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2016 Oct jk0-019 vs n10-005:

Q401. Which of the following DNS records would allow for a website to have more than one FQDN? 



C. MX 


Answer: D 

Q402. Determining when to retransmit frames is an example of which of the following Ethernet properties? 

A. Carrier sense 

B. Collision detection 

C. Multiple access points 

D. Collision avoidance 

Answer: B 

Q403. Which of the following protocols uses port 119, by default? 





Answer: A 

Q404. CAT6 Ethernet cabling has a rated maximum transmission capability of: 

A. 10Mbps 

B. 100Mbps 

C. 20,000Mbps 

D. 10,000Mbps 

Answer: D 

Q405. Which of the following protocols is commonly used for VoIP technology? 

A. Telnet 




Answer: C 

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Leading n10-005 jk0-019:

Q406. A new department is formed and a new section of the building is being built out for them All 50 new employees will need access to the wireless network. Which of the following should Joe, a technician, complete to allow these new employees access to the wireless network? 

A. Frequency settings should be changed 

B. Additional WAPs should be installed 

C. Channels should be changed 

D. VLANs should be added 

Answer: B 

Q407. Which of the following describes the purpose of DHCP? 

A. Applying prioritization to certain types of network traffic. 

B. Resolving FQDNs to IP addresses. 

C. Filtering web content based on keywords. 

D. Dynamic assignment of IP addresses. 

Answer: D 

Q408. A user connecting a laptop to a wall jack is prompted for user credentials before being granted access to the network. Which of the following is MOST likely implemented on the switch? 

A. MAC filtering 

B. PoE 

C. IP filtering 

D. 802.1X 

Answer: D 

Q409. An administrator needs to authenticate users to the network, authorize network activities, and account for activities done. Which of the following are services that will BEST meet these goals? (Select TWO). 



C. Kerberos 

D. 802.1X 


Answer: AB 

Q410. Joe, a network technician, is concerned about the environmental effects of power consumption and heat from network resources. Limited space is also a concern. Which of the following technologies should be implemented? 

A. Circuit switching 

B. Network address translation 

C. Power over Ethernet 

D. Virtual servers 

Answer: D 

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