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2016 Jun 1Z0-863 free question

Q31. Enterprise A invokes a Web service provided by enterprise B with some parameters, and receives a response. A developer is making this interaction asynchronous so that A does not have to wait for B to finish processing. Which two actions must be taken to fulfill this requirement? (Choose two.) 

A. establish a Web service endpoint for enterprise A to receive the response 

B. partition the endpoint implementation in to interaction and processing layers so responses can be received independently 

C. convert all Web service methods to use XML documents as parameters and return values 

D. embed a correlation identifier in the request so that enterprise B can associate the response with it E. read messages from a queue populated by enterprise B at peak hours when response times are too slow 

Answer: A,D 

Q32. Which two code fragments are valid XML schema anonymous complex type definitions? (Choose two.) 

A. <xsd:sequence name="foo"> 


<xsd:element name="bar1"/> 

<xsd:element name="bar2"/> 



B. <xsd:complexType name="foo"> 


<xsd:element name="bar1"/> 

<xsd:element name="bar2"/> 



C. <xsd:element name="foo"> 



<xsd:element name="bar1"/> 

<xsd:element name="bar2"/> 




D. <xsd:element name="foo"> 



<xsd:element name="bar1"/> 

<xsd:element name="bar2"/> 




Answer: B,C 

Q33. What are two features of a WSDL 1.1 document? (Choose two.) 

A. Service defines a collection of related endpoints. 

B. Service describes the message's payload using XML. 

C. Service assigns an Internet address to a specific binding. 

D. Porttype declares complex data types and elements used elsewhere. 

E. Porttype elements are used to group a set of abstract operations. 

F. Porttype defines a concrete protocol and data format specification. 

Answer: A,E 

Q34. A company is building a Java EE 5 purchase order processing system. This system will integrate with an external invoicing system as part of the purchase order approval process. A developer created a new client application to access the invoicing system using request-response, but a new service call is receiving errors every time it invokes the necessary Web service. 

Which statement is true about the Body element of the SOAP reply message? 

A. It must NOT contain any fault elements. 

B. It will contain a fault element for each error. 

C. It will contain exactly one fault element. D. It must contain zero or one fault element. E. It must contain an array of fault elements. 

Answer: D 

Q35. Which two implementations of JSON Web services benefit from the inherent structure of JSON messages? (Choose two.) 

A. remote procedure calls 

B. geocoding 

C. Enterprise Service Bus messaging 

D. map image 

E. stateful session management 

Answer: B,D 

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Improve 1Z0-863 sample question:

Q36. A developer is asked to determine which Web services approach is correct for a new project. A SOAP-based Web service must be created and deployed in an environment where many customers will use it. These customers will be responsible for developing their own clients, based on the published WSDL. Which approach is correct to use first in this situation? 

A. Java, because the WSDL generated later will be more accurate 

B. WSDL, because the service and customers can benefit from the strongly typed schema 

C. Java, because the service must be efficient to support many customers 

D. WSDL, because tools allow existing classes to be easily mapped without modification 

Answer: B 

Q37. Which two statements are true about the Web services? (Choose two.) 

A. SOAP messages are compressed during transport. 

B. You must implement session tracking via HTTP cookies. 

C. The WSDL defines services as collections of network endpoints. 

D. All data shared between Java and non-Java components must be in XML format. 

E. Data interchange is standardized in XML. 

F. Stateful Web services must be implemented in a heterogeneous environment. 

Answer: C,E 

Q38. Given: 

1. @WebService(name="LogInventory") 

2. public class InventoryReader { 

3. @WebMethod(operationName=check) 

4. @OneWay 

5. public void checkProduct(String name); 

6. @WebMethod 

7. public void addInventory( 

8. @WebParam(name="total") int quantity) 

9. throws InventoryException; 

10. } 

Assume the code is free of gross flaws and syntax errors. 

Which two statements are true? (Choose two.) 

A. Line 8 specifies that addInventory accepts either a valid total or quantity. 

B. Line 1 indicates the portType is LoginInventory. 

C. Line 3 shows the method is mapped to the WSDL operation called checkProduct. 

D. Line 4 means that a method is not expected to return a value unless requested. 

E. Line 6 implies WSDL operation and method name are the same. 

Answer: B,E 

Q39. A developer must create a program to parse a medium-sized XML file looking for an instance of a specific element. Once the developer has found the element, the value must be updated and saved to disk. Which two XML parsing APIs should be used in this situation? (Choose two.) 



C. StAX 



Answer: B,C 

Q40. A developer is writing a Web service method that needs to accept multiple types of requests. Based on the request's content, the service performs time-consuming steps, such as verifying the user's account, checking credit ratings, and building a list of offers. Which two approaches are appropriate to use in this situation? (Choose two.) 

A. a synchronous, document-style approach 

B. a synchronous, procedure-style approach 

C. an asynchronous, document-style approach 

D. an asynchronous, procedure-style approach 


F. SMTP or other asynchronous protocol 

Answer: C,F 

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