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Q31. What would you do to compress data in partitions that are frequently updated in Oracle Database 11g?

A. Use Hybrid Columnar Compression.

B. Use Advanced Compression Option.

C. Use Hybrid Partitions.

D. Avoid compressing any data.

Answer: B

Q32. What are three advantages provided by proper partitioning in a data warehouse?

A. Partition pruning will occur

B. Faster sorting

C. Efficient parallel joins

D. Efficient data loading

E. Reduced disk usage

Answer: ACD

Q33. What is the estimated maximum speed of data loads for a Quarter Rack with the Exadata Storage Server?

A. 1 TB/hr

B. 2 TB/hr

C. 4 TB/hr

D. 5 TB/hr

E. It depends on the number of CPUs in the server.

Answer: A

Q34. Identity the true statement about a data warehouse

A. The data warehouse is typically refreshed as often as a transactional system,

B. Data warehouse queries are simpler than OLTP queries.

C. A data warehouse typically contains historical data.

D. Queries against a data warehouse never need summarized information.

Answer: C

Q35. For which type of query is the SQL result cache automatically disabled?

A. Queries that access data which changes frequently

B. Queries that return large amounts of data

C. Queries that use SQL functions such as SYSDATE

D. Queries that are used infrequently

Answer: C

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Q36. Which is NOT among Oracle SQL Analytic functions included in Oracle Database 11g?

A. Ranking functions

B. Substring functions

C. Window aggregate functions

D. LAG/LEAD functions

E. All of the above

Answer: B

Q37. The most performant way to load data from an external table that will also guarantee direct path loading is:

A. Using Create Table as Select (CTAS)

B. Using Data Pump

C. Using Insert as Select (IAS)

D. Using transparent gateways

Answer: A

Q38. Exadata uses smart scans, which are executed in________.

A. Exadata Storage Server cells

B. Database Server node memory

C. Database Server node CPUs

D. Exadata does not use smart scans.

Answer: A

Q39. What is the difference between an ETL (Extraction Transformation LoaD. approach and an ELT (Extraction Load Transformation) approach to data integration?

A. ETL can operate between heterogeneous data sources.

B. ELT requires a separate transformation server.

C. ELT transforms data on the target server.

D. ELT cannot be used for incremental data loading.

Answer: C

Q40. How can you use Oracle Data Mining with Oracle Warehouse builder?

A. To identify records to extract

B. As a standard transform operation

C. To increase write performance

D. To eliminate ETL logging

Answer: A

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