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Exam Number/Code: 642-737 vce
Exam name: Implementing Advanced Cisco Unified Wireless Security (IAUWS) v2.0
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Certification: Cisco Certification
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2016 Jun 642-737 lab:

Q31. Which two statements best describe the local authentication configuration options for a H-REAP using H-REAP groups in the Cisco WLC v7.0? (Choose two.)

A. LEAP and EAP-FAST only



D. EAP-FAST with PAC provision only

E. EAP-FAST with PAC or certificate provision

Answer: AD

Q32. When configuring guest WLAN access, which two statements are true? (Choose two.)

A. The SSID that is defined for the guest WLAN on the foreign controllers must be the same as that defined on the anchor controller.

B. The foreign controllers must be defined with an ingress interface and an egress interface in the guest WLAN.

C. The foreign and anchor controllers must be configured in a mobility group for the foreign controllers to be able to initiate EoIP tunnels to one or more anchor controllers.

D. The mobility domain name of the anchor controller should be the same as what is configured for the foreign controllers.

Answer: AC

Q33. Which two statements describe the use of NAM by the Cisco AnyConnect v3.0? (Choose two.)

A. removes Cisco Secure Services Client v5.X but retains the configuration for NAM

B. removes Cisco Secure Services Client v5.X software and configuration for a clean install

C. installs on Windows, Mac, and Linux

D. installs on Windows only

E. requires a license

F. requires a profile editor to allow a user to add WLANs

Answer: AD

Q34. Which protocol port(s) need open access for communication between the MSE and WLC?

A. UDP 16666 and 16667

B. UDP 5247 and 5264

C. UDP 161 and 162

D. UDP 16113

E. TCP 16113

Answer: E

Q35. Which four attack categories can the Cisco WLC v7.0 IDS detect using the 17 standard signatures? (Choose four.)

A. broadcast deauthentication attacks

B. Wellenreiter and NetStumbler attacks

C. management frame floods and EAPOL floods

D. fragmentation attacks

E. NULL probe response attacks

F. RF jamming attacks

Answer: ABCE

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Improve 642-737 vce 2013:

Q36. What is the best method to verify AP parameters that are seen from a wireless client?

A. WCS debug commands

B. ACS log files

C. WCS show commands

D. AP debug commands

E. packet analyzers

Answer: E

Q37. When deploying wIPS, which protocol is used to communicate between the Cisco WLC v7.0 and the MSE?






Answer: E

Q38. Refer to the exhibit.

What does this Cisco Secure ACS v4.2 log indicate?

A. The WLC is not configured as a client in the Cisco Secure ACS.

B. The WLC is not configured as a server in the Cisco Secure ACS.

C. Incorrect authentication exists between the WLC and Cisco Secure ACS.

D. The wireless client is not configured as a client in the Cisco Secure ACS.

E. Incorrect authentication exists between the wireless client and Cisco Secure ACS.

Answer: A

Q39. Employees are allowed to starting bringing their own laptops to work. Which option can help provide a temporal user device vulnerability check when using the Java applet or ActiveX?

A. Cisco NAC Server

B. Cisco NAC Guest Server

C. Cisco NAC Manager

D. Cisco NAC Windows Agent

E. Cisco NAC Web Agent

F. Cisco ACS

Answer: E

Q40. Which device performs the definition of rules and requirements for posture assessment of a wireless client when implementing a NAC appliance solution?

A. Cisco NAC Guest Server

B. Cisco Secure Access Control System

C. Cisco 802.1X supplicant

D. Cisco NAC Appliance Agent

E. Cisco NAC Appliance Manager

F. Cisco NAC Appliance Server

G. Cisco IPS Appliance

Answer: E

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