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Exam Number/Code: C2020-605 vce
Exam name: IBM Cognos 10 Controller Developer
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Certification: IBM Certification
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Q11. When creating an integrated movement account, what must an administrator connect to the base account? 

A. Closing balance of the movement account 

B. One or more company structures 

C. One or more extended dimensions 

D. Closing balance of the company journal 

Answer: A 

Q12. An administrator created a company journal. The administrator then added several transactions to the journal. The accounts in these transactions use currency conversion code I. By default, if there is no amount for the previous year (no local amount or converted amount), what rate is used to convert the local amount for the current year? 

A. The previous year's closing rate 

B. The previous year's opening rate 

C. The previous year's average rate 

D. The previous year's data is not used 

Answer: A 

Q13. In the diagrams below, a journal entry for Cash (account B100000, an asset account in the balance sheet) and External Reserves (account R100_000, a cost account in the income statement) is recorded in the amount of 100. The balance sheet in the Journals Across report does not balance anymore because Total Assets (account B450000) has a value of 1200 and Total Liabilities and Equity (account B750000) has a value of 1100. What caused the difference between the Total Assets and Total Liabilities and Equity accounts? 

A. The company journal type, US GAAP, should credit account B711000 for 100. 

B. Balance Sheet for Net Income in the general configuration should be B711000. 

C. In the general configuration, no value has been specified in the Other Difference for Automatic Journals field 

D. Net Income (Non-integrated) in the general configuration should be B711000. 

Answer: B 

Q14. Which currency conversion code is commonly used for P&L accounts and takes the average year rate from the currency register? 

A. Conversion Code D 

B. Conversion Code Z 

C. Conversion Code M 

D. Conversion Code X 

Answer: C 

Q15. In how many submissions can a form be included for the same actuality and period? 

A. 6 

B. 1 

C. 10 

D. no limitation 

Answer: B 

C2020-605  actual exam

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Q16. An administrator is setting up an account structure for a Controller application. The administrator is going to reconcile the values in account 8999 (Profit and Loss for the Year) against those in account 2099 (Net Profit). In the screen capture below, what does the + code indicate? 

A. This year's closing balance will be copied during reconciliation 

B. The previous year's closing balance will be copied during reconciliation 

C. Reconciliation will be performed for the same period and actuality 

D. Reconciliation will be performed for the previous closing balance and actuality 

Answer: C 

Q17. An administrator has created a non-integrated movement account to track the closing balance of machinery and equipment. What must the administrator specify for both the base account and the movement account to ensure that the data is entered correctly? 

A. Reconciliation code 

B. Conversion code 

C. Intercompany code 

D. Investments code 

Answer: A 

Q18. What effect does locking at the company level have on the closing version? 

A. It ensures that a consolidation by steps cannot be run at the group level. 

B. It ensures that journals associated with the closing version cannot be posted. 

C. It ensures that intercompany adjustments cannot be entered in forms. 

D. It ensures that security groups will function properly when consolidating. 

Answer: B 

Q19. End users want to enter data into the Controller system through data entry forms. The administrator wants to create a form for these users, and wants to be able to include any combination of actualities, periods, accounts, and dimensions on the rows and columns. What type of form must the administrator create? 

A. Standard 

B. Free 

C. Matrix 

D. Text 

Answer: B 

Q20. The administrator activated the Set Status for Submission to Ready After Reconciliation and the Use Period Locking on Company Level. What is the effect? 

A. Submissions and reconciliations are locked and company status is set to ready 

B. Company status is set to ready and submissions and reconciliations are started 

C. Company status is set to ready and submissions are locked if reconciliations cleared 

D. Submission is allowed only once per company when status is set to ready 

Answer: C 

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