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Exam Number/Code: C2090-737 vce
Exam name: DB2 9 System Administrator for z/OS Exam
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Q11. An accounting trace shows a high get page per SQL ratio for a query which retrieves just one row each time it is executed. Which two situations could account for the high ratio? (Choose two.) 

A. Use of a matching unique index scan. 

B. Use of a nonmatching index scan. 

C. Use of an index with low cardinality. 

D. Use of an index with high cardinality. 

E. Use of a single column index that is a GENERATED ALWAYS identity column. 

Answer: B,C 

Q12. What is the recommended relative address space (highest to lowest) dispatching priority for these components? 

A. DBM1, IRLM, MSTR, DB2 performance monitors 

B. IRLM, MSTR, DB2 performance monitors, DBM1 

C. IRLM, DB2 performance monitors, DBM1, MSTR 

D. MSTR, IRLM, DB2 performance monitors, DBM1 

Answer: C 

Q13. Which two statements are true regarding a traditional image copy disaster recovery in a data sharing environment? (Choose two ) A. All members defined to the data sharing group must be restarted at the disaster recovery site. 

B. When using change log inventory (DSNJU003), the latest log record sequence number thatcan be used is the oldest last written log record of all members participating in the restart. 

C. Only one conditional restart control record (CRCR) needs to be created for the data sharinggroup and all DB2 members will utilize this CRCR during restart. 

D. SETXCF FORCE commands should be used to purge DB2 coupling facility structures prior tostaring the first DB2 member. 

E. The catalog and directory must be recovered by first data sharing member brought up at thedisaster recovery site and all other members must not be started before this recovery isfinished. 

Answer: B,D 

Q14. A new application will be implemented that delivers 50 new statically bound plans and 500 new statically bound packages. Which two DB2 parameters and related storage areas should be reviewed as directly relating to the new plans and packages? (Choose two.) 






Answer: B,C 

Q15. Which system parameter will lower the DBM1 storage requirements (below the 2 GB bar), if the value was reduced? 





Answer: A 

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Q16. DB2 commands in data sharing can have a scope of group or a scope of member. Which 

three commands have a scope of member? (Choose three.) 






Answer: A,C,E 

Q17. In a data sharing system, a system programmer observes very high page p-lock contention. 

Which two actions can they take to reduce this contention? (Choose two.) 

A. Reduce row level locking for objects used in high volume transactions. 

B. For table spaces defined with LOCKSIZE ANY, use ISOLATION(UR) for high volume querytransactions using these objects. 

C. ALTER heavy used table spaces to use COMPRESS NO. 

D. Ensure heavy used indexes are defined with COPY NO. 

E. ALTER heavy used table spaces to use TRACKMOD NO. 

Answer: A,E 

Q18. Before adding an active log data set to a subsystem, which utility should be executed in order to determine the current log configuration? 



C. DSNJU003 

D. DSNJU004 

Answer: D 

Q19. Your non-data sharing DB2 has a current system parameter DSMAX value of 10,000 and has only page sets with the CLOSE YES attribute. In DB2 statistics reports, you encounter many openings and closings of the VSAM data sets. Which action would relieve this situation? 

A. Alter the page set attributes to CLOSE NO. 

B. Double the system parameter DSMAX value. 

C. Double the JCL parameter DYNAMNBR in DBM1 procedure. 

D. Increase the system parameters values for PCLOSEN and PCLOSET. 

Answer: B 

Q20. What is the purpose of the MAXTEMPS DB2 system parameter? 

A. Limits the max storage used by the TEMP database. 

B. Limits the number of temporary tables. 

C. Specifies the maximum amount of work file storage an agent can use. 

D. Limits the number of times the maximum allowable work file storage is exceeded. 

Answer: C 

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