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Exam Name: AX 2009 Production
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2021 Apr MB6-822 Study Guide Questions:

Q17. A company can use scheduling strategy that uses one master plan or multiple master plans. When should a company use a strategy with one master plan?

A. When the company wants to make sales order simulation

B. When the company wants to calculate exact delivery dates

C. When it is not important that sales people can confirm delivery dates to customers

D. When orders resulting from order simulations are not firmed right away

Answer: C

Q18. During scheduling which method will account for the extra use of capacity due to material scrapped, without producing or consuming extra items?

A. Setup a scrap percentage in the route

B. Setup a higher consumption of material on the production BOM

C. Setup a scrap type on the production BOM

D. Start a grater qty corresponding to the yield

Answer: A

Q19. What functions in MD_AX 2009 can you use to produce items differently at different sites? Choose the three that apply

A. Site specific items

B. Site specific BOM抯

C. Site specific routes

D. Site specific order settings

Answer: BCD

Q20. What are the types of production journals? 

A. Picking list, work center card

B. Picking list, reported as finished, operation card

C. Picking list, reported as finished, route card, job card

D. Work center card, route card, operation card

Answer: C

Q21. Using an assemble to order manufacturing estrategy, a company assembles components into the products it sells. The component are usually supplied by vendors but can be produced internally if needed. Item coverage plans are used to manage adequate inventory levels of the components. What BOM line type should a user assign to these components in the BOM of the deliverable product?

A. Vendor

B. Item

C. Production

D. Phantom

Answer: B

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Q22. What reduction principles can be applied to the forecast plans?

A. Period allocation keys

B. Purchase/sales orders, percent

C. Period, requirement, min/max

D. Scheduled, released, started

Answer: B

Q23. An item in inventory is stored in packages of four pieces in airtight cotainers. After the container is broken, any excess items must be discarded. How can you ensure that a whole number of packages is issued, regardless of the production size?

A. Set up a scrap on the workcenters to a constant of three

B. Set up a scrap on the route to a variable of four

C. Round up the consumption in the picking list Journal to a multiple of four

D. Enter a scrap as a multiple of four in the picking list journal

Answer: C

Q24. A company has insufficient machine capacity to meet the increased demand for its products. The company found a local machines shop that can provide the additional capacity. Prior to updating the routes, the subcontractors machines need to be setup as work centers, what work center type should be assigned?

A. Machine

B. Tool

C. Vendor

D. Human resource

Answer: C

Q25. What setup determines whether items for a production can be reserved automatically?

A. The items inventory dimension groups

B. The items inventory model groups

C. Production order settings

D. Inventory Management paramenters

Answer: C

Q26. After running master scheduling, what is the quickest way to view the results, including the number of lines requirement planned, planned order created, and the processing time required?

A. Gross requirements

B. Net requirements

C. Session log

D. Actions reports

Answer: C

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Q27. When calculating a sales price for a BOM from a sales order line, where can you select the profit settings?

A. In the inventory Management paramenters

B. On the BOM lines

C. In the BOM report as finished journal

D. In the BOM calculation

Answer: D

Q28. Which master plan parameter is only used with job scheduling?

A. Finite capacity

B. Finite property

C. Bottleneck scheduling

D. Reduction principle

Answer: B

Q29. What can task groups on work centers identify?

A. Work centers cost

B. The working calendar

C. Alternative work centers

D. Set up and run time

Answer: C

Q30. What describes the difference between master planning and forecast planning in MD_AX 2009?

A. The master planning module only works with master planning and will support forecast planning in a later release

B. Master planning is an integral part of the account receivable and account payable modules, while forecast planning is integrated with the production module

C. Master planning is usually a short-term plan, referred to as net requirement. Forecast planning is typically a long term plan based on estimates

D. Master planning is used for operation scheduling and forecast planning is used for job scheduling

Answer: C

Q31. Which of the following are possible job types in the route group? Choose the two that apply.

A. Queue before

B. Phantom

C. Setup

D. Subcontractor

Answer: AC

Q32. How can the use of item allocation keys assist in the forecast planning process in MD_AX 2009? Choose the two that apply

A. Item allocation keys can be used to lessen the time that you spend putting your item forecasts into the system

B. Item allocation keys can be used to plan forecast figures for the complete item, without its dimension

C. Item allocation keys are used to reduce the sales and purchase forecast requirement from the forecast plan when you run master scheduling

D. Item allocation keys can be used to specify a particular vendor for a purchase forecast

Answer: AB

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