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3601 Product Description:
Exam Number/Code: 3601 vce
Exam name: Avaya Virtual Services Platform 9000 Maintenance and Troubleshooting Exam
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Certification: Avaya Certification
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2016 May 3601 Study Guide Questions:

Q1. During a VSP 9000 boot up, the following log message appears: 

"Powering off card in slot 12 due to a low power condition." 

Which statement describes how that card is brought back in service? 

A. Add more power to the chassis. 

B. Re-direct power to that card from one of the spare SFmodules. 

C. Change the card's priority assignment for the power-down algorithm. 

D. Configure the existing power distribution to send enough power to that card. 

Answer: C 

Q2. With exception logs being archived in several locations, which location archives should be sent to Global Network Product Support (GNPS) with a trouble report? 

A. application log file 

B. /var/log/messages 

C. /intflash/archive/slot 

D. applicationconfigfile? 

Answer: C 

Q3. Which statement about configuring RADIUS authentication on the VSP 9000 is true? 

A. The VSP 9000 user the Global Vendor attributes. 

B. Enable RADIUS management to track the management sessions (ACLI only). 

C. Configuration of Radius Authentication Is supported on secondary CP modules or HA. 

D. The UDP frame official port number must be configured to match the datarmetrics service. 

Answer: B 

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Update sy0-401 practice exam:

Q4. The Routing Table Manager (RTM) is a software module within the VSP 9000. It produces the routing table for each Virtual Routing and Forwarding (VRF). 

Which statement describes a significant function of the RTM? 

A. It ignores static routes for efficiency. 

B. It predicts necessary changes to configurable route preferences. 

C. It determines any necessary link operation/configuration changes. 

D. It maintains the routing tables by interacting with the routing protocols for each VRF. 

Answer: D 

Q5. A technician is using Avaya Visualization Performance and Fault Manager (VPFM) to determine the number of managed devices that the company has permission to discover and monitor, by determining the licensing restrictions. 

Which statement describes how VPFM counts managed devices that belong to more than one domain? 

A. A given device is only counted onceacrossallthe domains it is in. 

B. A given managed device is counted for each domain that it appears in. 

C. The count increments byone for eachdifferent function performed by a managed device. 

D. The actions associatedwith the device determine how it gets counted. 

Answer: B 

Q6. Which statement describes how the access services to the VSP 9000 can be enabled or disabled? 

A. Set flags from the ACLI. 

B. Set boot flags. 

C. Use provision filters. 

D. Use RADIUS authentication. 

Answer: A 

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Realistic security+ sy0-401 practice exam:

Q7. How many Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP) interfaces does the VSP 9000 support? 

A. 1056 

B. 2000 

C. 2084 

D. 4084 

Answer: D 

Q8. In a switch cluster, if one of the switches was inadvertently reset to the factory default, how should Virtual Link Aggregation Control Protocol (VLACP) be configured to protect the integrity of the core? 

A. to use the short timeout 

B. to enableVLACP on the IST 

C. to enable VLACP on all links 

D. to use a reserved multicast MAC address for the VLACPPDU 

Answer: B 

Q9. There is indication of traffic loss in the VSP 9000. 

What is the first thing a technician should do to determine the cause of this problem? 

A. Check the traffic counters. 

B. Ensure all the cards are up. 

C. Ensure that sufficient ports are active. 

D. Check the projected traffic levels. 

Answer: A 

Q10. Which command allows core file collection to be configured and enabled on the VSP 9000? 

A. Core dump 

B. Switch dump 

C. Core file dump 

D. Exception dump 

Answer: D 

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