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2016 Jun 200-530 study guide

Q31. What will be the result of the following operation? 

array_combine(array("A","B","C"), array(1,2,3)); 

A. array("A","B",C",1,2,3) 

B. array(1,2,3,"A","B",C") 

C. array("A"=>1,"B"=>2,"C"=>3) 

D. array(1=>"A",2=>"B",3=>"C") 

E. array(1,2,3) 

Answer: C

Q32. What is the result of the following code? 

A. 42 

B. 43 

C. Parse error 

Answer: C

Q33. The following form is loaded in a recent browser and submitted, with the second list element selected: 

<form method="post"> 

<select name="list"> 






In the server-side PHP code to deal with the form data, what is the value of $_POST ['list']? 

A. 1 

B. 2 

C. two 

D. null (since the <code> value attribute of the list has not been set) 

Answer: C

Q34. Which of the following code snippets is correct? (Choose 2) 


interface Drawable { 

abstract function draw(); 


interface Point { 

function getX(); 

function getY(); 


interface Line extends Point { 

function getX2(); 

function getY2(); 


interface Circle implements Point { 

function getRadius(); 

A. a) 

B. b) 

C. c) 

D. d) 

Answer: BC

Q35. Which is the most efficient way to determine if a key is present in an array, assuming the array has no NULL values? 

A. in_array('key', array_keys($a)) 

B. isset($a['key']) 

C. array_key_exists('key', $a) 

D. None of the above 

Answer: C

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Up to date 200-530 test questions:

Q36. Which session function can help to avoid session fixation? 

A. session_is_registered() 

B. session_register() 

C. session_unregister() 

D. session_regenerate_id() 

E. None of the above. 

Answer: D

Q37. Which piece of code will return the ASCII value of a character? 

A. (int)'t' 

B. ord('t'); 

C. to_ascii('t'); 

D. chr('t'); 

Answer: B

Q38. When a class is defined as final it: 

A. Can no longer be extended by other classes. 

B. Means methods in the class are not over-loadable. 

C. Cannot be defined as such, final is only applicable to object methods. 

D. Is no longer iteratable. 

Answer: A

Q39. Where does the session extension store the session data by default? 

A. SQLite Database 

B. MySQL Database 

C. Shared Memory 

D. File system 

E. Session Server 

Answer: D

Q40. What function is used to retrieve all available information about a symbolic link? 

A. symlink() 

B. stat() 

C. fstat() 

D. lstat() 

E. readlink() 

Answer: D

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