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2016 Jun 1Z0-591 real exam

Q51. Which option describes how OBIEE natively integrates with HFM? 

A. Through EPM Analytic Data Model (ADM) connectivity 

B. Direct relational database access 

C. Through Essbase connectivity 

D. OBIEE does not support HFM integration 

Answer: A 

Q52. There is a logical fact table that contains Item number, store, time, and revenue. How would you add Number of items sold? 

A. By creating a derived measure on the logical columnItem number and using the count Function 

B. By creating a derived measure on the logical column item number and usingthe count distinct function 

C. By creating a derived measure based on the physical column item number and changing theaggregation method to count 

D. By creatinga derived metric by using the Expression Builder 

Answer: C 

Q53. Identify the two true statements about alias tables. 

A. Alias tables are set up to avoid triangular or circular joins. 

B. Alias tables are set up to include best practice naming conventions for physical table names. 

C. Alias tables are set up to create another physical copy of the data. 

D. Alias tables are set up to create a copy of the data with a filter applied to it. 

Answer: B

Q54. When designing a Star Schema, which option does not apply? 

A. The facts are quantifiable. 

B. The fact has several foreign keys that are primary keys in the dimensional table 

C. Fact table is joined to the related dimensional tables. 

D. Dimensional tables are normalized. 

E. Dimensional tables have one attribute primary key as Product_ID for products. 

Answer: D 

Q55. A derived measure is never used to_________. 

A. Calculate share measures 

B. Add two logical columns together 

C. Calculate a variance between two measures 

D. Calculate the rank dimension values 

E. Input data 

Answer: E

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Q56. A user's BI Home page provides one-click access to which three options? 

A. Create new content 

B. Oracle BI online documentation 

C. Catalog search functionality 

D. Dashboard layout editor 

E. Business model metadata 

Answer: ABC 

Q57. Pre Deployment sign-off is a milestone for a OBIEE implementation and is based on successful completion of certain tasks. Which option is not one of them? 

A. Test Environment 

B. System Testing 

C. Performance Tuning 

D. Projectinitiation and resourcing 

E. Data Validation / Verification 

Answer: D

Q58. Identify the reason why Oracle OLAP provides a favorable aggregation strategy. 

A. OLAP cubes eliminate the need for a large number of aggregate tables. 

B. OLAP cubes are stored outside of the database in highly optimized file structures. 

C. OLAP cubes can be easily transported from database to database. 

D. OLAP cubes can be queried by using SQL. 

Answer: D

Q59. When adding a new dimension to an existing logical table, what is the significance of the Logical Level setting in the Logical Table Source properties? 

A. It defines the granularity of the dimension. 

B. It determines the actual value of the dimension. 

C. It creates a new session variable. 

D. It creates a foreign key relationship. 

Answer: A 

Q60. A customer wants to analyze the efficiency of his/her order fulfillment process. If the customer has a dimensional model, which option is the fact table? 

A. Stores 

B. Orders 

C. Products 

D. Time 

Answer: B

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