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2016 May JK0-017 Study Guide Questions:

Q231. Which of the following may require a modification to the project scope baseline?

A. An approved project change request 

B. A team member removed from the project 

C. A task that is falling behind schedule 

D. An identified product quality issue 

Answer: A 

Q232. Which of the following activity sequencing methods describes the start-to-start dependency? 

A. The completion of the successor activity depends upon the beginning of the predecessor activity. 

B. The completion of the successor activity depends upon the completion of the predecessor activity. 

C. The beginning of the successor activity depends upon the completion of the predecessor activity. 

D. The beginning of the successor activity depends upon the beginning of the predecessor activity. 

Answer: D 

Q233. A project is approved in a series of stages. This is an example of: 

A. standards compliance. 

B. project version approval. 

C. stakeholder approval. 

D. phase gate approval. 

Answer: D 

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Q234. All of the following are part of the monitoring and controlling process group EXCEPT: 

A. updating the project charter. 

B. updating the project management plan. 

C. implementing change requests. 

D. updating the project scope. 

Answer: A 

Q235. Refer to the attached Exhibit. Which of the following is the duration of the critical path in the diagram? 

A. 2 

B. 5 

C. 6 

D. 7 

Answer: D 

Q236. A stakeholder asks the project manager to finish a project early. The project manager should ask the stakeholder to FIRST: 

A. speak to the other stakeholders to get their opinion. 

B. complete a change request form. 

C. speak to the project sponsor. 

D. consider how this might impact the quality of the product. 

Answer: B 


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Q237. Which of the following are characteristics of an approved project charter? (Select Two). 

A. Provides the prioritization of work from the stakeholders. 

B. Defines the project managers authority. 

C. Identifies what the project manager wants to derive from the project. 

D. Increases the number of just-in-time processes required to decrease scope creep. 

E. Validates the existence of a project. 

Answer: B,E 

Q238. Which of the following BEST describes the chart of accounts? 

A. The numbering system used to monitor the quality measurements during the life of the project. 

B. The numbering system used to track project costs depending on their activity type. 

C. The numbering system used to decompose project activities into sub-project activities. 

D. The numbering system used to identify each activity on the work breakdown structure. 

Answer: B 

Q239. In order to validate a project, which of the following is required to complete a stakeholder analysis? 

A. Verify the project stakeholders needs, wants, and expectations are turned into requirements. 

B. Verify the project stakeholders have been selected by the project manager to provide the best scope for the project. 

C. Verify the project team members will be able to provide the expected stakeholder results. 

D. Verify the project stakeholders needs are documented in the work breakdown structure (WBS). 

Answer: A 

Q240. Two members of a team have had difficulty working together in the past. Which of the following should the project manager do to facilitate communication between the team members? 

A. Discuss the problem at the next project meeting and have the team members find a solution. 

B. Evaluate both members and replace the least important member. 

C. Speak with both team members and address concerns. 

D. Dismiss both team members and replace them with new members. 

Answer: C 

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