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Exam Number/Code: 250-370 vce
Exam name: Administration of Symantec NetBackup 7.0 for Windows
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Certification: Symantec Certification
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2016 Jul 250-370 free practice questions

Q71. Which version of NetBackup client (at a minimum) is required to use Symantec NetBackup LiveUpdate?

A. 6.0 GA

B. 6.0 MP4

C. 6.5 GA

D. 7.0 GA

Answer: C

Q72. What is the maximum number of characters supported for a Media ID?

A. 6

B. 8

C. 10

D. 16

Answer: A

Q73. An administrator attempts to use the Backup, Archive, and Restore interface to restore the server's data. Upon selecting the client name and policy type, the administrator notices that restore points are unavailable. The backup jobs have been completed successfully. What should the administrator do first to troubleshoot this issue?

A. verify the tape media is available in the tape library

B. verify the backup image has yet to expire

C. verify the restore policy is enabled

D. verify the date and time are set correctly on the media server

Answer: B

Q74. How can new tapes be placed into a specific volume pool automatically using the robot inventory utility?

A. write a script that reads the labels on the tapes and then uses the vmadd command to add these tapes

B. make sure the tapes have barcode labels with a specific prefix and create an appropriate barcode rule

C. configure the media type mappings to use a new default volume pool

D. use the Media and Device Configuration section of the administration console to add new volumes

Answer: B

Q75. An administrator has been asked to configure a policy with multiple tape copies enabled.

How is this accomplished?

A. from the Attributes tab, enable Allow multiple data streams

B. from the Attributes tab, enable Multiple copies

C. from the Schedules tab, add a new schedule and enable Multiple copies

D. from the Schedules tab, select Override Storage Unit

Answer: C

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Q76. Two Symantec NetBackup 7.0 master servers, PROD1 and PROD2 use similar barcode-enabled tape libraries and all media have eight digit bar codes. PROD1 uses default media ID generation and PROD2 uses six digit customized media ID generation (#T:#P:3:4:5:6). The administrator needs to restore data from a media used in PROD1 onto a server on PROD2. What should the administrator do to successfully restore data?

A. inventory media on the media server in the PROD1 environment

B. create a new media ID generation rule in the PROD1 environment

C. add the volume manually using the media ID in the PROD2 environment

D. add a new barcode rule in the PROD2 environment

Answer: C

Q77. Which two attributes must be configured for a Symantec NetBackup 7.0 catalog backup policy? (Select two.)

A. volume pool

B. software compression

C. policy type

D. encryption

E. multiple data streams

Answer: AC

Q78. Refer to the exhibit.

The administrator is attempting to add a schedule for the backup policy. In this case "User Backup" is missing from the drop-down list of schedule types. What needs to be done to have "User Backup" appear under the Type of backup drop-down list?

A. change the backup policy type

B. deselect "Multiple copies"

C. deselect "Retries allowed after runday"

D. change the value of Media Multiplexing to 1

Answer: A

Q79. Where does an administrator add an include list for a Windows client?

A. client's host properties under Windows Client -> Exclude Lists

B. client's host properties under Windows Client -> Include Lists

C. master server's host properties under Client Attributes

D. install_path\NetBackup\exclude_list file

E. install_path\NetBackup\include_list file

Answer: A

Q80. Which command must be run to reset the cleaning statistics after manually cleaning the drive?

A. tpclean -m

B. tpclean -c

C. tpclean -L

D. tpclean -f

Answer: A

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