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Exam name: IBM AIX Administration V1
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Q1. - (Topic 4) 

Based on the following graphic, which physical adapter services fcs2? A. fcs2 on vio1 

B. fcs2 onvio2 

C. fcs6 on viol 

D. fcs6 on vio2 

Answer: C 

Q2. - (Topic 4) 

An existing client LPAR has been manually movedfrom one physical machine to another. The administrator updated the SAN zoning to deallocate from the source VIO Server and allocate to the destination VIO Server. The LPAR and its profile were recreated on the HMC and the single disk is mapped from the VIO Server to the LPAR. 

What manual intervention is required after activating the LPAR? 

A. Select a boot device. 

B. Correct the system clock. 

C. Correct the terminal type. 

D. Import non-root volume groups 

Answer: A 

Q3. - (Topic 1) 

What infrastructure is necessary to support update installation to an existing IVM instance? 

A. Hardware Management Console 

B. Systems Director Management Console 

C. IBM Systems Director 

D. Network Install Manager 

E. Cluster Systems Manager 

Answer: D 

Q4. - (Topic 4) 

Which two components are required to support VLANs in an AIX partition? (Choose two.) 

A. IEEE 802.1Q capable switch 

B. IEEE 802.1Q compatible adapter and driver 

C. IEEE 802.11n compatible adapter 

D. IEEE 802.15.4 capable switch 

E. IEEE 802.3ad compatible interface 

Answer: A,B 

Q5. - (Topic 4) 

What is the purpose of using relative path names when creating a tar file? 

A. To allow the tar file to be used on Linux systems 

B. To ensure files are always extracted to a specific path 

C. To restore to a raw device name on the destination system 

D. To enable restored files to be extracted to any user-specified location 

Answer: D 

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Q6. - (Topic 2) 

Whiletrying to extend a filesystem /work an administrator receives the following error: 0516-787 extendlv: Maximum allocation for logical volume fslv00 is 256. What must be done to allow the filesystem to be extended? 

A. Change the filesystem option of maxsz to 512 for the filesystem /work with the command chfs -a maxsz=512 /work. 

B. Change the maximum Logical Partitions to 512forthefslv00 with the command chlv-x512fslv00. 

C. Change the volume groups maximum Logical Partitions per Logical Volume to 512 with thechvg -t 512 vg01. 

D. Change the logical volume type to jfs2 as jfs logical volumes cannot extend passed 256 with the command chfs -v jfs2 -m /work. 

Answer: B 

Q7. - (Topic 4) 

How can an administrator configure the storage on anAIX system, with no single points of failure in the disk storage, for a database volume group? 

A. Assign virtual storage through a VIO Server. 

B. Configure two local SAS adapters and use RAID-1. 

C. Configure a local SAS adapter and use RAID-5 with a hotspare. 

D. Configure a 2-port HBA adapter with redundant paths to SAN storage. 

Answer: B 

Q8. - (Topic 2) 

In the following figure, what TWO things must be done before an EtherChannel can be created from the ent0 and ent1 adapters? 

A. The ent0 and ent1 adapters must be connected to different switches to provide both additional bandwidth and adequate redundancy in the EtherChannel that is created. 

B. EtherChannel support capability must be verified for the Ethernet switch. 

C. The IP configuration must be removed from en0. 

D. The AIX host must be completely disconnected from the network, 

E. The en1 interface must be configured with IP information. 

Answer: B,C 

Q9. - (Topic 4) 

What is the purpose of the certify operation against a local disk drive? 

A. Formats the drive 

B. Erases the drive 

C. Verifies sector integrity 

D. Establishes device quorum 

Answer: B 

Q10. - (Topic 1) 

An administrator wants to create a filesystem with a specific logical volume name, disk location, and disk placement. Which pair of commandswill allow these attributes to be set during filesystem creation? 

A. crfs followed by chvg 

B. crlv followed by mkfs 

C. mkfs followed by chfs 

D. mklv followed by crfs 

Answer: D 

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