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2016 Jul jk0-017 exam:

Q131. During which of the following process groups is the preliminary project risk assessment performed? 

A. Monitoring/Controlling 

B. Planning 

C. Initiating 

D. Executing 

Answer: B 

Q132. Which of the following is the MOST common relationship used, when constructing a project schedule network diagram? 

A. Start-to-Finish 

B. Finish-to-Start 

C. Start-to-Start 

D. Finish-to-Finish 

Answer: B 

Q133. Which of the following processes incorporates the make-or-buy analysis? 

A. Procurement management 

B. Risk management 

C. Quality management 

D. Scope management 

Answer: A 

Q134. The work breakdown structure (WBS) dictionary contains which of the following elements? (Select Three). 

A. Identification of stakeholders 

B. Description of work processes and procedures 

C. Quality control processes 

D. Estimated calendar time of activities 

E. Required resources 

F. Risk response strategies 

Answer: B,D,E 

Q135. A network diagram shows two critical paths for a project. Which of the following will MOST likely increase? 

A. Staff

B. Risk 

C. Cost 

D. Time 

Answer: B 

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Up to date what is jk0-017:

Q136. A project team has increased from six to twelve resources. How many total communication paths exist after the addition of resources? 

A. 24 

B. 48 

C. 66 

D. 144 

Answer: C 

Q137. Several stakeholders and the project sponsor have indicated that they are not being supplied with project updates. As the project manager, which of the following should be done to address the situation? 

A. Create a communication roles template. 

B. Speak in-depth personally to each stakeholder. 

C. Send emails to everyone on the project team. 

D. Refer to the communications plan. 

Answer: D 

Q138. A customer requests that the products quality be reduced to control its cost. Which of the following actions should the project manager take FIRST? 

A. Modify the project schedule. 

B. Obtain approval for the change. 

C. Reduce the amount of project resources to control costs. 

D. Modify the project budget. 

Answer: B 

Q139. A project manager is working with a large team on an important project. Many of the team members work remotely. The project manager requires each team member to submit weekly status reports at a certain time each week. One team member consistently submits late status reports. Which of the following should the project manager consider FIRST? 

A. Time zones for various work locations 

B. Necessity of weekly status reports 

C. Format of the status report 

D. Past performance reviews of the team member 

Answer: A 

Q140. A project manager learns that a team member has falsified work experience, and does not have the knowledge required to complete the task. Which of the following should the project manager do? 

A. Reassign the individual to another role on the project team. 

B. Ignore the situation hoping that everything works out for the best. 

C. Assign other individuals to assist on the task to ensure the task does not get delayed further. 

D. Replace the member and ask the team manager to assign a more qualified person. 

Answer: D 

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