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2021 Apr MB5-705 Study Guide Questions:

Q31. Which two basic support tools do you have at your disposal to support quality control for high-quality requirements or complex project environments? (Each correct answer presents part of the solution. Choose two.) 

A. flow charts 

B. cause and effect diagrams 

C. plan-do-check-act cycles 

D. tollgate reviews 

E. conditions of satisfaction (COS) 

Answer: A,E 

Explanation: A: Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step also many process flow diagrams that visually illustrate each phase in the implementation process. 

E: Sure Step has specific examples regarding Conditions of Satisfaction, which of course 

will need to be adapted to individual projects. Explanation: Reference: 


Q32. You need to create a proposal for the final licensing and services agreement. 

Which two roles should be involved in creation of the proposal? (Each correct answer presents part of the solution. Choose two.) 

A. account manager 

B. project manager 

C. sales representative 

D. engagement manager 

Answer: B,D 

Explanation: B: Project Manager: The project manager is what the name suggests:the project manager. Heor shekeeps the project running, allocates resources, maintains the project plan, work break down structure and is the contact person for the Customers project manager. The Project manager has a representative function and coordinates meetings withseveralteam members 

D: Engagement Manager: The Engagement Manager participates only in the starting phase of a project. He is responsible to transfer a sales project into animplementation project. 

* Final Licensing and Services Agreement is an activity that you execute acrossmany phases of the project. The purpose of the activity in the Diagnostic phase isto document the overall scope of the implementation and gain the agreement ofthe customer. This activity produces two key deliverables: 

. The Statement of Work (SOW), which details the scope of theimplementation. . The Budgetary Estimate Proposal, which provides details of the costcomponents. 

The key benefits gained by performing this activity are: 

. A presentation and walk through of the SOW and Budgetary Estimate Proposal. 

. The opportunity for the customer to review and provide feedback onthe SOW and Budgetary Estimate Proposal before acceptance. http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/aa699451.aspx 

Q33. You are managing a Microsoft Dynamics implementation project. 

Your customer does not agree with a decision made by a project team member. He approaches you because he does not know who to escalate the issue to. 

Which common challenge are you experiencing with this project? 

A. scope creep 

B. unclear roles and accountabilities 

C. underestimated complexity and dependencies 

D. uninvolved customer 

Answer: B 

Q34. You need to illustrate the dimensions of the project management diamond. Which dimension should you place at the center of the diamond? 

A. quality 

B. cost 

C. time 

D. expectations 

E. scope 

Answer: D 

Explanation: Quality, time, cost and scope can be interpreted as project constraints. 

Explanation: Reference: 




Q35. Which activity may be included in project closure? 

A. Provide additional user training. 

B. Establish ongoing quality and testing strategy. 

C. Conduct a disaster recovery test. 

D. Review the scope and change requests. 

Answer: A 

Explanation: Additional Operation Activities In additional to Quality Management activities, there are other activities recommended in theOperation phase. Depending on the project type and needs, these may include the following: 

Provide Post Go-Live Support 

Transition of Solution to Support 

Review Deliverables against SOW and Agreed Changes 

Establish Ongoing Quality and Testing Strategy 

Conduct Disaster Recovery Test 


. Conduct Performance Tuning and Optimization Ref:http://www.tud.ttu.ee/material/enn/IDU0010/Loeng5CRM/80235A_MSS2010_ENUS_C RM/80235A_MSS2010_ENUS_CRM/MSS2010_ENUS_CRM_05.pdf 

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Q36. Which document is used in the Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step Methodology to document project risks? 

A. risk category 

B. risk register 

C. risk response strategies 

D. risk analysis 

Answer: B 

Q37. You complete diagnostic activities. 

You need to perform the proposal generation activity to summarize the findings. 

Which two documents should you create as part of the proposal generation activity? (Each correct answer presents part of the solution. 

Choose two.) 

A. statement of work 

B. high-level project charter 

C. high-level project plan 

D. high-level budget proposal 

Answer: B,C 

Explanation: Proposal Generation 

The key benefits gained by performing this activity are: Development of the high-level Project Charter and Project Plan. The documentation of conclusions and implementation proposal content. The documentation of scope delimitations and risk assessments. 



Q38. What functionality does Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step provide? 

A. It provides an online toolkit of how to configure Microsoft Dynamics Solutions. 

B. It enables Microsoft Dynamics partners to better serve their customers when implementing Microsoft Dynamics products. 

C. It provides the only way to implement Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012. 

D. It provides Microsoft Dynamics customers project management strategies for the Microsoft Dynamics implementations phase of their project. 

Answer: B 

Explanation: “Sure Step is designed to enable the solution provider to better serve customers by helping reduce their Microsoft Dynamics total cost of ownership” Explanation: Reference:http://community.dynamics.com/crm/b/lostinthoughtsofcrm/archive/2012/03/17/ microsoft-dynamics-sure-step-2012-and-sure-step-online.aspx 

Q39. You completed a Decision Accelerator Offering and need to document the key conclusions. Which group of documents should you use? 

A. process review documents 

B. efficiency instruments 

C. customer sign-off documents 

D. validation documents 

Answer: A 

Explanation: Reference:http://download.microsoft.com/download/3/1/E/31EB40F6-AF51-4975-8D1C-52E323C8492A/01-DA-AX_Datasheet_Oct-2011.pdf 



Q40. You are completing the proposal generation process. 

Which document is one of the documents that you should produce to conclude this process? 

A. high-level procurement plan 

B. high-level budget 

C. high-level quality assurance/control plan 

D. high-level project charter 

Answer: D 

Explanation: Plan for Project Server 2013 deployment http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ff603997%28v=office.15%29.aspx 

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Q41. You are the project manager for a Microsoft Dynamics implementation for a new customer. 

You need to ensure the finalization of the engagement proposal for the project. 

Which person is responsible for managing the receipt of information for the proposal? 

A. the engagement manager 

B. the project manager 

C. the sales representative 

D. the account manager 

Answer: A 

Q42. You are conducting the transition from solution to support. Which project phase are you in? 

A. quality management 

B. project close 

C. deployment 

D. operations 

Answer: D 

Explanation: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd572597%28v=office.13%29.aspx The operations phase is the phase during which you manage operations for Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 R2 servers, unified communications clients, and unified communications applications that you have deployed in your environment. 

Q43. You are performing a Decision Accelerator Offering. In which order should you perform the steps? 



Meet internally to discuss the Decision Accelerator Offering 


Meet with the customer to discuss the Decision Accelerator Offering 


Review the presentation and customer sign-off 


Perform activities 



Meet with the customer to discuss the Decision Accelerator Offering 


Meet internally to discuss the Decision Accelerator Offering 


Perform activities 


Review the presentation and customer sign-off 



Meet with the customer to discuss the Decision Accelerator Offering 


Meet internally to discuss the Decision Accelerator Offering 


Review the presentation and customer sign-off 


Perform activities 



Meet internally to discuss the Decision Accelerator Offering 


Meet with the customer to discuss the Decision Accelerator Offering 


Perform activities 


Review the presentation and customer sign-off 

Answer: A 

Explanation: http://download.microsoft.com/download/4/3/D/43D4FED9-54DC-4B3B-95B6-B17A15D1CB8F/03-DA-CRM_Datasheet_Oct-2011.pdf http://blogs.msdn.com/b/mvpawardprogram/archive/2012/08/27/microsoft-dynamics-sure-step-methodology-revisited.aspx http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa496439.aspx 

Q44. Which key document is a deliverable for the analysis phase of an agile project? 

A. functional requirements document 

B. Fit Gap Analysis 

C. solution backlog 

D. technical requirements document 

Answer: C 

Explanation: http://blog.mohamedaamer.com/microsoft-dynamics/ms-dynamics-sure-step/sure-step-agile-implementation/ 

Q45. You are performing the solution envisioning process with a customer. 

The customer requests that you use all of the Decision Accelerator Offerings. 

What is the first step you should use in the process? 

A. architecture assessment 

B. Fit Gap and Solution Blueprint 

C. requirements and process review 

D. scoping assessment 

Answer: C 

Explanation: http://download.microsoft.com/download/4/3/D/43D4FED9-54DC-4B3B-95B6-B17A15D1CB8F/03-DA-CRM_Datasheet_Oct-2011.pdf http://blogs.msdn.com/b/mvpawardprogram/archive/2012/08/27/microsoft-dynamics-sure-step-methodology-revisited.aspx http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa496439.aspx 

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