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642-996 Product Description:
Exam Number/Code: 642-996 vce
Exam name: Designing Cisco Data Center Unified Fabric (DCUFD)
n questions with full explanations
Certification: Cisco Certification
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Q51. Which three items represent features of Cisco Virtual Switching System? (Choose three)

A.Single control plane

B.Dual control planes

C.VSS appears as one switch to downstream switches

D.VSS appears as two switches to downstream switch

F. channel protocols include Static, PAgP, PAgP+, LACP

Answer: ACF

Q52. What three key principals are to be followed when using Appliance ports for NFS traffic with NetApp arrays? (Choose three.)

A.Must have L2 Ethernet upstream for failure cases, one cannot just deploy a Storage array and UCS hardware.

B.Minimum of one uplink ports per FI required.

C.At a minimum pair of 1Gig links per multimode VIF is recommended.

D.At a minimum pair of 10 Gig links per multimode VIF is recommended.

E.Always enable IP storage VLAN on the FI uplinks for data traffic failover scenarios.

F.Always enable VLAN on the FI uplinks for data traffic failover scenarios.

G.At a minimum pair of 1 Gig links per multimode VIF is recommended.

Answer: A,D,E

Q53. Which two devices would you recommend to implement at the EoR in your data center design for access layer connectivity? (Choose two.)

A.Cisco Nexus 2000 Series

B.Cisco Nexus 7000 Series

C.Cisco Nexus 4000 Series

D.Cisco Nexus 5500 Series

E.Cisco Nexus 3000 Series

Answer: BD

Q54. After a recent acquisition, you have been asked to merge two SANs into one. Which SAN topology is Cisco recommended?



C.Core Access

D.Collapsed Core

E.Collapsed Core-Edge

Answer: B

Q55. Which statement about Cisco UCS power cap groups is true?

A.Servers within a single Cisco UCS chassis can be part of the multiple power cap groups.

B.Multiple Cisco UCS chassis cannot be part of a single power cap group.

C.Cisco UCS incorporates power cap information in the service profile associated with a server.

D.Cisco UCS power capping technology can provision power based on theoretical server maximums rather than on actual usage.

Answer: C

Q56. Which two items represent attacks that are mitigated by CoPP? (Choose two.)

A.ARP cache poisoning

B.data plane DoS

C.ping flooding

D.Diffie Hellman

E.smurf attack

F.ping of death

Answer: CE

Q57. Which item represents a hardware requirement on the Cisco Nexus 7000 to terminate FCoE hosts? (Choose one.)

A.F1 Series 10Gb Ethernet module

B.M2 Series 10Gb Ethernet module

C.X1 Series 10Gb Unified Fabric module

D.C2 Series 10Gb Service module

Answer: A

Q58. In a geographically diverse data center environment, which high-availability feature allows data centers to simultaneously serve the same content to all sites?






Answer: D

Q59. From a data center design perspective, which of the following is true in regard to network management tools like Cisco Data Center Network Manager (DCNM) and CiscoWorks LAN Management Solution (LMS)?

A.Cisco DCNM is positioned to manage non-Nexus OS gear like the Catalyst 6500 Series, Catalyst 6500 Series FWSM, and Cisco UCS.

B.Platform-specific, advanced data center features should be managed by Cisco DCNM and provided to CiscoWorks LMS.

C.CiscoWorks LMS should be used to manage the LAN network, while Cisco DCNM will manage the SAN network.

D.Cisco DCNM should be used to manage everything except the aggregation service layer.

Answer: B

Q60. Which three options are critical benefits of deploying Cisco FabricPath architecture? (Choose three.)

A.Layer 2 scalability

B.conversational learning

C.improved spanning-tree performance

D.equal-cost multipath forwarding

E.flexible hardware support

F.broadcast storm suppression

Answer: ABD

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