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Q51. A small office has asked to have six PCs networked together by Joe, a consultant. The office users want file sharing capability with no access to the Internet. Which of the following items will Joe need? (Select TWO). 

A. Network bridge 

B. RG-59 patch cabling 

C. CAT5e patch cabling 

D. Firewall 

E. Switch 

Answer: CE 

Q52. Which of the following would Joe, a technician, configure to modify the time a device will hold an IP address provided through DHCP? 

A. DNS suffixes 

B. Leases 

C. Static IP addressing 

D. Reservations 

Answer: B 

Q53. Which of the following VPN methods is BEST used for connecting a remote office to the main company office? 

A. WEP-to-WPA 

B. RDP-to-RAS 

C. Client-to-site 

D. Site-to-site 

Answer: D 

Q54. An administrator finds a phone line but does not know where the line goes or if it is active. Which of the following can be used to test if it is active? 

A. Butt set 

B. Punch down tool 

C. Cable tester 

D. Cable stripper 

Answer: A 

Q55. Sandy, the network technician, needs to run a cable through a power distribution room that contains a high voltage transformer. Which of the following would be used to minimize EMI interference? 





Answer: B 

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Q56. Kurt, a new network technician, is monitoring network traffic and notices the network is operating at 80% of capacity. Which of the following could be used to determine if this is abnormally high traffic use? 

A. Network maps 

B. Cable management documentation 

C. Wire schemes 

D. Baseline 

Answer: D 

Q57. Which of the following services do TCP connections provide to application layer protocols? (Select TWO). 

A. Transport services without error recovery 

B. Large data size manageability using segmentation 

C. Secure Kerberos password encryption on data 

D. Delivery through error recovery 

E. Proxy server authentication 

Answer: BD 

Q58. Prioritizing traffic between data and voice is defined as which of the following? 

A. Caching engines 

B. Proxy server 

C. QoS 

D. Load balancing 

Answer: C 

Q59. Kurt, a user, on a network cannot access any network resources. The link light on his computer shows that a connection is present. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of the problem? 

A. The wrong cable type has been used 

B. IDS has shut down the computer's switch port 

C. The port on the switch is configured incorrectly 

D. Spanning tree protocol was implemented 

Answer: C 

Q60. A wireless access point supports up to 20 clients. Which of the following describes this wireless network? 

A. Mesh 

B. Point to point 

C. Point to multipoint 

D. Ring 

Answer: C 

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