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2016 May N10-005 Study Guide Questions:

Q311. Which of the following wireless security measures, although widely implemented, does not provide strong security? 

A. IPSec 

B. WPA2 

C. MAC address filtering 

D. 802.1x 

Answer: C 

Q312. Which of the following performance optimization techniques would be MOST beneficial for a network-wide VoIP setup? (Select TWO). 

A. Proxy server 

B. Traffic shaping 

C. Caching engines 

D. Load balancing 

E. Quality of service 

Answer: BE 

Q313. Users report that they are unable to access the production server with IP address These users need to be provided access without changing any subnet to VLAN information. The VLANs configured on the network are listed below: 

DepartmentVLAN #Subnet used Marketing20192.168.20.0/28 Customer Service25192.168.20.64/28 Finance30192.168.30.0/28 WHSE35192.168.30.16/28 Sales40192.168.3.16/28 

The users experiencing this issue need to be added to which of the following VLANs? 

A. 25 

B. 30 

C. 35 

D. 40 

Answer: C 

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Wireless network users recently began experiencing speed and performance issues after access point 2 (AP2) was replaced due to faulty hardware. The original network was installed according to a consultant’s specifications and has always worked without a problem. 

You a network technician, have been tasked with evaluating the situation and resolving the issues to improve both performance and connectivity. Refer to the following diagram and perform any Necessary changes to the wireless and wired infrastructure by adjusting devices. 

NotE. Adjust the LEAST number of devices needed to fix the issue all blue icons in the image are clickable. 


Q315. A technician is troubleshooting authentication issues on a server. It turns out the clock on the server was 72 minutes behind. Setting the clock to the correct time fixed the issue. Given the scenario, which of the following authentication methods was being used? 

A. Kerberos 




Answer: A 

Q316. Which of the following is a path vector routing protocol? 






Answer: E

Pinpoint n10-005 vs n10-006:

Q317. Users report that an internal file server is inaccessible. Of the following commands, which would be the MOST useful in determining network-layer connectivity? 

A. dig 

B. nbtstat 

C. netstat 

D. ping 

Answer: D 

Q318. Which of the following copper cable types should be chosen to run gigabit speeds through a dropped ceiling that returns airflow? 

A. Non-Plenum CAT5 

B. Non-Plenum CAT5e 

C. Plenum CAT5 

D. Plenum CAT5e 

Answer: D 

Q319. A technician enters a username and password once and can access multiple databases without being prompted to reenter their password. This is an example of which of the following? 

A. Two-factor authentication 

B. Network access control 

C. Multifactor authentication 

D. Single sign-on 

Answer: D 

Q320. A network administrator has decided to tighten company security after a recent data breach. The new scheme calls for a strong 10 character password, a special 4 digit pin code, and a one-time use dynamic token that is accessed via a smartphone application. Which of the following is being implemented? 

A. Two-factor authentication 

B. Biometric security 

C. Multi-factor authentication 

D. Single factor authentication 

Answer: A 

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