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2016 Aug 1Z0-878 exam cram

Q91. Which two statements describe paging and swapping on a Solaris 10 OS? (Choose two.) 

A. Adding additional swap will cause more paging to occur and should be avoided. 

B. Both paging and swapping allow for a system to run multiple processes whose total memory requirement exceeds physical RAM. 

C. Swapping occurs frequently on a system with sufficient physical memory for processes running. 

D. Swapping involves moving all modified data memory pages associated with a process to swap space. 

E. Paging involves moving all modified data memory pages associated with a process to swap space. 

Answer: B,D 

Q92. When creating a ZFS file system, which of the following scenarios are not recommended? 

A. Drives should not be partitioned with both UFS and ZFS file systems. 

B. A disk that is used as a swap or dump device should not be used for a ZFS file system. 

C. Constructing ZFs file system on top of LUNs that are created from hardware RAID arrays. 

D. Constructing ZFS file systems on top of software based volume managers such as SVM meta devices. 

Answer: D 

Q93. Which of the following provides the JumpStart client with the location of the system identification file? (Choose two.) 

A. Name Service 

B. /etc/bootparams file 

C. Specified by the add_install_client command. 

D. Specified by the setup_install_server command. 

E. The system identification file is always located in the /export/config directory. 

Answer: B,C 

Q94. You are working on a system connected to the network. You attempt to NFS mount a directory: 

# mount host1:/usr/share/man /usr/share/man 

Your system displays the following message: 

nfs mount: host1: : RPC: Program not registered 

nfs mount: retrying: /usr/share/man 

What can you do to solve this problem? 

A. ensure that nfsd is running on the local system 

B. ensure that mountd is running on the NFS server 

C. send a HUP signal to the rpcbind process the local system 

D. use rpcinfo -p to ensure that the mount command is registered with rpcbind 

Answer: B 

Q95. Click the Exhibit button. 

You are observing a junior administrator. They have just entered the command shown in the exhibit. Examine the exhibit and select the answer that best describes the purpose of the command. 

A. upgrade the newbe environment with a flash archive located in /opt/local/trap 

B. upgrade the newbe environment with a OS image located in /opt/iocal/tmp 

C. temporarily mount the file system /opt/local/tmp in the newbe environment 

D. patch the newbe environment with patches located in /opt/local/tmp 

Answer: D 

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Q96. At your company, the NIS hosts map is pushed (updated) once every night. The /etc/nscd.conf file contains the lines: 

# # Copyright (c) 1994-2001 by Sun Microsystems, Inc. # #ident "@(#)nscd.conf 1.6 01/01/26 SMI" # debug-level 0 positive-time-to-live passwd 600 negative-time-to-live passwd 5 suggested-size passwd 211 keep-hot-count passwd 20 old-data-ok passwd no check-files passwd yes positive-time-to-live hosts 3600 negative-time-to-live hosts 5 suggested-size hosts 211 keep-hot-count hosts 20 old-data-ok hosts no check-files hosts yes Based on this information, which change to the /etc/nscd.conf file will increase performance of the 

Name Service Cache Daemon (nscd)? 

A. increase the debug-level 

B. decrease the keep-hot-count for the hosts cache 

C. increase positive-time-to-live for the hosts cache 

D. decrease negative-time-to-live for the hosts cache 

E. decrease positive-time-to-live for the hosts cache 

Answer: C 

Q97. The following command has been issued: 

mirror c1t1d0 c2t1d0 mirror c4t0d0 c5t0d0 

Which answer describes the type of device that has been created by issuing this command? 

A. A ZFS mirrored pool. 

B. A ZFS two-way mirrored device. 

C. A ZFS pool with two, two-way mirrors. 

D. Two ZFS, three-way mirrored devices. 

Answer: C 

Q98. Which of the following are valid sources from which JumpStart clients can obtain identification information? (Choose three.) 



C. Boot-server 

D. Installation-server 

E. /etc/inet/hosts 

F. Configuration-server 

Answer: B,C,E 

Q99. Users dbadmin, webadmin, and user6 all have their home directories located on serveri in the /export/home directory. 

Given these three files on a system named ciient6: 

/etc/passwd: dbadmin:x:100:10:Database Admin:/home/dbadmin:/bin/csh webadmin:x:101:10:Web Admin:/home/webadmin:/bin/ks h user6:x:101:10:User number 6:/home/user6:/bin/csh 

/etc/auto_master: #Master map for automounter /net —hosts —nosuid,nobrowse /home auto_home —nobrowse /etc/auto_home: #Home automounter map 

* serveri:/export/home/& 

Only user6 is currently logged in to ciient6, and dbadmin and webadmin have no processes running and have never logged in to ciient6. There have been no attempts to access the home directories of dbadmin and webadmin. 

Which two statements are correct? (Choose two.) 

A. Running Is /home outputs user 6. 

B. The dbadmin and webadmin users will NOT be able to log in to ciient6 because their home directories do not exist. 

C. A new user named user7 that is added to /etc/passwd on client6 and has a home directory on serveri as /export/home/user7 will be able to log in without restarting the automounter on client6. 

D. Running the mount on ciient6 command will show the home directories of webadmin, dbadmin, and user6 listed as being mounted. 

Answer: A,C 

Q100. You have a large number of systems in your organization which are currently running either Solaris 2.6 OS or Solaris 7 OS. You also have a mix of both x86 and SPARC system hardware architectures. You need to ensure that all of these systems are running Solaris 10 OS. You are considering using the Flash installation feature to achieve this. 

What is a requirement for using the Flash installation feature? 

A. You can use a Flash archive file generated on a SPARC system to install both SPARC and x86 systems. 

B. You must replace the x86 systems with SPARC systems, because x86 systems are NOT supported by Flash install. 

C. You can use only a Flash archive file generated on a SPARC Sun Blade 150 or more recent system to install other SPARC systems. 

D. You must create two Flash archive files, one generated on x86 to install x86, and one generated on the SPARC systems to install SPARC. 

Answer: D 

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