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Exam Number/Code: C2040-409 vce
Exam name: IBM Notes and Domino 9.0 Social Edition Application Development Exam A
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2016 Jun C2040-409 free practice questions

Q31. Shoshanna is creating an application that imports data from a text file. What is the maximum amount of data that can be imported into a single text field? 

A. 8 KB 

B. 32 KB 

C. 64 KB 

D. 128 KB 

Answer: B 

Q32. Caroline is programmatically using the UniversalID property of a document. Which option will return the same value as the UniversalID property? 

A. @NoteID 

B. @ReplicaID 

C. @Command 

D. @DocumentUniqueID 

Answer: D 

Q33. James is using a profile document in his application. Which statement describes how users of the application will view the profile document? 

A. Profile documents cannot be viewed in a finished application. 

B. Profile documents will appear using the View menu - Show Profiles. 

C. Profile documents can only be viewed by the developer of the application. 

D. Profile documents do not appear in views and are only accessible through formulas and scripts. 

Answer: D 

Q34. Which @Function can be used to unlock a document? 

A. @Unlock 

B. @DocUnlock 

C. @UnlockNote 

D. @DocLock[Unlock] 

Answer: D 

Q35. Which three field types allow multiple values? (Choose three.) 

A. Text 

B. Listbox 

C. Rich Text 

D. Checkbox 

E. Combobox 

F. Radio Button 

Answer: A,B,D 

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Up to date C2040-409 practice test:

Q36. Mary's mobile application will be accessed using a Web browser using HTTPS. What must Mary do to ensure the browser will allow access to her application site? 

A. Import a trusted root certificate into the application. 

B. Create an SSL keyring using a third-party trusted certificate. 

C. Ensure the application host is defined in a Domain Name Server. 

D. Nothing, Domino provides this service without additional configuration. 

Answer: B 

Q37. What does the Eclipse Search functionality in the IBM Domino Designer client allow a developer to do? 

A. Search all the documents in a database for a particular string. 

B. Search the contents of the data directory for a particular string. 

C. Search the design elements of his databases for a particular string. 

D. Search both the design elements and documents in a database for a particular string. 

Answer: C 

Q38. Kenneth is using a Computed for display Text field on his form. He would like for new documents created with the form to display the data from that field in a column in a view. What is one of the things that he could to do to be able to do that? 

A. Change the field Type to Editable. 

B. Populate the Column value property of the field. 

C. Enable the "Available to public views" property of the form. 

D. Use the @Text function in the Input Translation event of the field. 

Answer: A 

Q39. Tara is writing an XPage application and wants to define the life of an object to be limited to the rendering of the page. Which scope should she use? 

A. viewScope 

B. requestScope 

C. sessionScope 

D. applicationScope 

Answer: A 

Q40. In which file are XPages application runtime configuration settings saved? 

A. notes.ini 




Answer: C 

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