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Exam name: CompTIA Network+ Certification Exam (JK0-019)
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Certification: CompTIA Certification
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2016 Oct comptia jk0-019:

Q291. VoIP is being implemented throughout a company and Joe, the network technician, needs to ensure that data and voice traffic do not interfere with each other. Which of the following features should be configured on a layer 3 switch to prioritize traffic for VoIP? 



D. QoS 

Answer: D 

Q292. On which of the following cables would a technician find a BNC connector installed? 

A. CAT6 

B. RG-6 

C. Fiber 

D. CAT3 

Answer: B 

Q293. Which of the following is a multifunction device in a SOHO network? 

A. Bandwidth shaper 

B. Proxy server 

C. Wireless router 

D. Load balancer 

Answer: C 

Q294. Session affinity is a feature of which of the following devices? 

A. DNS server 

B. DHCP server 

C. Load balancer 


Answer: C 

Q295. Which of the following protocols is commonly used for VoIP technology? 

A. Telnet 




Answer: C 

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Updated n10-005 jk0-019:

Q296. DNS lookups for a given host are intermittently failing. Which of the following would Karen, a technician, MOST likely use to verify this problem? 

A. arp 

B. nbtstat 

C. traceroute 

D. dig 

Answer: D 

Q297. A company needs strong wireless security enabled for minimal cost. Which of the following security measures is the BEST to use? 


B. Port filtering 


D. Longer SSID broadcast intervals 

Answer: C 

Q298. Which of the following is an invalid subnet mask? 




D. 255.255.00 

Answer: B 

Q299. A customer wants to network several computers within a large warehouse. The warehouse has one computer at the very far end of the warehouse that is 170 meters (557 feet) from the network switch. Which of the following cable types should a technician use for this computer? 

A. CAT3 

B. CAT5 

C. CAT6 

D. Fiber 

Answer: D 

Q300. Which of the following wireless technologies can support the MOST allowable MIMO streams? 

A. 802.11a 

B. 802.11b 

C. 802.11g 

D. 802.11n 

Answer: D 

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