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Exam Number/Code: 300-075 vce
Exam name: Implementing Cisco IP Telephony and Video, Part 2 (CIPTV2)
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Certification: Cisco Certification
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Exam Code: 300-075 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: Implementing Cisco IP Telephony and Video, Part 2 (CIPTV2)
Certification Provider: Cisco
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2016 May 300-075 Study Guide Questions:

Q71. Which option is a benefit of implementing CFUR? 

A. CFUR is designed to initiate TEHO to reduce toll charges. 

B. CFUR can prevent phones from unregistering. 

C. CFUR can reroute calls placed to a temporarily unregistered destination phone. 

D. CFUR eliminates the need for COR on an ISR. 

Answer: C 

Q72. In what Cisco solution is Simple Network-Enabled Auto Provision technology used? 

A. Cisco Unified Gateway Duplication 

B. Cisco Unified CallManager Redundancy 

C. Cisco Unified SRST 

D. Cisco Unified Call Survivability 

Answer: C 


Incorrect Answer: A, B, D When the system automatically detects a failure, Cisco Unified SRST uses Simple Network Auto Provisioning (SNAP) technology to auto-configure a branch office router to provide call processing for the Cisco Unified IP phones that are registered with the router Link: st.html 

Q73. Refer to the exhibit 

When the Cisco Unified Communications Manager advertises the Hosted DN Pattern, which pattern would be advertised? 

A. 2XXX and the T0D1D will be 0:+498950555 

B. 2XXX and the ToDID will be 0:+4989531 21 

C. 4989S05552XXX and the ToDiD will be 0: 

D. + 4989631 21 2XXX and the ToDiD will be 0: 

E. Both +4989505552XXXand +4989531 21 2XXX will be advertised with ToDID of 0: 

Answer: A 


Incorrect Answer: B, C, D, E PSTN failover prepend digit is +498950555 Link: discovery.html 

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Q74. When you configure QoS on VCS, which settings do you apply if traffic through the VCS should be tagged with DSCP AF41? 

A. Set QoS mode to DiffServ and tag value 32. 

B. Set QoS mode to IntServ and tag value to 34. 

C. Set QoS mode to DiffServ and tag value 34. 

D. Set QoS mode to IntServ and tag value to 32. 

E. Set QoS mode to ToS and tag value to 32. 

Answer: C 

Q75. Refer to the following exhibit. 

Which Cisco IOS SAF Forwarder configuration is correct? 

A. Exhibit A 

B. Exhibit B 

C. Exhibit C 

D. Exhibit D 

Answer: A 


Incorrect Answer: B, C, D Summary steps to configure IOS SAF forwarder is given below 

1. enable 

2. configure terminal 

3. router eigrp virtual-instance-name 

4. service-family {ipv4 | ipv6} [vrf vrf-name] autonomous-system autonomous-system-number 

5. topology base 

6. external-client client_label 

7. exit-sf-topology 

8. exit-service-family

9. exit

10. service-family external-client listen {ipv4 | ipv6} tcp_port_number

11. external-client client-label

12. username user-name

13. password password-name 


Q76. What is the purpose of configuring a hardware-based MTP when deploying Cisco Unified Communications Manager? 

A. to allow for supplementary services such as hold, transfer, and conferencing 

B. when you need support for up to 24 MTP sessions on the same server and 48 on a separate server 

C. when you need the ability to grow support by using DSPs 

D. when you want to only use Cisco Unified Communications Manager resources 

Answer: C

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Q77. In which two locations can you verify that a phone has a standby Cisco Unified Communications Manager? (Choose two.) 


B. phone menu 

C. Cisco Unified Serviceability 

D. phone webpage 

Answer: B,D 

Q78. Which task must you perform before deleting a transcoder? 

A. Delete the dependency records. 

B. Unassign it from a media resource group. 

C. Use the Reset option. 

D. Remove the device pool. 

E. Remove the subunit. 

F. Delete the common device configuration. 

Answer: B 

Q79. Which two Cisco Extension Mobility attributes are available in the user device profile? (Choose two.) 

A. regions 

B. description 

C. phone button template 

D. NTP information 

Answer: B,C 

Q80. In a distributed call processing network with locations-based CAC, calls are routed to and from intercluster trunks. Which trunk type is implemented in this network? 

A. intercluster trunk with gatekeeper control 

B. intercluster trunk without gatekeeper control 

C. SIP trunk 

D. h225 trunk 

Answer: B 

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