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2016 Jun 1Z0-593 practice exam

Q31. Which two privileged operating system groups should be defined during the installation of the Oracle Database software (with the RAC option)? 

A. Database Administrator group 

B. Database Operator group 

C. System Administrator group 

D. ASM administrator group 

E. System Architect group 

Answer: AB 

Q32. Which three statements about mounting ASM cluster file systems are true? 

A. You can mount ACFS volumes with Oracle Enterprise Manager. 

B. You can mount ACFS volumes on Windows platforms by using the acfsmountvol command. 

C. You can mount ACFS volumes with the ASMCMD utility. 

D. You can mount an ACFS volume with the standard Linux/UNIX mount command (only if the ACFS type is specified). 

E. You cannot mount an ACFS volume with ASMCA. 

Answer: ABD 

Q33. Which step must you take before restoring from an OCR backup? 

A. Set the proper directory with the -backuploc option 

B. Identify the existing backups with the -backup option 

C. Review the contents of the backup with the ocrdump command 

D. Stop Oracle Clusterware on all nodes 

Answer: D 

Q34. Why do you need SSH to install Oracle Database with the RAC option on Linux? 

A. To authenticate the installation user 

B. To copy software to other nodes in the cluster 

C. Oracle Clusterware processes require SSH for post-install authentication across nodes 

D. To authenticate the listener process for inter-node communication 

Answer: B 

Q35. When installing the Oracle Database with OUI, when are configuration scripts executed? 

A. Before installation begins 

B. After prerequisites check finished 

C. After the software has been installed 

D. Automatically throughout the installation process 

Answer: C 

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Q36. Which action is not available when right-clicking a ADVM volume in the ASM Configuration Assistant? 

A. Enable 

B. Disable 

C. Version 

D. Resize 

E. Delete 

Answer: C 

Q37. Select two Clusterware administration tasks that must be performed as the root user. 

A. List the location of the voting disks. 

B. Check the health and viability of the Clusterware on all nodes. 

C. Disable the Clusterware from automatic start at node reboot. 

D. Start the Clusterware manually on one node. 

E. Check the health of the Clusterware on one node. 

Answer: CD 

Q38. What value uniquely identifies an instance in a RAC database? 

A. Location name 

B. Node hostname 

C. Listener and port 



Answer: D 

Q39. Which of these is not recommended as the basis for an ASM disk in a shared storage configuration? 

A. Raw disk partition 

B. NFS file 

C. Raw logical volumes 

D. iSCSI targets 

Answer: A 

Q40. Which step will you have to perform on Windows to restore the OCR that you did not do on Linux? 

A. Identify existing backups with the -backup option 

B. Use the Service Control Panel to stop services 

C. Review the contents of the backup with the ocrdump command 

D. Make sure that the restored OCR files are valid 

Answer: B 

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