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New Cisco 400-051 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 1 - Question 10)

Question No: 1

What is the maximum number of option 66 lP addresses that a Cisco lP SCCP phone will accept and use from a DHCP server?

A. 1

B. 2

C. 3

D. 4

E. 5

Answer: A

Question No: 2

Which three requirements must be met to share Enhanced Location Based Call Admission Control bandwidth usage between clusters? (Choose three.)?

A. A Location Bandwidth Manager Hub Group must be created for each cluster.

B. Links must be created to the Shadow location.

C. The location name must be the same on both clusters.

D. SlP lCT must use the Shadow location.

E. The Location Bandwidth Manager Service should be started on only two servers in each cluster.

F. The Cisco Unified Communications Manager version must be 8 .6 or higher

Answer: ACD

Question No: 3

Which statement describes the key security service that is provided by the TLS proxy function on a Cisco ASA appliance?

A. lt enables internal phones to communicate with the external phones without encryption.

B. lt only applies to encrypted voice calls where both parties utilize encryption,

C. lt only provides internetworking to ensure that external lP phone traffic is encrypted, even if the rest of the system is unencrypted.

D. lt protects Cisco Unified Communications Manager from rogue soft clients and attackers on the data VLAN

E. lt manipulates the call signalling to ensure that all media is routed via the adaptive security appliance.

Answer: E

Question No: 4

When neither the active or standby Location Bandwidth Manager in the configured LBM group is available, what will the Cisco Call Manager service on a subscriber Cisco Unified Communications Manager server do to make location CAC decisions?

A. lt will attempt to communicate with the first configured member in the Location Bandwidth Manager hub group.

B. lt will use the Call Treatment When No LBM Available service parameter with the default action to allow calls.

C. lt will use the Call Treatment When No LBM Available service parameter with the default action to reject calls.

D. lt will attempt to communicate with the local LBM service for location CAC decisions.

E. lt will allow all calls until communication is re-established with any configured servers in the LBM group.

Answer: D

Question No: 5

The Cisco Unified Border Element is configured using high availability with the Hot Standby Routing Protocol.

Which two pieces of information can be gathered about the calls traversing these border elements? (Choose two.)

A. The total number of calls is 150.

B. The number of non-native calls is 70.

C. The number of native calls is 501 .

D. The number of calls preserved is 220.

E. The total number of active calls is 100.

Answer: AB


To check for native and nonnative (preserved) calls when both are present

The numbers of calls on the system are shown as follows:

Total number of calls = "Number of calls in HA DB" + "Number of calls in HA sync pending DB". This is 100 + 50 = 150 in

the example output below.

Total number of preserved (nonnative) calls = "Number of calls in HA preserved session DB". This is 70 in the example output below.

Total number of native calls (calls set up since the failover and therefore not preserved over the failover) is the difference in the previous two numbers. ln this example, it is 150 - 70 = 80.

XFR-2#show voice high-availability summary

======== Voice HA DB lNFO ========

Number of calls in HA DB: 100

Number of calls in HA sync pending DB: 50

Number of calls in HA preserved session DB: 70

Question No: 6

Tom Lee is an active user in a Cisco Unified CM deployment with fully functional LDAP synchronization and authentication to an Active Directory. Daily resynchronization is set at 11:00 pm. At 8:00 am on March 1st 2014, this user was deleted from the AD. What will Tom Lee experience when he attempts to log in Extension Mobility at an lP phone and then access his Unified CM User Options page on his PC, at 9:00 am on March 1st 2014?

A. Extension Mobility will not work, but the User Options page will work.

B. Extension Mobility and the User Options page will not work.

C. Extension Mobility will work, but the User Options page will not work.

D. Extension Mobility and the User Options page will work.

E. The information provided is insufficient to answer this Question:.

Answer: C


Account Synchronization with Active Directory

Figure 1 shows an example timeline of events for a Unified CM deployment where LDAP Synchronization and LDAP Authentication have both been enabled. The re-synchronization is set for 11:00 PM daily.

Figure 1 Change Propagation with Active Directory

After the initial synchronization, the creation, deletion, or disablement of an account will propagate to Unified CM according to the timeline shown in Figure 17-7 and as described in the following steps:

1. At 8:00 AM on January 1, an account is disabled or deleted in AD. From this time and during the whole period A, password authentication (for example, Unified CM User Options page) will fail for this user because Unified CM redirects authentication to AD. However, PlN authentication (for example, Extension Mobility login) will still succeed because the PlN is stored in the Unified CM database.

2. The periodic re-synchronization is scheduled for 11:00 PM on January 1. During that process, Unified CM will verify all accounts. Any accounts that have been disabled or deleted from AD will at that time be tagged in the Unified CM database as inactive. After 11:00 PM on January 1, when the account is marked inactive, both the PlN and password authentication by Unified CM will fail.

3. Garbage collection of accounts occurs daily at the fixed time of 3:15 AM. This process permanently deletes user information from the Unified CM database for any record that has been marked inactive for over 24 hours. ln this example, the garbage collection that runs at 3:15 AM on January 2 does not delete the account because it has not been inactive for 24 hours yet, so the account is deleted at 3:15 AM on January 3. At that point, the user data is permanently deleted from Unified CM.

lf an account has been created in AD at the beginning of period A, it will be imported to Unified CM at the periodic re- synchronization that occurs at the beginning of period B and will immediately be active on Unified CM.

Question No: 7

Refer to the exhibit.

The exhibit shows an outgoing SlP 401 response message from Cisco Unified Communications Manager to a SlP VolP service provider gateway. Which action can the Cisco Unified Communication Manager Systems administrator use to change the response to "200 OK"?

A. Disable OPTlONS ping on Cisco Unified Communications manager sip trunk,

B. Create an SlP response alias to force outgoing 401 messages to "200 OK"

C. Make sure the gateway lP address of the SlP VolP service provider is defined correctly in Cisco Unified

Communications Manager SlP trunk

D. Enable OPTlONS ping on Cisco Unified Communications Manager SlP trunk

E. Disable digest authentication on Cisco Unified Communications Manager SlP trunk.

Answer: E

Question No: 8

An engineer received this requirement from a service provider. Diversion header should match the network DlD "" for call Forward and transfer scenarios back to PSTN.

Which SlP profile configuration satisfies this request?

A. voice class sip-profiles 200

request lNVlTE sip-header Diversion modify "sip:(.*>)" ">" request RElNVlTE sipheader

Diversion modify "sip:(.*>)" ">"

B. voice class sip-profiles 200

request lNVlTE sdp-header Diversion modify "sip:(.*>)"> request RElNVlTE sdpheader

Diversion modify "sip:(.*>)" ">"

C. voice class sip-profiles 200

response 200 sdp-header Diversion modify "sip:(.*>)" ">"

D. voice class sip-profiles 200

response 200 sip-header Diversion modify "sip:(.*>)">"

Answer: A

Question No: 9

Multiple Jabber for Windows users are having problems logging into the voicemail server. The Cisco Unity Connection administrator has reset the password and emailed them the new credentials, as well as the instructions about how to reset them in Jabber. The users cannot see the Phone Accounts tab under Jabber settings to complete the instructions. Which two steps resolve this issue? (Choose two.)

A. ln the Cisco Unified CM Jabber Service Profile, change the Credentials source for voicemail service to "not set".

B. ln Cisco Unified CM, create a MailStore service and assign it to the Jabber Service Profile as Primary.

C. ln the lM&P server CCMClP Profile, uncheck the "Make this the default CCMClP Profile for the system".

D. ln the lM&P server Enterprise Parameters Configuration, enable the Phone Personalization parameter.

E. ln the Cisco Unified CM Jabber Service Profile, uncheck "Make this the default service profile for the system".

Answer: AB

Question No: 10

Refer to the exhibit.

Which ephone-dn can join the hunt group whenever a wild card slot becomes available?

A. ephone-dn 1

B. ephone-dn 2

C. ephone-dn 3

D. ephone-dn 4

E. ephone-dn 6

Answer: C

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