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70-219 Product Description:
Exam Number/Code: 70-219 vce
Exam name: MCSE Designing a Microsoft Windows 2000 Directory Services Infrastructure
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Certification: Microsoft Certification
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Question No. 46

You need to design a top-level organizational structure for Consolidated Messenger??s internal requirements. Which two top-level organizational units should you create? (Each correct answer presents part of the solution. Choose two)


These polices will be uniform through out all divisions of the company local administrators will be able to grant divisions of the company. Local administrators will be able to grant deviations from the policies for only logon scripts and desktop icons. local administrators will not be able to create or manage. Group Policy Objects (GPOs) but will only be able to link existing GPOs to the resources that the local administrators administer. A Small group of GPO administrator will have responsibility for creating and maintaining all GPOs.

Hanson Brother will allow Fabrikam, Inc to administer its own user and resources. Fabrikam, inc dos not want to be affected by any group policies defined by Hanson Brother administrators. Fabrikam, inc will create and maintain its own GPOs.


Question No. 58


Northwind traders is a holding company for several automotive components companies. One of these subdirectories, Contoso, Ltd., manufacturers air-fuel management parts. Another company is named Fabrikam, Inc., and manufacturers electrical systems for cars. Litware, Inc., manufactures seat belts. Northwind Traders plans to continue to evaluate the market and purchase other automotive components companies to complement its current holdings.

Northwind Traders has approximately 200 employees, all of whom are at the headquarters in Denver. Contoso, Ltd., has 20,000 employees, Fabrikam, Inc., has 12,500 employees, and Litware, Inc., has 8,000 employees.

You have been hired as a consultant to help Contoso, Ltd., install a Windows 2000 network Existing Environment

Contoso, Ltd., has its headquarters in Atlanta. Contoso, Ltd., has manufacturing facilities and the indicated number of computer users in the following cities:

_ Detroit-6,500 users

_ Phoenix-500 users

_ Atlanta (at different location from headquarters)-6,500 users

Fabrikam, Inc., has its headquarters in Cleveland. Fabrikam, Inc., has manufacturing facilities and the indicated number of computer users in the following cities:

_ Detroit-5,000 users

_ Buffalo-5,000 users

_ Houston-2,000 users

Litware, Inc., has a manufacturing facility in Nashville. The Litware, Inc., headquarters are located at the manufacturing facility

Contoso, Ltd., has one Windows NT domain. There are currently administrators at all three company locations. These administrators have full administrator access to the domain. Contoso, Ltd., has grown substantially over the past year, and communication issues are causing a number of administration problems

Client computers at Contoso, Ltd., are currently running a combination of Windows 98, Windows NT 4.0 workstation, and Windows NT 4.0 server. All the servers are running Windows NT 4.0 server, Most of the client computers are running on single processor, 200-MHz Pentium computers with 32 MB of RAM. Some computers are 400-MHz Pentium III computers with 64 MB of RAM Business Requirements Contoso, Ltd., Chief Information Office (CIO) Interview We have decided that we want to design a totally new solution that uses Windows 2000. With Windows 2000 we want to start our design with all new accounts and a new domain structure. Our existing domain is fairly small and has been developed haphazardly. As a result, we do not want to migrate or upgrade from the old environment.

We are worried that a move to Windows 2000 and Active Directory will require more highly trained and skilled administrators. We want to minimize the number of administrators as much as possible to keep our costs down. To help manage our growth, I want the Active Directory design to include an empty root domain for any forest or forests created.

To help coordinate our products, we frequently share data with the Fabrikam, Inc., engineers. This helps both companies market and sell our products.

One of the benefits we hope to achieve with the move to Windows 2000 is increase security.

Contoso, Ltd., Chief Executive Office (CEO) Interview

Currently, we have manufacturing facilities only in the United States. Within the next two years, we plan to double in size. We plan to expand into Europe and possibly Asia, which are totally unexpected markets for us. I see our update to Windows 2000 and Active Directory as a means to help us facilitate our growth and better communicate with our staff at different locations, as well as with other Northwind Traders subsidiaries.

Fabrikam, Inc., Chief Executive Office (CEO) Interview

There has recently been a change in upper management. This change was needed because of some bad business choices that resulted in extremely poor revenues, we need to reduce our expenses as much as possible. We plan to close our Houston plant within the next six months. We will probably scale back some of our existing manufacturing capabilities at the other two locations. We need to find ways to cut our short-term costs whenever possible.

Technical Requirements

Contoso, Ltd., will connect the manufacturing locations of the three company locations to headquarters by 128-Kbps lines. Because normal business traffic will use most of the available bandwidth, the company wants to minimize Active Directory replication traffic as much as possible between the locations.

The headquarters location of Northwind Traders and the headquarters locations of every Northwind Traders subsidiary will be connected by 56-Kbps lines. These lines will be leased, and no replication traffic will be allowed over the lines. Security of transmitted data is very important. A central help desk will be set up for Contoso, Ltd., users to all if they have problems. The help desk??s primary job will be to gather information about the problem and escalate it to third-tier administrators located at company headquarters. To help reduce the number of problems handled by the administration staff, the help desk will be given permission to reset user??s passwords. Local administrators will be responsible for local client computer maintenance.

To increase security, Contoso, Ltd., wants every employee to be given a smart card to use with the logon process, secure e-mail, and EFS. Several Northwind Traders subsidiaries have expressed a desire to increase security by using smart-card technology. Northwind Traders wants to create a certificate hierarchy in which Northwind Traders controls the root certification authority. To facilitate EFS, there will be an EFS recovery agent established. A different recovery agent will be set up for every location.

Where possible, all computers will run Windows 2000 Professional, Windows 2000 Server, or Windows 2000 Advanced Server. Contoso, Ltd., wants to use Group Policy to control client computer access and user desktops.

Contoso, Ltd., has identified 25 existing applications that will still need to run in the new environment. The application compatibility tool was used to run these applications in the Windows 2000 environment. Two of these legacy applications used by some members of the engineering staff could not be converted. These two applications will need to be run on Windows 95 or Windows 98 client computers. The remaining applications have been tested and will run on Windows 2000 computers


Question No. 59

Which permission or permissions need to be assigned to the local IT staff at each factory in the United States? (Choose all that Apply)

A. Administrative Control of the local Server.

B. Administrative Control of the local Site object in Active Directory.

C. Administrative Control of the local domain controllers.

D. User password resets.

E. Creation of Local Organization unit GPO??s

F. Administrative control of client computers.

Answer: ABF

Question No. 60