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Exam Number/Code: 70-688 vce
Exam name: Managing and Maintaining Windows 8
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Certification: Microsoft Certification
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2016 Jun 70-688 supporting windows 8.1:

Q51. Your company has a main office and a branch office. Each office contains several servers that run Windows Server 2012. 

You need to configure BranchCache for the client computers in the branch office. The solution must ensure that all of the cached content is in a central location. 

What should you run on each client computer? 

A. the netdom command 

B. the Enable-BCHostedClient cmdlet 

C. the Enable-BCDistributed cmdlet 

D. the winrm command 

Answer: B 


Your network contains an Active Directory domain. All client computers run Windows 8 

Enterprise and are located in an organizational unit (OU) named Windows8Computers. 

The network has Windows Server update Services (WSUS) installed. All of the computers are configured to receive updates from WSUS. 

The network administrator creates a new computer group named Win8Computers in WSUS. 

You need to ensure that the Windows 8 computers receive all of the updates that are assigned to the WinSComputers computer group. 

Which Group Policy setting should you configure? (To answer, select the appropriate setting in the answer area.) 


Q53. You support client Windows 8.1 computers. Some of these computers have the Application Virtualization (App-V) client installed. Multiple App-V applications are published on the network. 

A user reports that it is taking a long time to launch App-V applications. You discover that the user has a roaming profile on the computer. 

You need to minimize the time that is required for the user to start App-V applications on her computer. 

What should you do? 

A. Change the location of the App-V client cache file. 

B. Change the user profile to Local. 

C. Increase the size of the App-V client cache. 

D. Change the user profile to Mandatory. 

Answer: B 


A company has client computers that run Windows 7. The company plans to migrate all of the client computers to Windows 8.1. 

Two custom applications named App1 and App2 are installed on all client computers. A company policy restricts network connectivity when App1 is running. App2 must be run in a centralized environment. 

You need to ensure that client computers can run the applications after the migration. 

What should you use for each application? (Make only one selection in each column. This question is worth two points.) 


Q55. You have client Windows 8.1 Enterprise computers. Some of the computers have shared printers. 

You need to configure all of the shared printers to use duplexing. The solution must not change the settings of any other printers. 

Which two Windows PowerShell cmdlets should you run? (Each correct answer presents part of the solution, Choose two,) 

A. Set-Printer 

B. Set-PrintConfiguration 

C. Get-Printer 

D. Get-PrinterProperty 

E. Get-PrintConfiguration 

Answer: B,E 

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You support computers that run Windows 8. 

A computer receives a STOP error. 

You plan to restore the operating system without losing user documents and settings. 

You need to restore the operating system and user data in the least amount of time. 

Which three steps should you perform in sequence? (To answer, move the appropriate 

actions from the list of actions to the answer area and arrange them in the correct order.) 


Q57. You manage a client Windows 8.1 computer named Computer1. The computer has the 

SkyDrive desktop application installed. 

You have a SkyDrive synchronized folder that contains .pdf files. 

You need to ensure that you can restore previous versions of the ,pdf files. 

What should you do? 

A. Enable File History. 

B. Configure Computer1 as a trusted PC. 

C. Enable Sync your settings on Computer1. 

D. Configure System Restore. 

Answer: A 

Q58. You are an administrator for a large company that has an Active Directory domain. Your company has tablets that run Windows RT. 

Users report that their tablets get locked after one minute of inactivity. They also report that when they change the Personalization setting to 15 minutes, it resets back to 1 minute. 

You need to ensure that the lockout time for inactivity is set to 15 minutes. 

What should you do? 

A. Log on to the tablets as a local administrator and configure the screensaver wait time and logon options. 

B. Modify Group Policy. 

C. Modify ActiveSync configuration. 

D. Log on to the tablets as a local administrator and run the PowerShell cmdlet Set-ScreenSaverTimeout -Seconds 900. 

E. Configure the local system policy Do not display the lock screen setting to Enabled. 

Answer: C 

Q59. You are a systems administrator for your company. The company has employees who work remotely by using a virtual private network (VPN) connection from their computers, which run Windows 8 Pro. These employees use an application to access the company intranet database servers. The company recently decided to distribute the latest version of the application through using a public cloud. 

Some users report that every time they try to download the application by using Internet Explorer, they receive a warning message that indicates the application could harm their computer. 

You need to recommend a solution that prevents this warning message from appearing, without compromising the security protection of the computers. 

What should you do? 

A. Publish the application through a public file transfer protocol (FTP) site. 

B. Digitally sign the application by using a trusted certificate, and then update the default App Package Deployment policy on all computers. 

C. Change the default Software Restriction Policies on the client computers. 

D. Change the default Applications Control Policies on the client computers. 

Answer: B 

Q60. You administer desktop computers on your company network. 

You want to deploy a WMI file of Windows 8.1 Enterprise to several desktops that have a third-party PCI-X board installed. The hardware vendor provided a device driver to support this board. 

You need to customize the image to ensure that the device driver is installed when you deploy the image. 

What should you do? 

A. Download and run the imagex.exe tool and specify the /append parameter. 

B. Run the dism.exe tool and specify the /add-driver parameter. 

C. Download and run the drvload.exe tool and specify the path to the driver .inf file. 

D. Run the dism.exe tool and specify the /add-package parameter. 

Answer: B 

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