown in the exhibit; then answer the question below. 

An administrator wants to monitor the VPN byenable the IKE real time debug using these commands: 

diagnose vpn ike log-filter src-addr4 diagnose debug application ike -1 diagnose debug enable 

The VPN is currently up, there is no traffic crossing the tunnel and DPD packets are being interchanged between both Ipsec gateways. However, the IKE rea time debug does NOT show any output. Why isn't there any output? 

A. The IKE real time debug shows the phases 1 and 2 negotiations only. It does not show any more output once the tunnel is up. 

B. The log-filter setting is set incorrectly. The VPN's traffic does not match this filter. 

C. The IKF real time debug shows the phase 1 negotiation only. For information after that, the administrator must use the IPsec real time debug instead: diagnosedebug application ipsec -1 

D. The IKE real time debug shows error messages only. If it does not provide any output, it indicates that the tunnel is operating normally. 


Q27. When does a RADIUS server send anAccess-Challengepacket? 

A. The server does not have the user credentials yet. 

B. The server requires more information from the user,such as the token code for two-factor authentication. 

C. The user credentials are wrong. 

D. The user account is not found in the server. 


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