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2016 Jun comptia a+ 220-802 exam questions:

Q61. DRAG DROP - (Topic 5) 

A technician has verified that Joe, a user, has a malware infection on his desktop. Drag and drop the following malware remediation techniques in the correct order Joe should follow to alleviate this issue. 


Q62. - (Topic 1) 

A user’s computer keeps producing a “low virtual memory” alert and the speed of the system degrades afterwards. 

Which of the following Control Panel locations can provide information to review and correct this issue? 

A. System > Remote 

B. System > Hardware 

C. System > System Restore 

D. System > Advanced 

Answer: D 


Q63. - (Topic 1) 

When running Windows XP, which of the following would give a list of switches for the CHKDSK command? 

A. chkdsk ~? 

B. chkdsk :? 

C. chkdsk /? 

D. chkdsk \? 

Answer: C 


Q64. - (Topic 5) 

At the airport the company sales employees work on their laptops to submit financial proposals. Which of the following would mitigate shoulder surfing? 

A. Firewalls 

B. The use of VPNs 

C. Privacy filters 

D. RSA key fobs 

Answer: C 

Q65. - (Topic 5) 

A user cannot open a browser on their system. Which of the following commands will most likely resolve the issue? 



C. bootrec 

D. RD 

Answer: A 

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Regenerate comptia 220-802 practice exam:

Q66. - (Topic 4) 

Ann reports that printouts from the department laser printer have become faded. She has already replaced the toner cartridge. Which of the following is the MOST likely component causing the faded printing? 

A. Transfer roller 

B. Fusing assembly 

C. Registration assembly 

D. Duplexing assembly 

Answer: A 

Explanation: aq000127_000.html?reg=us&c=us&lang=en&prod=hl8050n_all 

Q67. - (Topic 1) 

Which of the following file system types is used for optical media? 

A. FAT32 




Answer: C 


Q68. - (Topic 4) 

The computer starts up and runs for less than a minute before shutting down or locking up. This is a symptom of: 

A. Overheating. 

B. Incompatible RAM. 

C. A faulty hard drive. 

D. A bad internal USB hub. 

Answer: A 


Q69. - (Topic 1) 

An entry level network analyst calls and is not sure which Windows OS features to use to check for users who are currently logged on. Which of the following features would BEST assist this analyst? 

A. Task Manager 


C. Disk Management 

D. Administrative Tools 

Answer: A 


Q70. - (Topic 4) 

A customer calls and reports that when they walk away from their laptop for an extended period of time they have to reconnect to wireless when they get back. Which of the following will MOST likely correct this issue? 

A. Disable screensaver 

B. Adjust power settings 

C. Replace the wireless card 

D. Install a higher capacity battery 

Answer: B 


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