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2016 May 220-802 Study Guide Questions:

Q371. - (Topic 5) 

A technician has discovered two PCs with the same name being used on the network. Which of the following BEST describes what has been happening and how to resolve the problem? 

A. Both users can log in but only one can access company shares; both PCs need their network names changed. 

B. Only one user can log in; one PC needs to have its network name changed. 

C. Both users can log in and access company shares; one PC needs to have its network name changed. 

D. Neither user can log in; one PC needs to have its network name changed. 

Answer: B 

Q372. - (Topic 5) 

A user has a work laptop configured with a static IP. The user wants to be able to take the laptop home and connect it to their router which uses DHCP. However, the user does not want to manually change their settings every day. Which of the following is the BEST step the user could take to make this possible? 

A. Setup a VPN on the laptop to store the work IP settings. 

B. Use the Ethernet port at work and only use Wi-Fi while at home. 

C. Install an additional NIC in the laptop to access the home network. 

D. Place the static IP in the alternative field while using DHCP. 

Answer: D 

Q373. - (Topic 1) 

Which of the following tabs under MSCONFIG would allow a technician to configure all of the applications that launch at boot? 

A. Startup 

B. Services 

C. Tools 

D. Boot 

Answer: A 


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Q374. - (Topic 4) 

A laser printer is producing completely blank sheets. Which of the following processes should the technician check FIRST? 

A. Fusing 

B. Paper handling 

C. Transfer 

D. Development 

Answer: D 


Q375. - (Topic 2) 

Which of the following passwords is the MOST secure according to industry best practices? 

A. VeryStrongPassword 

B. SimpleAnswer1234 

C. E@sy2Remember 

D. thisisthecorrectanswer1 

Answer: C 

Explanation: m 

Q376. - (Topic 1) 

Which of the following is the BEST tool for a technician to use to make sure the network wires are securely fastened in a wall jack? 

A. Crimper 

B. Small flat screwdriver 

C. Wire strippers 

D. Punch down 

Answer: D 


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Q377. - (Topic 2) 

Which of the following encryption standards is found on older wireless devices and provides minimal security? 


B. WPA2 



Answer: C 


Q378. CORRECT TEXT - (Topic 5) 

You need to configure your mobile device to send and receive electronic messages from your company. Your mobile device must be able to truly synchronize the message state with your desktop so that when a message is read on your desktop it is marked as read on your mobile device These are the proper parameters: 

Email address tech@techies com 

Password P@SSwOrd 

Pop techies com Port 110 Security. None 

IMAP techies com Port 993 Security SSL Port 465 Security: TLS 

Company SSID Techies 

Security WPA2 

Passphrase P@SSwOrd 

SSID is not broadcasted 


Instructions You are not authorized to use the Company's WLAN The outgoing server does not require login credentials When you have completed the simulation, please select the done button to submit your answer. 


Please review explanation for detailed answer. 

Q379. - (Topic 5) 

A technician discovers slow data transfer speeds in a wired network. Which of the following would be the MOST probable cause? 

A. Using APIPA address 

B. Outdated NIC drivers 

C. Too many simultaneous connections 

D. CAT5 cable connection 

Answer: B 

Q380. - (Topic 3) 

Which of the following mobile device features disables cellular and wireless communication? 

A. Hotspot Mode 

B. Pairing Mode 

C. Settings Reset 

D. Airplane Mode 

Answer: D 


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