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2016 Jul C2020-701 actual exam

Q11. You need to calculate a ratio on all levels in IBM Cognos Insight. Which action would you take? 

A. Create a calculation for C and N elements. 

B. Create a calculation and set the calculation order to Summarize First. 

C. Create a calculation for all elements. 

D. Create a calculation and set the calculation order to Calculate First. 

Answer: B 

Q12. Which three statements are true when using the Print Report wizard? (Choose three.) 

A. Print Report can be scheduled. 

B. Print Report can be used to print for multiple elements in a title dimension. 

C. Print Report can be used to convert DBRW formula to values. 

D. Print Report can print to e-mail. 

E. Print Report can print to PDF. 

Answer: B,C,E 

Q13. You need to calculate thepossible outcome if prices are raised. However, the data in the IBM TM1 server should not be overwritten. The IBM TM1 model contains many business rules and calculations but no scenario dimension, which is what you want. 

How do you proceed? 

A. Use Sliceto Excel and change all values there. 

B. Create a named Sandbox and change all values there. 

C. Use Snapshot to Excel and change all values there. 

D. Create a named scenario and change all values there. 

Answer: B 

Q14. Click the Exhibit button. 

Referring to the exhibit, you are asked to allocate overhead expenses to the budget. Currently everything is set to zero. You are instructed toallocate $100,000 to the Communications budget and to distribute the amount equally across all months. 

Which three TM1 data spreading operations will allow you to do this? (Choose three.) 

A. Proportional Spread 

B. Equal Spread and selecting the "Extend Right" checkbox 

C. Relative Proportional Spread 

D. Equal Leaves Spread and selecting the "Apply to All Leaf Cells" radio button 

E. Relative Percent Change 

Answer: A,B,D 

Q15. In which tier of the IBM Cognos TM1 client-server architecture does the TM1 Administration Server reside? 

A. Tier 2: Web Application Server 

B. Tier 1: Web Client 

C. Tier 4:Relational Store 

D. Tier 3: Data 

Answer: D 

C2020-701  free practice exam

Abreast of the times C2020-701 real exam:

Q16. When should you use the DBR formula over the DBRW formula? 

A. When you only want users to read the data 

B. When a cell must be calculated prior to beingreferenced 

C. When referencing a SUBNM formula 

D. When using Active Forms 

Answer: B 

Q17. What must a TM1 Application Web user do to perform what-if analysis on budgetamounts, without affecting the current version of the data? 

A. Export to Cognos Insight. 

B. Create a Sandbox. 

C. Slice to Excel. 

D. Create a scenario. 

Answer: B 

Q18. Which three statements are true regardingTM1 Excel functions? (Choose three.) 

A. The VIEW function creates an optimized view of the cube specified by the cube argument. 

B. The DBR function stands for Database Read. 

C. The value returned by the DBRA function cannot be edited. 

D. ELCOMP returns the name of a child of a consolidated element in a specified dimension 

E. SUBNM returns the element of a dimension subset and allows a double-click to bring up the subset editor. 

Answer: A,D,E 

Q19. Which three selections would you find in the Properties window of the subset editor? (Choose three.) 

A. Alias 

B. Weight 

C. Type 

D. Parent Element 

E. Attribute 

Answer: B,C,E 

Q20. Using TM1 Application Web, which application is required to create a bottom-up, submission-based workflow with the ability to lock data aftersubmission? 

A. Approval 

B. Responsibility 

C. Central 

D. Managed 

Answer: A 

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