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2021 Apr MB6-822 Study Guide Questions:

Q1. When you manufacture prototypes, it is desirable to have all ledger transactions posted to separate ledger accounts specifically created for prototype accounting. Which of the following accomplishes this with the fewest new settings?

A. Keep a log of used voucher numbers in the prototypes

B. Create an item group for prototype items with separate accounts and set up cost categories for the work centers

C. Create production groups with separate accounts for prototype production orders

D. Create special journals with separate ledger accounts for posting the prototype productions

Answer: C

Q2. When calculating a sales price for a BOM from a sales order line, where can you select the profit settings?

A. In the inventory Management paramenters

B. On the BOM lines

C. In the BOM report as finished journal

D. In the BOM calculation

Answer: D

Q3. The error qty reported in production journals consumes item and work center capacity. What setting determines how these items and capacity are posted? 

A. Production order settings

B. Journal settings on production order journals

C. Journal settings in Journal names

D. Scrap method on production parameters        

Answer: D

Q4. When is Operation scheduling used?

A. When the operation is divided into jobs

B. When it is required that starting and ending times are obtained for each operation

C. When a rough estimate of the time frame for production is required

D. When task groups are required for optimal capacity utilization

Answer: C

Q5. All items in inventory have a batch number. The batch number is not being printed in the production picking list journal. What can be done to ensure the batch number prints on the report?

A. Set it up in the production paramenters

B. Set it up on the production picking list journal

C. Set it up when printing the production picking list journal

D. Set it up in the production order default values

Answer: C

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Latest MB6-822 free practice test:

Q6. How can the use of item allocation keys assist in the forecast planning process in MD_AX 2009? Choose the two that apply

A. Item allocation keys can be used to lessen the time that you spend putting your item forecasts into the system

B. Item allocation keys can be used to plan forecast figures for the complete item, without its dimension

C. Item allocation keys are used to reduce the sales and purchase forecast requirement from the forecast plan when you run master scheduling

D. Item allocation keys can be used to specify a particular vendor for a purchase forecast

Answer: AB

Q7. What functions in MD_AX 2009 can you use to produce items differently at different sites? Choose the three that apply

A. Site specific items

B. Site specific BOM抯

C. Site specific routes

D. Site specific order settings

Answer: BCD

Q8. What tool can you use to evaluate existing inventory transactions and calculate minimum inventory levels?

A. Action analysis

B. Safety margin

C. Safety stock journal

D. Open order reduction principle

Answer: C

Q9. When you outsource an operation to a vendor, after you create work centers and operations, you must update the route to include the vendor operation. Then you must update the BOM by setting the line type to vendor. What else must you do?

A. Set the ob schedule only?flag in the Item table to ensure that the production is always Job scheduled

B. Attach the vendor operation to the BOM line using the operation number field

C. Assign the vendor to the property field of the BOM line to be able to schedule it

D. Ensure that all the operations in the route are using the same routing group

Answer: B

Q10. Which of the following categories are work centers cost categories? Choose the three that apply

A. Setup

B. Run time

C. Efficiency time

D. Quantity

Answer: ABD

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Vivid MB6-822 cram:

Q11. A company manufactures televisions for customers on demand, but does not keep cabinets and prints in inventory. Therefore the production of cabinets and prints is carried out paralell to assembly of the televisions. What is the correct solution to use in this situation?

A. Activate the route network parameter, and build the route structure using the ext operation 

B. Activate the route network parameter, and build the route structure using priority on the workcenters.

C. De-activate the route network parameter, and build the route structure using the 搉ext operation 

D. De-activate the route network parameter, and build the route structure using priority on the operations.

Answer: A

Q12. A user creates a purchase order to fulfill a sales order and sets the update marking to 搉o? The delivery date for the purchase order and the sales order match each other. The purchase order is then delayed two days, which the user updated on the purchase order. Later, the user performs master scheduling and creates a planned purchase order to fulfill the sales order with the same delivery date as the sales order. Why is the planned order created?

A. Negative days is below two days

B. Positive days is below two days

C. Negative time fence is below two days

D. Planned order time fence is below two days

Answer: A

Q13. Which of the following statements reflect the difference between Operation scheduling and Job scheduling in MSD_AX 2009? Choose the two that apply

A. Operation scheduling uses forward scheduling only, while Job scheduling can use any of the 12 available scheduling directions.

B. Operation scheduling is date scheduled and Job scheduling is date and time scheduled

C. When an operation specifies a work center group, Operation scheduling schedules to the work center group and Job scheduling schedules to a specific work center

D. Operation scheduling uses unlimited capacity and Job scheduling uses limited capacity

Answer: BC

Q14. When can a production order be split?

A. It can only be splits when its status is created

B. It can be split up until the total scheduled quantity is started

C. It can be split once and this must be done prior to job scheduling

D. It can be split once and this must be done prior to operation scheduling

Answer: B

Q15. In the master scheduling process, MD_AX 2009 can generate several different proposals for changes to planned and existing orders to optimize inventory issues and receipts. What are the proposals called?

A. Future messages

B. Action messages

C. Derived messages

D. Net requirement

Answer: B

Q16. Which of the following are types of inventory dimensions in MD_AX 2009?

A. BOM and workcenters

B. Items and storage

C. Journals and picking list

D. Production orders and purchase orders

Answer: B

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