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Exam Number/Code: 250-370 vce
Exam name: Administration of Symantec NetBackup 7.0 for Windows
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Certification: Symantec Certification
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Q51. Which two functions can be performed with a tpconfig command in Symantec NetBackup 7.0? (Select two.)

A. discover and display disk paths

B. add and configure robotic libraries

C. freeze / unfreeze tape volumes

D. display robot and tape drive configuration

E. display and update storage units

Answer: BD

Q52. What is the default media server SCSI reserve setting?

A. SCSI Persistent reserve

B. SPC-2 SCSI reserve

C. SPC-3 SCSI reserve

D. SPC-4 SCSI reserve

Answer: B

Q53. The Symantec NetBackup 7.0 operations staff suspects that there is a problem with the robot showing all of the media they just added. However, the list of tapes displayed in the administration console is incomplete.

What should be done to troubleshoot this problem?

A. run the vmphyinv command to physically inventory the robot

B. stop and restart the bprd and bptm services/processes on the media servers

C. perform a number of test backups to see if any of the new tapes are being used

D. run the tape contents report to see if any of the tapes have been written to

Answer: A

Q54. What is required to install a Symantec NetBackup 7.0 media server?

A. a master server that is already installed

B. an EMM server that is already installed

C. installed media devices (disk or tape)

D. a valid Symantec NetBackup license key

Answer: D

Q55. In a Symantec NetBackup 7.0 environment, a client with the hostname Pluto returns error code 57 whenever the media server requests Pluto to start a backup. The administrator is able to ping Pluto from the media server, then run the command "telnet Pluto bpcd" from the root prompt on the media server.

What does this telnet command check?

A. whether Pluto allows remote login via bpcd

B. whether Pluto has any service listening on the bpcd port

C. whether Pluto meets media server proxy link requirements

D. whether connectivity exists between Pluto and the media server

Answer: B

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Updated 250-370 exam answers:

Q56. A restore must be performed. The administrator is trying to view the valid images for a client, but the following error occurs:

WARNING: Server does not contain any valid images.

Which two may be incorrectly configured? (Select two.)

A. schedule type for restores

B. destination client for restores

C. server to use for backups and restores

D. media server for backups and restores

E. policy types for restore

Answer: CE

Q57. A request is made to change volume residences.

Which two conditions must be met in the volume group that is associated with the changes? (Select two.)

A. All volumes in a volume group must have the same residence.

B. All volumes must have barcode labels.

C. All volumes must be assigned to scratch pool.

D. All volumes must be vaulted before adding volumes to the group.

E. All volumes must have the same media type.

Answer: AE

Q58. Which two items are required to use the Catalog Recovery Wizard? (Select two.)

A. BMR file

B. media used for the catalog backup

C. catalog backup policy

D. DR file

E. critical policy list

Answer: BD

Q59. In addition to a full backup, which two are requirements for a synthetic backup? (Select two.)

A. user backup

B. incremental backup

C. multiplexing

D. multistreaming

E. TIR with move detection

Answer: BE

Q60. How can new volumes be added to an existing AdvancedDisk storage pool with minimal impact on the environment?

A. run the Configure Disk Pool Wizard to modify the existing pool

B. right-click the disk pool and select Change and then select Add Volumes

C. create a disk pool for the new volumes and merge it with the existing pool

D. right-click the disk pool and select Extend to add the new volumes

Answer: C

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