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Exam Number/Code: DEV-401 vce
Exam name: Building Applications with and Visualforce
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Certification: Salesforce Certification
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You cannot relate records from the same object via an relationship field.

  • A. True
  • B. False

Answer: B

A standard object can be a child object in a

  • A. master-detail relationship
  • B. lookup relationship
  • C. Both of above are possible

Answer: B

Upon doing which operations on a file, does a user own a file in Chatter?


    Explanation: You own a file in Chatter when you: a. Upload the file on the Files tab. b. Attach the file to a feed in Chatter. c. Upload (i.e. contribute) the file in Salesforce CRM Content. You own the files you upload or contribute.

    You can use the component to deploy a flow within a Visualforce page

    • A. True
    • B. False

    Answer: A

    What is a Quote Line Item?


      Explanation: 'Quote Line Items' is a related list on a quote. A quote can be treated for an opportunity. For adding a Quote Line Item to the 'Quote Li ne Items' related list, click on 'Add Line Item'. Then select any one price book. Then select any of the products available in that price book. Modify the prices if required and specify quantity for each product. A Line Item in the 'Quote Line Items' related list is nothing but a product from the Price Book selected for this Quote.

      Which of these can edit a record during an approval process?

      • A. Only Administrator
      • B. Only Current approver
      • C. Both of above

      Answer: AC

      What are the various ways of disabling Chatter?


        Explanation: To remove Chatter tab from the top horizontal bar, remove it from the 'Selected Tabs' from 'Customize My Tabs' from the '+' sign. To remove Chatter link altogether for all profiles, go to Setup -> Customize -> Chatter -> Settings and uncheck 'Enable'. Now Chatter link will not be available even if the '+' sign is clicked. To remove Chatter link altogether only for a specific profile, go to Setup -> Manage Users -> Profiles -> -> Objects and Tabs -> Chatter -> Edit and select'

        NEW QUESTION 8
        A record created meets entry criteria of multiple workflow rules. Which of the workflow rules will execute?

        • A. The first one
        • B. Randomly chosen one
        • C. Each one of them one after the other

        Answer: C

        NEW QUESTION 9
        The recruiting team would like every section and related list to display as an individual tab that can be viewed when clicked on. Which tool should you use?


          Explanation: Visualforce - This requirement can only be fulfilled using Visualforce

          NEW QUESTION 10
          Which of the following best defines controllers?

          • A. A set of instructions specifying what happens when a user interacts with the components specified in the pag
          • B. Available for all standard and custom objects.
          • C. These contain the code for displaying a custom user Interface, and are a combination of standard Web technologies such as HTML JavaScript (including AJAX), and Flex.
          • D. These are either standard or custom UI const

          Answer: A

          NEW QUESTION 11
          CORRECT TEXT
          The recruiting team would like the Programming Languages field to display only when the department is specified as Engineering on a job application. What tool should you use?


            Explanation: Page layout with Record Type - create a record type for certain types of job application records and select to display pertinent fields using page layouts for each record type

            NEW QUESTION 12
            CORRECT TEXT
            If a custom object is a child in a master-detail relationship, then its OWD setting is?


              Explanation: Controlled by Parent

              NEW QUESTION 13
              CORRECT TEXT
              What is the record limit for loading records using import wizards?


                Explanation: 50,000

                NEW QUESTION 14
                CORRECT TEXT
                How many permission sets can you have in an organization?


                  Explanation: 1000

                  NEW QUESTION 15
                  What is the most restrictive Organization-wide default?

                  • A. Read/Write
                  • B. Read Only
                  • C. Private
                  • D. Hidden

                  Answer: C

                  NEW QUESTION 16
                  The Created Date field can be updated on a record using the Inserting System Fields feature.

                  • A. True
                  • B. False

                  Answer: B

                  NEW QUESTION 17
                  User B has created an Associate record. At the profile level, the profile 'Custom-Recruiter' of User A has Read, Edit access for Associate. OWD of Associate is 'Public Read/Write'. What access will User A have for the record created by User B?

                  • A. Read and Edit because OWD can make record access lesser restrictive
                  • B. Only Read

                  Answer: A

                  NEW QUESTION 18
                  CORRECT TEXT
                  Time-based workflow is NOT applicable for?


                    Explanation: Every time a record is created or edited

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