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Exam Number/Code: MB4-643 vce
Exam name: SL 7.0 Inventory & Order Processing
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Certification: Microsoft Certification
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Exam Code: MB4-643 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: SL 7.0 Inventory & Order Processing
Certification Provider: Microsoft
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2016 Apr MB4-643 Study Guide Questions:

Q33. The Order to Purchase module is designed to improve the integration between which of the following modules?

A. Purchasing and Inventory

B. Order Management and Inventory

C. Accounts Payable and Purchasing

D. Order Management and Purchasing

Answer: D

Q34. A client has set up inventory sites for their warehouses in Washington, Seattle, San Francisco, and Hawaii. When a order is submitted, the client wants the inventory site for the warehouse closest to the ship to location to be used as the default site during data entry. Which of the following steps will facilitate this scenario? (choose more than one)

A. Make sure that the state codes are properly populated for all customer shipping address records.

B. Make sure that every state code is associated with one and only one site in the Site State/Province Xref.

C. Set the Method for defaulting the Site ID field in Order Management Setup screen to Customer Ship-to Address.

D. Make sure that every customer shipping address has the correct ID of the inventory site in the Site ID field.

Answer: CD

Q35. How many shipping addresses can be set up for a single customer?

A. A customer can have an unlimited number of shipping addresses.

B. If Order Management is installed, then the customer can only have one shipping address.

C. Each customer can have a maximum of one shipping address for each ship via code that was set up.

D. Each customer can have a maximum of one shipping address for each sales territory that was set up.

Answer: A

Q36. In the following options, which Purchase For type is valid for purchase orders, but not for receipts?

A. Goods for Project

B. Misc. Charges and Freight Charges

C. Description Lines and Non-Inventory Goods

D. Service for Expense and Service for Project

Answer: D

Q37. Unit Conversions can be set up and used for which of the following? (choose more than one)

A. Specific product line

B. Specific product class

C. Specific inventory item

D. Global - All inventory items

Answer: BCD

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Q38. Look at the following example: take 12% from the base price, and then an additional 6% from the discounted price. Which pricing feature is designed specifically to deal with this?

A. Chain Discount

B. Percent Discount

C. Flat Price Discount

D. Promotional Discount

Answer: A

Q39. When is the status of a blanket order automatically set to Completed (M)?

A. Receipts totaling the full amount of all line items on the blanket order have been released.

B. When the Purchasing module is closed for the year, all standard orders that are not in an Open Order status are automatically set to Completed.

C. The purchase order is set to Completed as part of the delete detail process if the promise date on all the items is less than the current date.

D. As soon as the sum of the quantities on all regular orders created from the blanket order equals or exceeds the quantities on all the corresponding line items on the blanket order.

Answer: D

Q40. When customers submit a order, the client wants the picking lists to print at the Site ID on the sales order line item. The Print Picking List was set up as Required and Invoke Automatically in the order type. Which will cause the reports to print at the correct sites?

A. Enter the appropriate Printer ID on each line item of the sales order.

B. Set the Default Printer to site option in the Order Management Setup screen to true.

C. Use the Output Selection button on the Order Types Steps tab to associate the correct printer with the site for the Print Picking List step.

D. Create separate sales order documents for each different site from which material is picked.

Select the correct printer from the File | Printer Setup menu before releasing each sales order.

Answer: C

Q41. In order to calculate standard cost variances for kits, which of the following must be set up or must occur? (choose more than one)

A. The kit has to be a stock kit

B. The kit item must use the average cost valuation method

C. The kit item must use the standard cost valuation method

D. The kit's standard cost does not equal the sum of the cost of the components

Answer: ACD

Q42. In order to change a purchase order, which step should be performed to achieve this?

A. If a receipt was released against the purchase order, you must enter a new purchase order.

B. If a change must be made to a purchase order in a Completed status, change the status to Open Order or Purchase Order.

C. Because changes cannot be made to a saved purchase order, you must set the status to Cancelled and enter a new purchase order.

D. If the status of the purchase order is Purchase Order or Open Order, the status must be changed to Completed before any changes can be made.

Answer: B

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Q43. An Order Type has a Print Invoice step as the last step in the Order Type. In the following options, Which will cause the issue in which the invoice never prints automatically? (choose more than one)

A. The Print Invoice step has the Status field set to Bypass.

B. All the customer records have their Do Not Mail Invoice field set to False.

C. The Print Invoice step has the Status field set to Optional and Invoke Automatically is not checked

D. The Print Invoice step has the Hold on Credit Failure field set to true and all the customers are over their credit limits.

Answer: AC

Q44. When adjustments are made in the Adjustments screen in the Inventory module, which of the following inventory item valuation methods require a receipt number to be entered?(choose more than one)



C. Average

D. User-Specified

Answer: AB

Q45. When setting the Disc Method field for a sales price plan in the Order Management module, which are the options for this? (choose more than one)

A. Flat Price

B. Price Markup

C. Chain Discount

D. Percent Discount

Answer: ABD

Q46. In the following items, which are controlled by the Order Types set up in the Order Management module? (choose more than one)

A. How many shippers can be created for a given order.

B. How an order processes through its life cycle in the Order Management module.

C. Accounting interaction with the Accounts Receivable and the Inventory modules.

D. Set General Ledger Account and Subaccount numbers to be used during processing.

Answer: BCD

Q47. As we all know, order Management can deal with many pricing scenarios without having to make any customizations to the system. In the following pricing scenarios, which are calculated automatically by the system? (choose more than one)

A. The ability to calculate a discounted price for a line item based on the quantities ordered for the individual line item.

B. The ability to calculate a discount for the whole order based on the total quantity ordered for all line items on the sales order.

C. The ability to have different pricing plans for customers, groups of customers, inventory items and groups of inventory items.

D. The ability to allow for line item discount pricing but not allow the discounted price to be below a predetermined gross profit minimum for the item.

Answer: ACD

Q48. A Freight Term with three detail lines is set up.

Line 1 has a Minimum Order Value = 0 and Percent of Freight Cost = 100

Line 2 has a Minimum Order Value = 100.01 and a Percent of Freight Cost = 50

Line 3 has a Minimum Order Value = 1000.01 and a Percent of Freight Cost = 0.

Which of the following describes this example? (choose more than one)

A. The customer is charged the total cost of freight if the invoice amount is $100.00 or under.

B. The customer is not charged for any of the cost of freight if the invoice amount is over $1000.01.

C. The customer is charged 1/2 of the total cost of freight if the invoice amount is between $100.01 and $1000.00.

Answer: ABC

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