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Exam Number/Code: JK0-017 vce
Exam name: CompTIA E2C Project+ Certification Exam
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Certification: CompTIA Certification
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The CompTIA specialists have the possibility to become a specialist within it field also want to attain the top regarding capacity and achievement, so they have to take part in various CompTIA qualification tests. CompTIA JK0-017 named CompTIA E2C Project+ Certification Exam is actually stepping-stone to check the actual candidates information and capability in a relevant field of work. Actualtests CompTIA JK0-017 online apply checks can guarantee that you are able to manage individuals highly trained and skilled works. The JK0-017 apply examination contains the actual answers and questions, guaranteeing a person complete the real JK0-017 examination with leading grades.

2016 Jul jk0-017 vce:

Q151. Which of the following defines a project? (Select Two). 

A. Limited time span 

B. Contains more than one deliverable 

C. Delivers a unique product or service 

D. Changes an ongoing process 

E. Generates positive returns 

Answer: A,C 

Q152. A stakeholder has indicated that a three phase project must be completed in four months instead of the previously agreed upon six months. It is determined that fast-tracking the project is the only option. Which of the following is a characteristic of fast-tracking a project? 

A. Minimizes risk due to decreased timeline. 

B. Requires planning and execution to be completed in parallel. 

C. Minimizes cost since work is completed in four months instead of six. 

D. Requires rework due to decreased timeline. 

Answer: B 

Q153. Three of the team members are having a conflict with each other. Which of the following steps should the project manager take to minimize the conflict? 

A. Resolve the conflict by terminating the team members. 

B. Ignore the conflict and keep working on the project. 

C. Encourage the team members to resolve the conflict. 

D. Ask the project sponsor to resolve the conflict. 

Answer: C 

Q154. A Pareto diagram focuses attention on which of the following? 

A. Identifying the stage of failure during the process 

B. Predicting future problems based on historic results 

C. Checking for variances in quality over time 

D. Locating defects with the highest occurrence 

Answer: D 

Q155. Which of the following are the benefits of a work breakdown structure (WBS)? (Select Two). 

A. It determines the project milestones. 

B. It determines the project budget. 

C. It outlines the communication plan for the team. 

D. It determines the resources required to complete project tasks. 

E. It outlines the statement of work (SOW) for the project. 

Answer: B,D 

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Q156. The project manager crashes a project that is behind schedule and under-budget. Which of the following will be the intended result? 

A. The project will be behind schedule and over-budget. 

B. The project will be on schedule but over-budget. 

C. The project will be on schedule and on-budget. 

D. The project will be behind schedule and on-budget. 

Answer: C 

Q157. Which of the following conclusions can be drawn when a project has a CPI of 1.2? 

A. The project is taking longer than the estimated schedule. 

B. The project is costing less than the estimated budget. 

C. The project is taking less time than the estimated schedule. 

D. The project is costing more than the estimated budget. 

Answer: B 

Q158. Refer to the attached Exhibit. Which of the following is the float of path Start-C-E-Finish in the network diagram? 

A. Zero 

B. One 

C. Three 

D. Five 

Answer: A 

Q159. A project manager has a project with staff in four different countries. When generating the resource management plan, which of the following should be considered FIRST? 

A. Reviewing holiday and vacation schedule with all team members. 

B. Getting the email address of all the employees. 

C. Locating each employee on the map in the office. 

D. Understanding the international country code of all the team members. 

Answer: A 

Q160. Which of the following shows a project that is presently over its financial budget? 

A. CPI = 1.4 

B. CPI = 0 

C. CV = +$11,000 

D. CPI = 0.8 

Answer: D 

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