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Q1. According to the WS-I Basic Profile 1.0a, what is true about the SOAP 1.1 encodingStyle attribute? 

A. It can occur anywhere in a message. 

B. It can only be declared on children Header elements. 

C. It can be declared on any children of the Body elements of rpc-literal messages. 

D. It cannot be used with elements qualified by the namespace. 

E. WS-I Basic Profile 1.1 does NOT give any guidance because encodingStyle is a SOAP 1.1 attribute. 


Q2. Enterprise A invokes a Web service provided by enterprise B with some parameters, and receives a response. A developer is making this interaction asynchronous so that A does not have to wait for B to finish processing. Which two actions would be appropriate to fulfill this requirement? (Choose two.) 

A. Establish a Web service endpoint for enterprise A to receive the response. 

B. Partition the endpoint implementation in to interaction and processing layers so responses can be received independently. 

C. Convert all Web service methods to use XML documents as parameters and return values. 

D. Embed a correlation identifier in the request so that enterprise B can associate the response with it. 

E. Read messages from a queue populated by enterprise B at peak hours when response times are too slow 

Answer: AD 

Q3. A developer is writing a Web service method that needs to accept multiple types of requests. Based on the request's content, the service performs time-consuming steps, such as verifying the user's account, checking credit ratings, and building a list of offers. Which two approaches are appropriate to use in this situation? (Choose two.) 

A. A synchronous, document-style approach. 

B. A synchronous, procedure-style approach. 

C. An asynchronous, document-style approach. 

D. An asynchronous, procedure-style approach. 


F. SMTP or other asynchronous protocol. 

Answer: CF 

Q4. A company has contracted a developer to create their new accounting system. The system the developer will replace runs a monolithic web application using one web server and one database server. Technical requirements state the developer must write the business logic in Java, deploy to the application server and push the presentation logic onto the web servers. What are three characteristics of services in the proposed Service Oriented Architecture? (Choose three.) 

A. Services are coarse grained. 

B. Services are finely grained. 

C. Services are loosely coupled. 

D. Services are tightly coupled. 

E. Clients must be implemented in the Java technology. 

F. Services are platform agnostic, network-addressable web APIs. 

Answer: ACF 

Q5. Given that: 

What is X in the above code ? (Choose one) 

A. byte[] 

B. DataHandler 

C. Image 

D. Byte[] 


Q6. What would be the HTTP content-type header when a message is optimized using MTOM ? (Choose one) 

A. multipart/related 

B. text/xml 

C. application/soap+xml 

D. application/xop+xml 


Q7. An airline built and deployed a back-end application to manage reservations. To support interoperability with as large a base of standalone client applications as possible, the services provided by this back-end application are exposed as XML-based restful web services. Management just added a new requirement that AJAX-based web application clients be supported, too. One of the developers suggested that it is enough to extend the existing application to support both XML-based and JSON-based restful web services. Assuming the developer is correct, choose the sentence that best describes an attempt to introduce this ability as this developer suggests (Choose one): 

A. The attempt will fail, because JAX-RS does not support both XML- and JSON- based restful services in parallel. 

B. The attempt will be trivial to implement, since JAX-RS just needs for the application to specify that both XML- and JSON-based interaction will be supported. 

C. The attempt can succeed, but it will require a significant amount of new code, since JAX-RS does support both XML- and JSON-based interaction - but not single resource can support both kinds of interaction simultaneously. 

D. The attempt will fail, because there is more to the difference between XML-based and JSON-based interactions than just the data representation used. 


Q8. A developer is asked to consult on a Web services project and assist the team with a good design approach on a new project. The team members disagree on whether to use WSDL or Java first. Several members are skilled with XML and see a schema and WSDL as the correct place to start. The team has also learned the deadline for this project has been moved up and another team plans to reuse their code. Which statement is true about the proper course of action to take in this situation? 

A. Java should be used first because it is a strongly typed language and will result in a robust WSDL. 

B. WSDL should be used first because it will make the code easier to reuse for the other team. 

C. Java should be used first because it is often the fastest and easiest approach. 

D. WSDL should be used first because the team knows XML Schema. 


Q9. An MTOM optimized infoset+attachment on the wire for a large binary data saves around X% in size when compared to original infoset, where X is: (Choose one) 

A. 10% 

B. 20% 

C. 30% 

D. 60% 


Q10. Choose three ways to enable MTOM on a web service endpoint deployed in an EE container ? (Choose three) 

A. enabled by the container automatically 

B. by specifying @MTOM annotation on the endpoint's class 

C. by specifying <enable-mtom> in webservices.xml deployment descriptor 

D. by specifying a wsoma:MTOM policy in WSDLE. by specifying <mtom> element in sun-jaxws.xml 

Answer: BCD 

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